Dallas Burning Questions: Season 3, Week 12

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Mama’s here

Here are the questions we’re pondering as we await tonight’s telecast of “Victims of Love,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode:

Will Pamela pardon Cliff? In the previous episode, “Hurt,” Elena (Jordana Brewster) told the Ewings about Bobby’s scheme to frame Cliff (Ken Kercheval) for J.R.’s “murder,” as well as J.R.’s swindle against her father years earlier. In exchange for keeping quiet about the frame-up, Elena asked Bobby for financial restitution and a piece of Southfork land; she also requested he pull strings in Mexico to get Cliff pardoned from prison. Bobby reluctantly gave Elena everything she wanted, but she turned over the land to Pamela (Julie Gonzalo), as well as the clemency paperwork, telling Pamela she should be the one to decide if her father goes free. What will Pamela do?

Will the Ewing women forgive Bobby? Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) was furious at Bobby (Patrick Duffy) for not telling her the truth about J.R.’s death and and told him Miss Ellie would be “ashamed” of him. She also confronted Bum (Kevin Page), who told Sue Ellen that her ex-husband met death with courage. Pamela was also angry at Bobby and so was Ann (Brenda Strong), who accused him of being a hypocrite for lashing out at her so often over her secrets. Will Sue Ellen, Ann and Pamela forgive Bobby? And will Sue Ellen forgive J.R. for not telling her that he was dying of cancer?

Who will control Ewing Global? John Ross (Josh Henderson) retaliated against Elena by telling Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) that she slept with him to get her hands on J.R.’s letter. Nicolas forgave Elena and agreed to take her away, but not before he spoke to the mysterious Victor Des Lauriers (Max Ryan), who assured him that everything is set for Ewing Global’s initial public offering, when much of the company’s stock will be up for grabs. Meanwhile, Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) wondered if Nicolas is actually Elena’s childhood friend Joaquin and began seeking proof to confirm his suspicions. Will Christopher piece together the puzzle and stop the IPO before the Ewings lose control of their company?

What will Judith do? Emma (Emma Bell) once again met with Luis (Antonio Jaramillo), who agreed to put Harris behind bars again — but only if Emma agreed to use Ryland Transport to move more drugs for the cartel. When Harris (Mitch Pileggi) learned his daughter was talking to Luis, he told her the truth about his involvement with the CIA, and then she told him about the deal she struck. Since Judith (Judith Light) is slated to appear in tonight’s episode, what will she say when she finds out what her son and granddaughter have been up to?

What brings Tracey McKay back to “Dallas”? “Victims of Love” will feature the return of Tracey McKay (Melinda Clarke), whom Bobby dated after his divorce from Pam in the late 1980s. What brings her back into the Ewings’ lives, and how is she related to Hunter (Fran Kranz), the McKay heir who is secretly plotting with Nicolas to help the drug cartel take over Ewing Global?

What “Dallas Burning Questions” are on your mind? Share your comments below and watch TNT’s “Dallas” tonight.


  1. My buning question is why Cidre and Co. didn’t bring back Audrey Landers (Afton) when Pamela Rebecca (her daughter!) was hospitalized after the “suicide” attempt? At the very least, they could have thrown in a 10-second line in the script about calling Afton, if Audrey Landers wasn’t available for filming. No attention to details in the writing. No authenticity. Sad.

    • Probably the same reason on the old Dallas the didn’t mention Sue Ellen’s mom every time she got sick or hurt. It wasn’t called for in the bigger scheme of all the stories. Doesn’t mean that Pamela didn’t talk to her mom…. Maybe she did and it wasn’t needed to tell us.

      • Boy I don’t know. If a suicide (and that’s what it was officially listed as by the hospital) attempt isn’t enough a reason to bring a mother running…

    • There was plenty attention to details … Afton is not part of the cast. Why couldn’t Pamela call her off screen? Last was was a great episode … no need to bring back characters like Afton for everything. She was there for her wedding.

  2. When the “drama” hits the fan, who will be inside the Ewing’s “Wagon Circle?” Does Harris Ryland and/or the CIA know that the Mexican Drug Cartel is involved in a conspiracy to take over Ewing Global? If so, will he team up with the Ewings? Instead of Barnes and Ryland vs. The Ewings that we had last season, will it be Barnes, Ramos, Rylands, McKay, and the Mexican Drug Cartel vs. The Ewings? What does Harris Ryland know? What about Cliff Barnes? Does he know about the Drug Cartel’s scheme to take over Ewing Global?

    • I don’t know what Cliff knows about the drug cartel. I only know CBS Cliff would never stoop that low.

      As for Harris, I absolutely believe he will become a reluctant Ewing ally against the drug cartel in an enemy of my enemy sort of way. He’ll probably end up saving Ewing Global in the end though it is likely to be to his own chagrin.

      • Interesting take Dan. This is not the “CBS Cliff” for sure. Just like J.R. said in his letter, going up against Barnes and Ryland at the same time would be too much. Harris Ryland may reach out to the Ewings because he has no choice and the Ewings will take his help because they have no choice. I read that originally the Cliff Barnes modeled after Robert Kennedy.

  3. My burning question is why the Rylands don’t run illegal booze in their trucks to. The survival plan for business, whether illegal or not is to diversify!

  4. I agree with you Dan about the CBS Cliff. Cidre and Co. have again chosen to ignore DALLAS history. Cliff had made his peace with the Ewings. We have been led to believe Cidre and Co. were informed to ignore the three reunion movies so even taking that into account what led TNT’s Cliff to unleash hell on the Ewings – again. No depth to the current series.

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