#DallasChat Daily: What’s John Ross’s Worst Act So Far?

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Oh, John Ross! We all love you, but you’re such a naughty boy.

Since TNT’s “Dallas” debuted three seasons ago, John Ross has tried to cheat both J.R. and Bobby in the fight for Southfork and he’s been a constant thorn in Christopher’s side, including trying to sabotage the Ewing Energies racecar.

Among John Ross’s other crimes: deceiving Elena, blackmailing “Rebecca” into tricking a recovering addict into using drugs again, helping his family frame Cliff for murder, cheating on Pamela with Emma, and having Sue Ellen committed so he can gain control of her Ewing Global shares.

Your #DallasChat Daily question: What’s the worst thing John Ross has done so far?

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  1. Dan in WI says:

    I probably should be saying it was having Pamela get the recovering adict to use again. (Funny Pamela doesn’t think about this before getting together with him.) That is just all kinds of wrong.
    But I have to go with the confrontation between JR and John Ross right afterr Bobby is arrested for the shooing of Harris. John Ross wants to use this to get Bobby out of Ewing Energies and JR has to explain to him how capitalizing on a Ewing in trouble from outside sources is the greatest sin a Ewing can commit.

  2. Getting a recovering addict to use again.

  3. Selling out Veronica Martinez, resulting in her death by Venezuelan cartel.

  4. Brandon childers says:

    Sending his own mother away. My opinion worse then what JR has done. Yes JR had sue Ellen committed, but sue Ellen is John Ross’s mother not his wife, there is a difference

    • John Ross, Cliff Barnes and other characters have done unredeemable actions throughout Dallas TNT. In fact, it is challenging to find redeemable qualities in ANY character, although I loved seeing Hagman, Gray and Duffy back in their roles. Even when J.R. Was at his worst on the original series, he never seemed to cross to “The Dark Side” like these characters have. For example, Elena slept with John Ross, Christopher, and Juoquin within episodes. John Ross slept with Ekena, Veronica, Pamela, Emma and other nameless women within episodes. Sick.

  5. I’d say not starting to sleep with Miss Ryland sooner. Plus Judy light would have done him in the brothel. Plus, she’d give him free smack!

  6. Garnet McGee says:

    I hated his sleeping with Emma the most but I’m changing my mind on his most despicable act. His most despicable act was selling out Veronica since it resulted in her death. Yes, he had cause since she was a danger to him but he didn’t hesitate to think of the consequences to her if he told of her skimming money from the deal with Cano. He didn’t seem to mourn her death even though he was her lover and co-conspirator.

  7. Cheating on Pamela with Emma.

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