#DallasChat Daily: Did J.R. Love Any of His Mistresses?

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Everyone knows Sue Ellen was the love of J.R.’s life, but what about the women he cheated with during their marriage?

Among the mistresses: J.R.’s longtime secretary, Julie Grey; his favorite prostitute, Serena Wald; his favorite model, Mandy Winger; and of course his least favorite sister-in-law, Kristin Shepard.

Your #DallasChat Daily question: Did J.R. love any of his mistresses?

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  1. Jennifer Irons says:

    Even though I still believe Sue Ellen was his true love, I think the mistress he came closest to loving was Mandy Winger! He seemed to genuinely care about her as a person and not just someone he could use for his own agenda!

  2. Dan in WI says:

    I’m tempted to say he loved nearly all of the above. About the only one I don’t think he ever had feelings for was Kristen. She was the only one he never really did any favors for that didn’t related directly to the chase.

    But I continue to reject the notion JR ever had a love of his life.

    • I knew you’d say that, Dan. I tend to see J.R. through a nostalgic haze, as you know. I suppose deep down, I know the love of J.R.’s life was J.R.

      • Dan in WI says:

        I’m willing to grant Sue Ellen should have been the love of his life. I’m also willing to grant that Sue Ellenmay still have become the love his life had he not died when he did.
        I’m just not sure how genuine that last letter JR wrote Sue Ellen was. You could convince me it was the real thing. But you could just as easily convince me it was strictly deathbead guilt of a dying man.

      • So are u saying as a gay man C.B. that Brother J.R. might have been gay for himself since he is in your words “the love of J.R.’s life was J.R.?”

      • I was speaking figuratively. I mean J.R. was often selfish, self-absorbed, egotistical. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t gay.

  3. Kelley Tyler says:

    I know Cally isn’t among the choices but, even though their relationship started at the wrong end of a shotgun, I think JR actually loved her. I didn’t feel that way until, after a short search, JR found her with his baby, and he chose to leave them alone. That type of love is different than most others. I do think he really loved Sue Ellen, but he would have never just let her go while John Ross was in the picture. He proved that time and time again. I wonder if Cally and her son will resurface eventually?!?

  4. I liked Mandy Winger and thought they would eventually marry. Kristen was just a piece of ass for JR and a stupid one to believe that he would marry her.

  5. No, he was gentlemanly and courteous to them, but they would have known their place

  6. Talking of mistresses. It was said that originally Sue Ellen was supposed to be a secondary character. Do you think in original idea was that J.R. was supposed to divorce Sur Ellen and marry Julie Grey?

    • Dan in WI says:

      Well it is true that Linda Gray did not have a credit during the main title sequence during the mini-series season. Then again neither did Tina Louise. So I’d guess the story we saw was the one that was originally planned.

  7. Like JR told Mandy in ’86, “If I was ever going to leave Sue Ellen for another woman, it would have been you.”

  8. I think it was Julie Grey

  9. J Ru Peroit says:

    Only a couple of them J.R. really seemed to care for such as Julie Gray and then Mandy Winger, while any of the rest were just toys for him to play with until it played out.

  10. I do believe he loved Sue Ellen the most, he just didn’t know how to be a husband. He didn’t want any man to have her. I think if J.R. and Sue Ellen lived off Southfork he may have been more faithful and they might have had more of an intimate & intellectual relationship as he could turn off business and be himself. At Southfork, he had to be competitive all the time and had a whole family to converse with, pick on Pam or Lucy, fight with Bobby or Ray or constantly talk business. He was a bully at Southfork. He never turned off business or being the fighter while at Southfield. I believe Julie was one of his favorites. Mandy was pretty, but seemed dumb. Don’t forget Afton & Marilee were mistresses too. Sue Ellen despised Afton the most for sleeping in their bed with a house full of people. Which ended their marriage the first time.

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