Melinda Clarke to Play Tracey McKay on ‘Dallas’

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Melinda Clarke (Getty Images)

“Dallas” has cast Melinda Clarke as Tracey McKay, one of Bobby Ewing’s girlfriends from the original series. Clarke will appear on the TNT drama during the second half of the third season, which resumes Monday, August 18.

Tracey was introduced during the original “Dallas’s” 12th season and was played by Beth Toussaint. The character is the daughter of Ewing rival Carter McKay, played by George Kennedy, and was briefly romanced by Bobby (Patrick Duffy), but the affair ended when he tangled with Tracey’s drug-dealing brother Tommy, played by J. Eddie Peck. Tracey briefly returned to the series the following season when Tommy was killed off.

This season, TNT’s “Dallas” introduced Carter’s grandson Hunter (Fran Kranz), a childhood friend of John Ross and Christopher’s who is secretly helping Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) with his scheme against the Ewings.

A TNT spokeswoman confirmed the casting of Clarke, who is best known for her roles on “The O.C.” and “Nikita,” along with a recurring gig on “C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation” as Lady Heather, a dominatrix. Clarke also appeared alongside Julie Gonzalo in episodes of “Nikita” and “Eli Stone.”

TNT has provided no details on Tracey’s storyline, although showrunner Cynthia Cidre previously hinted one of Bobby’s old flames could return and provide a new obstacle for him and Ann (Brenda Strong). Ultimate Dallas reported the character’s return yesterday.

There’s also no word on why Toussaint isn’t returning as Tracey. Toussaint’s most recent television role was on “The Young and the Restless” in 2006, according to her IMDb profile.

What do you think of Melinda Clarke’s casting as Tracey McKay? Share your comments below and read more news from Dallas Decoder.


  1. Dan in WI says:

    At 45 Melinda Clarke does not look old enough to play a Tracey McKay of 2014. Agewise she looks a lot like Toussaint did in the late 80’s.
    I guess they years have been kind to Tracey.

    And as brief as the Bobby/Tracey relationship was I have a hard time believing she is going to be the one to come along stirr up a bunch of unrequited feelings in Bobby.

    • Jennifer Irons says:

      I agree with you, Dan! If Melinda Clarke is only 45, she is 20 years younger than Patrick Duffy and this casting makes no sense. Tracey should be at least in her early 50s by now!

    • I barely remember the storyline. Too bad Cidre & the writers couldn’t dig a little more and find another character more recognizable.

      • Dan in WI says:

        Well I’m still of the belief that the writing staff seems to think if they use more obscure characters then they don’t have to do the research. They seem to think if it is more obscure we are less likely to notice the screw-ups in continuity.

        But really Pam is out. April is out. So far they don’t seem to want to touch Jenna. That pretty much only left obscure like Tracey, Lisa Aldrich (I think that was the name of that Jeff Faraday relative who came out of the woodwork) or Kay Lloyd.

      • good point Dan! the lesser known the character is, the fewer things they can mess up and the fewer ppl will notice … if they brought back Lucas hell I bet they wouln’t even know who he was named after

      • plus this way they can make up yet another character (Hunter) instead of having to do the research on the ones that aleady exist

  2. Kelley Tyler says:

    She’s beautiful! Look out Bobby!! Whoa!! It she doesn’t stir things up at Southfork, Ann is toooo comfortable in her relationship with Bobby!!

  3. As much as I’m all for bringing back characters from the original show it’s pointless when they are not played by the original actors. Could as well be so somebody totally different then.

  4. Jennifer Irons says:

    In all honesty, I really did not care about Bobby/Tracey together in the original series. Their relationship was so brief and I am not at all excited about the character coming back. I would have been way more excited if the person Bobby comes face to face with was either Jenna, Katherine, April or Pam(even if the show said she was dead, no one is really dead on Dallas anyway)! Hell I would be more excited if the Pam-lookalike Jean O’Brien came back. Bobby/Tracey were not an interesting couple to me.

    • Once again Miss Jenny you are 100% Texas Correct! I always wondered why Brother Bobby didn’t try & stick Christopher with Tracey so he could get access to Carter Mackay’s land & resources, sort of fitting since the homestead was built by 1/2-Brother Ray Krebbs. He should have sic’d Brother J.R. on this assignment all those years ago. The problem is, Brother J.R. would have slept with Tracey & then blamed Bobby & every1 would wind up believing his explanation, including Brother Bob & even Tracey herself, that’s how good J.R. was.

  5. I wonder if they’re bringing her back because Bobby is Hunter’s biological dad.

    • Dan in WI says:

      And if that were the Hunter is definitely too you to be a childhood playmate of John Ross and Christopher.

  6. sunnycd says:

    I wanted Beth Toussaint back for the part, but this is a good recast. At least the show is going to try and make the Hunter McKay thing work, even if it is still going to be imperfect.

  7. It is not nice to offer someone their old role and then trash them if they do not accept. Perhaps Beth Toussaint does not feel worthy to appear on “Dallas”, I don’t really know. I remember Melinda Clarke from “The O.C.” and I think she will do great. I wonder how many secrets Bobby has been keeping from Anne? We will find out!!!!

  8. This will be interesting to see wonder what Ann would react to this after all Bobby had 4 wives I wonder how many Ann had Bobby told Ann he told her no more secrets now it’s 5 wives including Ann O Boy really interesting to see Bobby spill the beans and open up

  9. Why do I have the feeling some comments on this site are written by TNT staff? 😉

  10. says:

    First I love Melinda Clarke and she resamples Tracy a lot but she looks to young (i bet she likes this statement lol) and fresh even tho Beth Toussaint aged very well….but I am looking forward…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Seriously? This news is waaayyy disappointing! Was hoping Cynthia’s hint about Bobby girl trouble meant Jenna’s return! Who even watched the end of original DALLAS to now care enough about this ex-girlfriend TNT storyline!!?? Why can’t DALLAS TNT get it right when it comes to giving us fans what we have been asking for since Season ONE!!!?? more original cast storylines!!!

  12. Garnet McGee says:

    I liked the actress on the OC but I was getting really excited about the casting of an actress in the 55-65 year range. There are so many brilliant talented underused actresses who are the same age as Duffy that would have been perfect for Bobby. Texan Annette O’Toole comes to mind. I will give her a chance because I remember liking her on the OC. I know she is a more gifted actress than Priscilla Presley.

  13. I would much prefer to see Lois Chiles back as Holly Harwood. Holly was a great character. I hated to see her go. And she had great chemistry with Bobby. There for a while, I thought she was going to give Pam a run for her money regarding Bobby. At least Holly was a good character when Dallas was still in its prime and I am sure more viewers would remember her than Tracie. No hate here for Melinda Clarke though; she was one of the best things on the O.C.

    • Laughing at this casting announcement…nothing against either actress. It’s the sloppy research and rewriting of the history of Dallas. Melinda Clarke is too young to play this role, and the character of Hunter, her son, would have been around back when she was on the show…since he. “grew up” with John Ross. Once again, Cidre foists a lame, half-baked character on the fans. The writers should have just created a totally new character than recasting and de-aging and adding a kid. (Hunter) who doesn’t fit with the timeline. Same with Judith Light’s casting. I wish the cheap stunts would be replaced with well-researched writing and likeable characters. I would rather have the budget go to bringing back Charlene Tilton, Ted Shackelford, and Joan Van Ark for a REAL storyline. More veteran actors and authentic story lines are desperately needed on Cidre’s sinking ship. Sad, sad, sad.

    • Agreed, I loved Holly and always thought Lois Chiles was beyond stunning (and perfect for Bobby). I disliked both Tracey and Beth Toussaint in the role (especially since poor April was pining for Bobby and then Tracey was such a snot to April). However, I really like Melinda Clarke a LOT and thus far, she seems to only be “Tracey McCay” in name

  14. Tony Ewing says:

    I never liked the encounter Bobby had with Tracey; it was lame and without chemistry. Jenna would have been the only (and apparently the only alive) character that would seem reasonable to bring back. If Jenna did come back it would also give more details about Ray and what happened once Jenna and him moved to Europe. It would also give an opening to have Lucas involved! It really is an insult to the viewers to bring back a younger version of Tracey.

    • Dan in WI says:

      I don’t know. Maybe it is better they don’t bring back Jenna given lack of research the writing staff puts into things. I feel they botched the continuity when the gave Pam her closure and I just don’t think they’ll do enough research to bring Jenna back properly either.

  15. Barbara Fan says:

    It really is a desperate and sinking ship now! Who cares about Tracey (and it was Lawton on Dallas Ms Cidre – didnt do your homework, yet again! sighs and rolls eyes)

  16. An appearance of George Kennedy would be more interesting.


  1. […] Dallas Decorder is reporting Melinda Clarke (ex-Julie Cooper, The O.C.; ex-Faith Taylor, DAYS) has been tapped to recreate the role of Carter McKay’s daughter Tracey. Tracey McKay, originally played by Beth Toussaint during Season 12 of the original Dallas, was once in a love triangle with Bobby and April Stevens Ewing (Sheree J. Wilson). […]

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