Critique: TNT’s ‘Dallas’ Episode 35 — ‘Dead Reckoning’

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Losin’ it

“Dead Reckoning” is another episode about loss and how the “Dallas” characters cope with it. In this one, John Ross suffers the demise of his marriage to Pamela and his dream of “becoming” J.R., while Christopher bids farewell to his latest love and the Ramoses mourn Drew’s death. This is the TNT series’ strongest hour this season, elevated by graceful writing and direction and heartfelt performances from virtually everyone in the cast. More than anything, “Dead Reckoning” proves an old “Dallas” truism: This show is at its best when things for the Ewings are at their worst.

Like so many recent episodes, “Dead Reckoning” showcases Josh Henderson, beginning with the scene where John Ross stands with Bum in the charred remains of his Southfork bedroom and laments his efforts to emulate his father. Henderson makes his character’s regret feel genuine here, as well as in a later scene, when John Ross sits at Pamela’s hospital bedside and pleads with her to give their marriage another chance. It recalls a memorable moment from the original series, when J.R. sat on Sue Ellen’s bed, proclaimed his love and begged her to forgive him for his latest indiscretion. You have to wonder: Even when John Ross is vowing to be a better man, does he realize he’s still emulating J.R.?

Henderson’s delivery in the scene with Pamela deserves special attention. John Ross tells his wife he’ll be “different” four times in quick succession; at one point, Henderson allows his voice to crack and at another, he trips over his words. It’s almost as if John Ross is trying to convince himself he’s capable of changing as much as he’s trying to persuade Pamela. (It’s also a point of distinction between John Ross and the silver-tongued J.R., who was never at a loss for words and rarely showed vulnerability.) Julie Gonzalo is pitch perfect too: She makes Pamela seem hurt and angry, but not soap opera bitchy. The dialogue here is also revealing, especially when Pamela notes the similarities between her husband and her father. Talk about a cruel twist for John Ross: He’s spent much of his life modeling himself after J.R., only to learn the woman he loves considers him another Cliff.

Julia Cohen’s solid script also does a nice job drawing cross-generation parallels between Sue Ellen and Pamela. When Pamela tells Sue Ellen the doctor won’t discharge her until he’s convinced she’s not a danger to herself, Pamela rolls her eyes and says, “It’s ridiculous.” It’s a small moment, but the hint of uncertainty in Gonzalo’s voice lets us know Pamela is more vulnerable than she seems, recalling all the times Sue Ellen served as “Dallas’s” resident queen of denial.

Later, after the two women admit to each other how terrified they are by their recent near-death experiences, Pamela tells Sue Ellen she isn’t going to divorce John Ross because she doesn’t want him to snag her Ewing Global shares. Gray allows her character a subtle smile here, suggesting Sue Ellen feels torn. On the one hand, she undoubtedly feels obligated to support John Ross; on the other hand, Sue Ellen must admire Pamela’s determination not to allow a man to take advantage of her — even if that man is Sue Ellen’s own son.

The other great performance in “Dead Reckoning” comes from Marlene Forte, who gives me chills in the scene where Carmen sees Drew’s body in the morgue, collapses into Bobby’s arms and lets out a painful wail. Anyone who’s ever witnessed a mother lose a son knows how real this scene feels. Forte is also wonderful when Carmen receives Drew’s belongings and wonders why his St. Christopher’s medal isn’t among the possessions. There’s no doubt that medal is going to pop up again — recall that in the previous episode, Nicolas yanked off Drew’s necklace before he was executed — but it’s also a nice reminder of the importance of Carmen’s faith. It’s the kind of detail you don’t often get on a show like this.

I also love the quiet dignity Forte brings to the scene where Carmen stands over Drew’s casket and strokes his military uniform before leaning down and kissing him. The actress gets lots of support from Jordana Brewster, who makes Elena’s grief palpable, as well as Juan Pablo Di Pace, who looks positively stricken in Nicolas’s scenes with Elena and Carmen. It would be easy to overlook Patrick Duffy in these scenes, since Bobby does little more than stand around with the Ramoses as they deal with the fallout from Drew’s death, but isn’t it reassuring to see Bobby there? If nothing else, this episode reminds us how heroic Duffy’s character can be when he’s not yelling at John Ross or Ann.

There’s much more to like about “Dead Reckoning,” which is also another technical achievement for this series. This episode was filmed in the winter, allowing Anton Cropper, a first-time “Dallas” director, to use the stark Texas landscapes to emphasize the sense of loss and despair. Cropper also delivers several nifty shots, including the cinematic opening scene, where Drew’s body is dumped at his father’s old drill site, as well as an Altman-esque moment where Sue Ellen, Bobby and Christopher move out of the frame in mid-conversation, revealing another exchange happening between Elena and Carmen. I also like the musical montage near the end of the episode, when we see the workers who must clean up all the messes these characters create: the funeral director who receives Drew’s uniform, the coroner piecing together evidence from his death, the fire marshal examining evidence from the Southfork fire. (In a similar spirit, Texas actress Cynthia Jackson’s small role as the no-nonsense nurse who refuses to be charmed by John Ross is easily one of this season’s best moments.)

Other highlights in “Dead Reckoning” include lovely turns from Jesse Metcalfe and AnnaLynne McCord, whose characters, Christopher and Heather, share a bittersweet farewell. I’m sorry to see “Dallas” say goodbye to McCord, as well as Donny Boaz, who plays Bo; the McCabes bring down-to-earth sincerity to “Dallas” at a time when the show can really use it, as evidenced by the increasingly silly drug cartel storyline and this episode’s odd, out-of-place scene where a tarted-up Emma meets with Luis, the cartel emissary. I’m more forgiving of Elena’s quest for revenge, although I can’t help but think how much more poignant her end-of-episode reunion with John Ross would seem if she wasn’t playing him to get her hands on J.R.’s letter.

Speaking of our late hero: I also can’t help but notice the parallels between this episode and “J.R.’s Masterpiece,” last year’s instant-classic salute to Larry Hagman’s iconic character. Both segments show us distraught family members going to a morgue to identify a dead loved one, as well as scenes where survivors receive beautifully written letters from the deceased (Emma in “Dead Reckoning,” Sue Ellen in “J.R.’s Masterpiece”), drunken hookups that begin on the Southfork lawn (John Ross and Elena, John Ross and Emma) and heroines knocking back glass after glass of booze (Elena, Sue Ellen). The two episodes also feature Harris’s unwelcome arrival at Southfork and shots of the Ewing cousins sitting together at the kitchen counter, drinking.

Is the show paying homage to itself, or are these similarities merely coincidental? Either way, this is probably the first time “Dallas” has come close to matching the emotional resonance of “J.R.’s Masterpiece.” Here’s hoping it won’t be the last.

Grade: A


Carmen Ramos, Dallas, Dead Reckoning, Marlene Forte, TNT

Mother’s day


Season 3, Episode 10

Telecast: August 25, 2014

Audience: 1.84 million viewers on August 25

Writer: Julia Cohen

Director: Anton Cropper

Synopsis: The cartel makes it look like Drew shot himself, but when Carmen learns her son is dead, she refuses to believe he committed suicide. When the fire marshal’s investigation reveals Drew set the Southfork blaze, Elena tells Carmen how J.R. cheated the Ramoses, which prompts Carmen to tell Elena about the letter J.R. wrote before his death. Elena seduces a drunk John Ross and finds the letter, which outlines the scheme to frame Cliff. Pamela tells Sue Ellen she won’t divorce John Ross because she doesn’t want to lose her Ewing Global shares to him. Emma blames Harris for Drew’s death and tells Luis to put her father back in jail. Christopher pays for Bo to have spinal cord surgery in Israel and bids farewell to Heather, who makes plans to leave Dallas to be with her ex-husband and their son, Michael.

Cast: Kuno Becker (Drew Ramos), Emma Bell (Emma Ryland), Donny Boaz (Bo McCabe), Jordana Brewster (Elena Ramos), Dallas Clark (Michael McCabe), Juan Pablo Di Pace (Nicolas Treviño), Akai Draco (Sherriff Derrick), Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing), GiGi Erneta (Dr. Bosnar), DentonEverett (Dr. Levi Sussman), Marlene Forte (Carmen Ramos), Julie Gonzalo (Pamela Ewing), Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing), Josh Henderson (John Ross Ewing), Cynthia Jackson (Nurse Harlan), Antonio Jaramillo (Luis), John McCalmont (Detective Marc Linnell), Jesse Metcalfe (Christopher Ewing), Joe Nemmers (Lt. Bennett), Ben Panchasarp (medical examiner), Pete Partida (Jacobo), Mitch Pileggi (Harris Ryland), Brenda Strong (Ann Ewing), Javier Andy Zavala Jr. (nurse)

“Dead Reckoning” is available at, Amazon and iTunes. Watch the episode and share your comments below.


  1. Dan in WI says:

    Who is that gently trying to reach out to Pamela? She looks familiar. Could it be my Sue Ellen?

    When Bobby tells Harris to stay away from his property, only someone as twisted as Harris could think he was referring to Anne. Bobby was talking about Southfork and nothing but Southfork. There is NO humanity to be found within Harris.

    There were some really good performances going on as John Ross begged for another chance. First Julie has a look on her face like she will listen to John Ross. Josh pours his heart into it. Then Julie flips a switch and squashes him and Josh responds very convincingly just like you’d expect one to when they don’t want something to end.

    So now Emma who not that long ago knew one thing and one thing only, competitive equestrian riding, and by no account has had a single iota of business training suddenly things she has what it takes to deal directly with a Mexican drug cartel?!?!? Even Lucy was never this stupid. I think JR would say something along the lines of “Honey you are way out of your league.” This can’t end well for her.

    I just can’t believe Elena. Now she is right back to hating all Ewings again after teasing us that she might have figured out there is a difference between JR and Bobby. Once again, who besides JR is responsible for stealing her father’s land? No one! So now Drew starts a fire and suddenly the entire Ewing family needs to brought down again and now she decides to prostitute herself to do it. At some point Elena needs to have a rational thought (that lasts for more than five minutes) and realize that ancient JR history aside, Drew is/was the worst enemy of the Ramos family right now. Now granted she will learn Bobby has involvement in Cliff’s wrongful conviction but what does that have to do with JR and her father’s land? What does that have to do with the fact Drew was a slave to this drug cartel as well as his own anger? What does that have to do with the fact that Drew allowed his weaknesses to open himself into being used to plant the explosives that killed Pamela’s and Christopher’s unborn children? Again the answer is nothing. Plus there is so much there that she still doesn’t know about Bobby. Finally it seems we are being teased that even Carmen is going to turn against the Ewings and to date she seemed quite loyal. What happened to her promise to hold Joaquin accountable? (Granted she doesn’t know yet about the evil of Joaquin but I’m beginning to wonder if that revelation will make any difference when it inevitably happens.) Even Digger’s/Cliff’s hatred of Jock and the Ewings made some sense because of the kernel of truth the Barnes side of the feud held. But the Ramos hatred against all things Ewing is beyond any kind of credibility. I have had it with the Ramos family!
    And now to make matters even more corny it seems pretty obvious Elena is going to pregnant and we’ll get to recycle the CBS season 2/3 storyline on who is the father (Joaquin vs. John Ross) as if the recycled Southfork fire which we are still feeling the effects of wasn’t enough. I want tight continuity NOT recycled storylines. Man….

    This episode was really a tale of two halves for me. I liked the first half quite a bit. I think I might have my Sue Ellen back and I love the Josh and Julie performances. Even the latest Pamela character development (i.e. completely unbalanced to the point of risking her own life and health to make a point) doesn’t bother me because it seems to fit her. But then Ramos developments at the end of the episode erased all that and actually made me actively mad at the show. And let me emphasize I’m mad at the show and its creators not the plot point itself.
    Why do I accept Pamela as unbalanced but get absolutely p*ssed with Elena being completely unreasonable? I can’t really explain it. I even believe Emma is dumb enough to think she can deal with the Mexican drug cartel. But Elena is supposed to be an intelligent woman. She has previously shown her scientific skill in helping Christopher solve his methane extraction problems and successfully negotiated a business deal getting some used leases where they could go after said methane. I can’t suspend enough disbelief to swallow this. It was simply my first gut reaction and I’m sticking with it for now.

    • Dan, I just keep thinking vis a vis the Elena thing…there has got to be something that we are missing or haven’t been told. But then we had Elena herself questioning why she was mad at all the Ewings when it was JR who did the wrong just a few episodes ago.

      It is like they believe that Bobby knew about it all,this time and just hid the information from them. I could see this point only because they would think that Bobby would have known the history of the various family owned fields and that also Bobby bought that field from Carmen. (Remember when Drew came back ?). Maybe this is why they blame all of them.

      But like Drew said last week. Who cares if they take all the Ewing’s money away? They will just find a way to make more!!!!

      • Dan in WI says:

        Maybe she thinks Bobby knew but that is highly unlikely. Anybody who grew up around Southfork should know that JR acts independantly and keeps secrets.

      • Brandon childers says:

        It appears that the land stolen by JR benifited Ewing Oil.

  2. Vida Turner-Thibault says:

    Great episode, and your critique is spot on. The actors were brilliant.

  3. I thought this episode was great too.
    I liked it much better than I did last weeks episode. Some really strong performances across the board. Like you said, Josh hit several home runs with his work. I like your scene of the day choice….excellent job. jordana also was fantastic this episode…she really is a great actress. Emma and Julie…wow. And Marlena was heartbreaking.

    And I am with you of Heather and Bo. I really liked Chris and Heather….it turned out to be my favorite Chris pairing.

    Btw…also was glad to see Chris, JR3, and Sue Ellen in a nice scene together. Wish it happened more often. And Chris…shame on you for forgetting that Sue Ellen can cook! LOL

    Episode had some fun touches as well that counterbalanced the sad moments. The nurse was a great foil to JR3. And as always Judith was delightful

    I also liked Linda’s subtle acting…in the scene with Julie when she gives that kind of smile in that one instant you can read a lot of uncertainty in her. Love that. Also, at the house when the fire Marshall tells them that it was arson….the look as Bobby grabs her was perfect…that scene was only seconds long, but you learn a lot from the both of them. Nice touch to have Bobby really understand how much that information would mean to her and have him grab her the first chance he gets.

    I also was very glad to see Bum again..we just don’t get enough of him. know there are a lot of puzzle pieces floating around….

    Joaquin is on the surface working with Elena and Cliff to take Ewing Global from the Ewings. Yet, really is working for the cartel to get ahold of EG to fund a government takeover….and killed Drew to help carry out his plan.

    Emma is now pissed at JR3. She has connived with Judith to replace Harris. She is so pissed at Harris over what he did to Drew that she is trying to get the cartel to put him back in jail as punishment. She is not aware (I think) that the cartel is after EG. She thinks they are just using Ryland trucking to import drugs into the US. She also is unaware that the cartel is involved in Drew’s death

    Harris is involved wit the cartel but is also in bed with the Feds who are investigating the cartel activities.

    Then we have the Mckays. Who also are involved with the cartel in some manner and are interested in screwing over the Ewings and are going to get involved with the IPO as well.

    Elena is working with Cliff to take down the Ewings and now has the letter which provides evidence that JR was dying and that Cliff was setup for his murder. She is unaware of the cartel aspect and is unaware of Joaquin and the cartel’s murder of her brother. She also is very emotionally involved with the Ewings.

    Bobby is working his own thing re the IPO with his pal. He is teamed up with Sue Ellen and Chris. JR3 is kind of out there on his own right now. We don’t know where Pamela is going to side. Pamela, Sue Ellen, and Ann have no idea about the entire Cliff setup. (They are going to be pissed!). at the same time, Pamela is not happy that her Dad willingly killed her babies…but with the whole marriage blowup…who knows how she will react to Elena’s revelation.

    We still have the normal infighting among the Ewings themselves. But we all know that they stick together when surrounded by enemies. They certainly were getting along better after the difficulties over the past few days.

    This half of the season is going to be wild. There are so many possibilities of what can happen. Lots of fun and lots of possible turmoil abound.
    Can’t wait!

  4. Great critique !!!!

  5. Garnet McGee says:

    Only the silly cartel business and the lack of story for Ann keeps me from giving this episode an A+. I didn’t like the cartel or Emma joining them but I really loved everything else. It approaches the mastery displayed in S3 episode 6 and many of the best S2 episodes. There were some great parallels and symmetry in this episode. The pull of first love was mentioned then illustrated by Emma’s letter from Drew and John Ross’ interactions with Elena. At the beginning of the episode I really thought that Drew’s death was going to enable Elena, Emma, and John Ross to become better people (I want to be a better man). Instead they were musing about being their best selves because his death made them living the lives of good people impossible. They were not hoping to fulfill their desires to become better people but ruefully saying goodbye to that possibility. The only person who lived up to his desire to be a good man was poor Christopher. I was nearly in tears as he acted honorably because he understood the importance of a father to his family. Meanwhile, elsewhere, John Ross mentions the curse of JR’s DNA. I see some foreshadowing with an Elena pregnancy. All of the characters were given a legacy by their parents. John Ross has JR’s masterpiece, Pamela has the baggage from her father, Elena has her father’s land, Emma has the trauma of her upbringing, Christopher has Bobby’s image to live up to. Yet their past histories do not seal their fates. They still have choices in how they live up to those legacies. Only Christopher is doing the right thing as he honors Bobby’s legacy. The characters embrace or flight from their legacies harkens back to the Great Gatsby quote recited by John Ross early in season 2 “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”. On a shallow note Elena and John Ross were super hot. Juan Pablo di Pace was stellar as the monstrous but human Nicolas. I can hardly wait for the remaining episodes.

  6. I officially hate Elena. Yeah, I get that she has her reasons for wanting justice for her father, but she has discarded all sense of reality over the situation. She just isn’t the same kind of adorable, always forgivable evil that Pamela is, lol.

    I have to place a lot of the blame on Bobby for the upcoming nightmare. I remember cringing when he handed John Ross the letter JR wrote after reading it at the Ewing cemetery. It was a given that the letter would eventually be Cliff’s salvation. At worst it should have gone right back into Bobby’s safe, and at best it should have been promptly destroyed. What the hell were you thinking, Robert James? Your nephew is corrupt to the core and might conceivably have found his OWN reason to blackmail you with that letter eventually. I know you gave it to John Ross in a moment of emotional duress but…ugghhhh.

    And Bum saying to not destroy it because it was the last thing JR ever wrote? Do you think the mastermind would have WANTED something so incriminating hanging around? I’m amazed he didn’t scribble “P.S. BURN AFTER READING” on the damn thing! I guess he couldn’t think of everything. For a man battling terminal cancer it was remarkable he
    had enough left in the tank to do as much as he did at the end.

    Is it me, or are they greatly exaggerating the relationship between Emma and Drew all of a sudden? I don’t remember them bonding THAT strongly…certainly not to the extent that Emma’s whole world should be rocked by his death. They barely knew each other.

    Lastly, I’ll go ahead and say it…Bobby needs to kick resident drama queen Anne to the curb. I know she is not a purposely bad woman, but God, what a toxic human being. The problem is, the guy just can’t be alone. Even if Anne were to join the Bobby Ewing Dead Wives Club (which I’m not hoping for…I don’t dislike her THAT much) I’m sure he would rush right into another relationship and pop the question in no time at all, lol.

    • Dan in WI says:

      I never thought about how dumb Bobby was to give that letter to John Ross in those terms before but you are dead right. And then John Ross carries it around in his wallet no less. I guess the Ewings deserve to have JR’s masterpiece undone at this point.

      I’ll back you up on Emma and Drew not being close. I think Drew wanted them to be. But Emma seemed to occasionaly date him as misdirection to cover up who she was really screwing. She wanted to screw John Ross and she did. Really she used Drew. But I can still understand her reaction. She is really screwed up and her warped mind is making up something that never happened. Maybe she is even feeling a tinge of guilt over Pamela. Maybe she has guilt over using Drew…

    • Yeah, seriously. I’m trying not to be one of those fans who just complains about the show constantly, but dang. That whole letter thing just makes no freakin’ sense! A letter that could incriminate all them in multiple criminal activities and you just keep around for “sentimental” reasons?!? PLEASE!

      • Dan in WI says:

        Boy I share your first sentiment. I don’t want to complain so much either and I feel like I’m doing more and more of it. I want to like this show but fully admit I’m picky and a continuity hawk. If you want me on board. If you want more clamoring for a 4th season that is what you need to do to get me.


  8. It doesn’t matter if Bobby is just standing there. The point is Brother Bobby is there with commanding presence.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Signatures are different on the letter to John Ross and on the Dead to the Ramos land. Cliff set this up!

  10. It takes many episodes to get to an episode like this. This review made me appreciate the episode even more. I am interested to see how things work out between Sue Ellen and Pamela. When Elena was talking with John Ross, she totally admits to him that she is being a total fake. John Ross was too involved with feeling sorry for himself to even notice Elena spilling the beans. I do not care if the dressed Drew Ramos up in a uniform, he murdered babies and almost murdered Sue Ellen. I think the Ramos family, as a whole, are losers. They will remain losers as long as the harbour that hate and resentment towards the Ewings. The drug cartel is 100% correct, they need to let that baloney go. So what, their daddy got swindled by JR. Who did not get swindled by JR. Even Jock Ewing forgave the people that shot him because he ran people off and took land he should not have had. The nurse in the hospital stole the show. It was a very unexpected surprise and excellent comic relief as well. It is also a good example of how a strong woman stands up to a man. Sue Ellen and Pamela Rebecca need to get some guidance from the nurse on how not to let a man push you around and control you as John Ross totally failed in trying to do with her. Emma is trying to grow up but she still has a long way to go. It sucks for her because her dad is Harris Ryland and her momma is a crazier headcase than her father. I agree with the A grade as well. Last week, I am said to say, seemed to contain some forced dialogue. This week, it was all top notch acting.

  11. Who is the boss of the cartel, I always thought it was that one guy, but Nicolas says he is sick of his face, and there appears to be a boss. So who is the boss I have a few theories some crazier than others.

    Carlos del sol is the leader of cartel, working against Ewings.
    Elena’s father is still alive and is the leader.
    Do either of those sound possible.

    Also yes we have a John Ross vs. Nicolas baby fued.

    Does anyone else agree that Carmen should have went crazy when Harris showed up, they (ramoses) know Harris is involved for sure, why don’t they feel the need to seek revenge against him. I think JR stealing the oil and being a distant reason Ramos dad Is dead, and drew killing babies, blowing up rig, loosing contract?, billion dollar fine, burning SF, almost killing sue Ellen and Bo and the countless people on rig, and Nicolas and Elena being the reason for Pamela’s od, lets just call it even

    • Dan in WI says:

      Do I think it possible this writing team might make Carlos Del Sol head of this drug cartel? You bet. They love twists that make no sense. But would it make any sense? No way! Carlos was obviously a close JR ally. JR always had the best PI’s under his employ. There is no way the head of a major drug cartel would have ever got through his vetting process and there is no way JR would associate with someone like that on a friendly basis. No way.

      • Well, isn’t Carlos Del Sol supposed to be the richest man in the world? IIRC when J.R. went to visit him that first time in Season 1 he called him “number one on the Forbes list”. I assumed he was based on Carlos Slim, the Mexican businessman who is the real life richest man in the world ($79 billion). A man with that kind of wealth and power certainly wouldn’t need to be involved with a drug cartel, especially if the goal of the Cartel is to covertly take over the Mexican government and that’s why they need the money of Ewing Global. Del Sol should already have way more money than the Ewings, so why would he need their company? Plus, he’s involved in the whole fake J.R. murder plot, he helped with some of the cover-up. So all this business about trying to prove Cliff’s innocence is stupid if Carlos is involved.

        So, now that I think you’re right, this is exactly the kind of stupid “shocking” PLOT TWIST that Cidre might try to pull.

  12. I am tired of the Ramoses. I am tired of the Ramoses. I am tired of the Ramoses. The same statement…one for each of the 3 seasons of the show.

    I am also tired of Cynthia Cidre saying everything in the show is “delicious.” Disgusting, sad show. This is NOT Dallas. The writing was not solid, and the script definitely doesn’t deserve an A. The actors do, but the writers and producers deserve an F.


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