Dallas Burning Questions: Season 3, Week 10

Ann Ewing, Bobby Ewing, Brenda Strong, Carmen Ramos, Dallas, Marlene Forte, Patrick Duffy, TNT

Driveway to hell?

Here are the questions we’re pondering as we await tonight’s telecast of “Dead Reckoning,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode:

Is John Ross and Pamela’s marriage over? In “Denial, Anger, Acceptance,” the previous episode, Pamela (Julia Gonzalo) was rushed to the hospital, where she recovered from her drug overdose. John Ross (Josh Henderson) apologized to his wife for hurting her, but Pamela explained she wasn’t trying to commit suicide when she downed the pills and joined him and Emma (Emma Bell) in bed. “If I had wanted to kill myself, I would not have driven over to your hotel room to do it. I did what I did so that every time you think about screwing that piece of trash, all you’ll be able to see is me on the floor with my eyes rolled back in my head,” Pamela said. Is this the end of John Ross and Pamela’s marriage? If so, what will be the repercussions at Ewing Global, where Pamela’s shares helped her in-laws gain control of the company?

What about Bobby and Ann’s marriage? After Bobby and Christopher (Patrick Duffy, Jesse Metcalfe) rescued Sue Ellen and Bo (Linda Gray, Donny Boaz) from the Southfork fire, the Ewings gathered at the hospital to keep vigil for Pamela and the victims of the inferno. Bobby ran into Judith (Judith Light), who couldn’t wait to tell him about the kiss she witnessed earlier in the evening between Harris and Ann (Mitch Pileggi, Brenda Strong). Bobby erupted at his wife once again, and later he announced he’ll stay at Southfork to oversee the reconstruction. “Are you kicking me out?” Ann asked. Bobby’s response: “I’m saying I need some time to figure things out.” Where will Ann spend her exile from Southfork?

What’s next for Sue Ellen? After the fire, Sue Ellen’s doctor encouraged her to seek treatment for her alcoholism, but Sue Ellen insisted she didn’t have a problem. Later, Sue Ellen remembered taking a lighter to John Ross and Pamela’s wedding invitation and concluded she must have caused the Southfork fire. Sue Ellen confessed to Bobby, Ann and Christopher, and also admitted she was still drinking. “I’m an alcoholic — and I will be, until I die,” Sue Ellen said. Now that the truth is out, will she finally get help?

What’s next for Christopher and Heather? Heather (AnnaLynne McCord) rushed to the hospital to see Bo, who was injured while trying to rescue Sue Ellen from the fire. After surgery on his spinal column, Bo shared a tender reunion with his ex-wife and their son, Michael (Dallas Clark), which left Christopher feeling like an odd man out. Can he still have a future with Heather?

Will Nicolas get away with murder? Although John Ross believed Harris sent Pamela the video that ruined his marriage, Elena (Jordana Brewster) realized the real culprit was Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) and left him an angry voice mail. Little did she know her lover was across town, holding Drew (Kuno Becker) captive. During a tense conversation, Drew confirmed that he set Southfork on fire to get revenge against the Ewings, while Nicolas revealed he’s helping the drug cartel take over Ewing Global to pay back a debt to the drug lords who run the operation. After Drew suggested Elena should know the truth about Nicolas’s scheme, Nicolas stood by and watched as one of the cartel’s henchmen shot Drew. Now that Drew’s out of the way, will Nicolas succeed in his scheme to take control of Ewing Global?

What “Dallas Burning Questions” are on your mind? Share your comments below and watch TNT’s “Dallas” tonight.


  1. Anonymous says:

    well lets see now,so many things has happen,let start with sue ellen that is the simplest,she admitted that she she is alcoholic,good for her,now the help will begin,and this is funny and sad,JR is the one who made her start drinking with all the affairs he had,and he made her drink again when he died. but she did not start the fire,not intentially,next there is Pamela,they will separate,but will come together,when the takeover begins,and they will stay together,as for nickolas,well he is done for,once elani finds out that nickolas had drew killed,and that he was only using her,so that he can gain control of ewing global,as for ann and bobby,that is a tough one,although they are separated,if ann knows what is good for her,she would not go to Harris’s house,go to a hotel.i really do not think they will divorce,but you never know,bobby is better off without her,all she ever does is lie,if she just told the truth,but she did not,so what other secerts is she hiding from bobby? as for heather and Christopher,chis will leave her,he will tell her,to give Bo another chance to become a family,that micheal deserves.

  2. Dan in WI says:

    This John Ross/Pamela problem really does put Ewing Global in trouble. The truth of Nicolas/Joquin has to come out sooner or later but Joquin may just stay one step ahead of it long enough to pull off a take over of the divided house that Ewing Global is likely to become. My God Harris is somehow going to come to the rescue here…

  3. My question is if Cliff gets out for Brother J.R.’s murder, why cannot the Ewings have Pamela Barnes Ewing Ewing testify that Cliff’s henchman told her in prison b4 he was shanked that Cliff ordered him to push the bomb to blow up the rig that killed her & Christopher’s twins? In this way he’d be in a United States prison & J.R.’s murder would then go unsolved!

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