#DallasChat Daily: What Was J.R. and John Ross’s Best Scene?

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One of the highlights of the new “Dallas’s” first two seasons was Larry Hagman and Josh Henderson’s special chemistry, which the producers showcased in a series of memorable encounters between their characters.

Among these sequences: the “shaving scene,” where J.R. confronted John Ross over his attempted betrayal in the plot to steal Southfork; the time J.R. imparted Jock’s wisdom that “real power is something you take”; the poignant confrontation where John Ross pleaded with J.R. to return ownership of the ranch to the cancer-stricken Bobby; the first-season finale, when an embittered John Ross told his father to teach him “every dirty trick” he knows; the time J.R. schooled John Ross on Ewing unity; and their final phone call, when J.R. told John Ross he was his son “from tip to tail.”

Your #DallasChat Daily question: What’s your favorite scene between J.R. and John Ross?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Have a great discussion!


  1. sunnycd says:

    Barber chair.

  2. It had 2 have been the final call C.B. b/c Hagman was already dead. So we had to c Henderson act with such from the gut & the heart raw emotion!

  3. Nathan Lewis says:

    To be honest, I would have to say the final phone call made to John Ross. The whole, “You’re my son, from tip to tail”, was actually rather moving.

  4. Very hard to choose!! When they were standing looking out towards the city of Dallas, it was such a powerful moment connecting the past to the present, but the last phone call “you are my son, tip to tail” is my favorite. Heck! I loved every scene they had together…. 😀

    RIP J.R.

  5. There is a lot of good scenes with JR and John Ross, but my favorite scene was back in season 2 when John Ross looks out the window at Christopher and Elena as JR walks behind John Ross and says, “Hate, Jealousy,makes enough to make a mean martini and when we take over Ewing Energies, you’ll slak your thirst… with a twist.”
    With JR just saying that line and John Ross just looking out the window at Chris and Elena, it still is a memorable performance.

    • Good one! I was going to say the shaving scene, but you’re right here. The way they had J.R. has the proverbial devil on John Ross’ shoulder, teaching him to be bad, was ingenious. Another good one was in John Ross’ office, when they’re trying to figure out how to get Sue Ellen to turn against Elena, and J.R. says “you just flash those puppy-dog eyes that you got from me at her. Her mama bear will come out.”

  6. Garnet McGee says:

    The scene when John Ross was begging JR to return the deed to the ranch was my favorite because it showed John Ross learning from his father’s errors. In that moment he was trying to be the good man Elena needed him to be and learn from his mistakes in a way that his father had not. John Ross was trying to be a decent person. Too bad it didn’t last. John Ross’ conscience flares up every once in a while. It is these moments when he does good that I love the character the most. Unfortunately these moments of goodness are fleeting and are the exception to the rule. JR would also have these occasional of lapses into goodness but John Ross has them more often.

  7. Brandon childers says:

    I really like the first one. When JR is sleeping or whatever and John Ross is bitching about selling SF and Christopher, and JR opens his eyes and says Bobby always was a fool, and Christopher isn’t even a real ewing.

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