#DallasChat Daily: Should Pamela Fight or Forgive?

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Pamela struck back at John Ross and Emma in the midseason finale by luring them into a threesome, only to begin overdosing on drugs in the midst of their ménage a trois. What should she do once the season resumes on Monday, August 18?

Your #DallasChat Daily question: Should Pamela fight John Ross and Emma, or should she forgive them?

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  1. It is a tough call. Pamela has played the role of deceiver. Will she gain more from forgiving or fighting? I bet fighting will really stoke the flames of the old Barnes/Ewing feud once again. If Pamela learns Cliff was set up for the murder of JR, it may open a door for more fighting. Yes, Cliff killed her babies, but she could always use her Daddy as a pawn for her scheme of revenge.

    Fighting will make a more lively story.

  2. Kelley Tyler says:

    I don’t know how she could look either Emma or John Ross in the eye. She should fight, in my opinion.

  3. She should fight, she is always better when she’s fighting. But damn, she just can’t leave John Ross! They have to stay together and to fight each other while they’re still in love. A self-destructive couple…

  4. It depends. Does Pamela still love John Ross? How can she ever trust him again? John Ross didn’t even try to make their marriage work. He’s been sleeping with Ann’s skank of a daughter since their elopement in Vegas. Maybe the perfect revenge would be for Pamela to encourage Emma to marry John Ross – then Emma can find out for herself what it’s like to be a betrayed wife as John Ross would cheat on Emma too.

  5. Garnet McGee says:

    I like Debbie’s idea. He allowed his mistress to mock his wife while making light of his cheating. John Ross never tried to be faithful and did not care in the least that his wife had recently been through hell. Pamela should not forgive him. I love them as a couple but she needs to make him feel the pain she feels. I would only root for them to reunite if Pamela had the upper hand or if John Ross was a truly faithful husband for at least an entire season. He always says that he loves her but not once has he put her well being above his own.

    • Who cares? Cynthia Cidre’s writing has ruined these characters. What a warped storyline…Pamela lies about her identity, marries Christipher Ewing, divorces him, cavorts with and marries his cousin, John Ross, and then when he cheats on her, she overdoses and attempts a threesome for revenge? As much as I love Dallas, I will not be spoon fed this GARBAGE WRITING. How can anyone defend it?

      • It seems to fall right in line with Dallas: Sue Ellen with a teen swim instructor; The dream season — a whole season!!!; Pamela’s disfigurement/abandonment of Christopher; the imposter Jock; April’s kidnaping and subsequent death; Bobby with Jory; another JR love child (Sasha Mitchell); JR marrying Cally; the last season of the first series….

        Cidre has had ups and downs. But, no more than the old series. If her writing is garbage, then so was the original series. If not, by what standard are you using to be so harsh?

    • Cindy Chamberlain says:

      John Ross is so much like J.R. that he will not put anyone else’s well-being above his own whim & lust for power. I think Pamela should let him THINK she’s forgiven him, then maneuver into control of his assets, leaving him penniless. Then she should slam a “Gotcha” divorce on him. I hope Pamela has enough self-esteem to not trust him or love him any more. Sue Ellen’s descent into alcoholism happened because she couldn’t be done with J.R. I hope Pamela is stronger than that.

  6. I think we need a good old fashioned pool scene! Pamela needs to kick Emma’s ass and throw her in the pool and then take Jon Ross for everything he’s got. The son of a bitch needs to pay for what he did to her!

  7. DTW_Ewing says:

    He should be with Pamela. They were made for each other.

  8. She needs to fight and put John Ross in his place

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