#DallasChat Daily: What’s the Best J.R./Pam Scene?

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, Pam Ewing, Victoria Principal

Perhaps no two characters had better battle scenes than J.R. and Pam, whose constant clashes were one of the original “Dallas’s” highlights. Do you have a favorite fight?

Was it their first encounter on the day Bobby brought his new bride home to Southfork? Or maybe it was the time J.R. threatened Pam’s life if she took John Ross? How about the time J.R. warned Pam not to call off her divorce from Bobby?

Your #DallasChat Daily questions: What’s J.R. and Pam’s best scene?

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  1. Dan in WI says:

    Allow me to cut and paste a bit from a post I made in April 2013
    Episode 186 Sentences: JR Goes to Pam
    JR has a couple problems. Jenna has gone to prison for the murder of Naldo Marchetta and Bobby is genuinely unhappy. But if if Jenna had been acquitted it’s becoming more and more apparent he loves another anyway. Meanwhile Pam has been using her share of the Wentworth Industries (or is that Barnes Global…) fortune to prop up Cliff in his fight against JR. It seems Pam is holding a bit of grudge over JR sending her on that wild good chase for Mark Graison. So what does JR do? Why not kill two birds with one stone? He shows up at Pam’s house and confesses many of his recent misdeeds. As he puts it he does it so Pam believes what he’s about to tell her. First he clears the air about Charlie’s parentage. Bobby had just revealed a false birth certificate showing him as the father in order to keep custody of Charlie. Pam needed to know that so it would help with what JR was about to ask: Go back to Bobby. At its core this was all ulterior motive. If Pam and Bobby get back together Pam will probably slack off on her JR vendetta. Still a part of me believes JR was at least a little concerned about Bobby’s happiness. Either way they way he fakes sincerity in this scene is just classic.

  2. Kelley Tyler says:

    In “Ewing Inferno” in Bobby’s office when Pam slaps JR.

  3. Jennifer Irons says:

    For me, all of the scenes between JR and Pam were brilliant!! Can’t pick just one particular scene! Larry and Victoria had great angry chemistry with one another, IMHO!

  4. JR & Bobby fan says:

    The one where Pam goes for JR in his office when she’s been searching for Mark in the caribbean, knowing JR was behind her wild goose chase. The after effect where JR & Bobby are in the pool is hilarious, especially when Bobby drags JR back to the office in his wet clothes. classic!

    • Dan in WI says:

      Which of course sets up the scene I reference above.

      • JR & Bobby fan says:

        I know but your post is too long to read and mine summarises what happens in a few sentences. I have seen it countless of times so know what happens before and after. Also its Wentworth Industries and not Barnes Global as its the original seasons and not the fake one on now. smh. Why Cidre has to add families and companies that never originally existed is ridiculous.

  5. The Ewing Oil office showdown ‘The trip you to Jamaica, San Sarano, that you manipulated me into taking’ I love that so much, although I hate Pam’s hair!

    • Dan in WI says:

      Her hair did get progressively worse as the years went on. I’ll take the simple style of the mini-series myself.

  6. I love it when Brother J.R. shows up at Pam’s hotel suite during a separation of hers from his Brother & her Husband Bobby. And then he walks around her in a circle C.B. So menacing, so delicious, so nasty, so conniving!

  7. I loved the Season 6 scene in Bobby’s office the best. The slap she gave to JR, you could almost feel it and from JR’s reaction it real hurt, because he said “damn I hate that woman”.

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