#DallasChat Daily: Who Was John Ross’s Best Fling?

Alex McKenna, Alison Jones, Annie Wersching, Becky Sutter, Brandee Cartwell, Caitlin Custer, Elena Ramos, Emma Bell, Emma Ryalnd, Jordana Brewster, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, Leonor Varela, TNT

Pamela Barnes is the love of John Ross’s life, but he’s had lots of other romantic conquests during “Dallas’s” first three seasons on TNT. Which one was your favorite?

Was it Veronica Martinez, the woman who impersonated Marta del Sol, or Becky Sutter, the woman Pamela impersonated? How about trucking heiresses Brandee Cartwell and Emma Ryland? What about ambitious bureaucrat Alison Jones, or ambitious executive Elena Ramos?

Your #DallasChat Daily question: Who was John Ross’s best fling?

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  1. Jennifer Irons says:

    I think John Ross’ best fling was with Elena; they were a more interesting couple to watch than Christopher and Elena!

    • Miss Jenny, Elena and John Ross were not technically a fling. Remember, she & him were dating after she left Christopher at the altar due to the false note written by Chris’s ex & John Ross’s current wife. They were boy & girlfriend. A couple in otherwords & I hope DALLAS Decoder folks remember that very important distinction 4 future story lines & reference!

      • Duly noted, R.J. I included Elena here because I needed a gal for the sixth slot. When it came time to add up John Ross’s flings, I was surprised I could only come up with five. I’m not overlooking anyone, am I?

  2. I like Emma. I see a fatal attraction story Line!

  3. garnet mcgee says:

    Marta was a great character plus he did not cheat with her and she had more money power than him

  4. WHAT A RELIEF TO SEE THE SHOW ADMIT PAMELA IS “THE LOVE OF JOHN ROSS’ LIFE”! As off fave fling, I’m gonna go with Veronica Martinez….she was nuts but fun to see John Ross be scared of!

  5. Too much cheating and lame scriptwriting from Cynthia Cidre and crew. The threesome was the nail in the coffin for Dallas TNT. Even if it goes another season, the shark was jumped a long time ago. “Mama likes” but this Daddy doesn’t. Sad and insulting for longtime, faithful fans.

  6. The relationship with Elena is my favourite. Hope they will get back together >3

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