‘Dallas’ Ranks Among Cable’s Hottest Shows on Social Media

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Getting social

You know where “Dallas” was a runaway hit last week? Social media.

The series ranks fifth (!) on a list of the 25 cable shows that generated the most online chatter last week. The list, which was compiled by research firm General Sentiment, tracked mentions of series’ titles, Twitter handles, hashtags and major characters.

General Sentiment issues the listing each week. The latest edition covers the week of September 22, when TNT killed off a major character during “Dallas’s” third-season finale. The four shows that ranked higher than “Dallas”: “Doctor Who,” “South Park,” “Sons of Anarchy” and “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.”

This is the fifth time “Dallas” has made General Sentiment’s listing during the past six weeks. The show’s previous highest ranking during this period: 18th place.

“Dallas” has 1.6 million Facebook fans, more than any other TNT drama, and 94,000 Twitter followers, second only to the network’s top-rated series, “Rizzoli & Isles.”

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  1. I had been watching “Dr. Who” since Tom Baker days, when it was good. I like the episodes with Matthew Smith as “The Doctor” and he has been gone for over a year. “South Park” is just plain stupid. I get that it is a vulgar cartoon and I think that is neither funny or entertaining. I hear “Sons of Anarchy” is a great show, maybe I’ll watch it one day. As soon as I find out what “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” is I’ll let you know.

    My wife watched “Rizzoli & Isles” last night and said that it is a pretty good show when I asked.

  2. Yes, but was that chatter positive or negative? Lets not be misleading Dallas Decoder. A hit in social media doesn’t mean the show is a hit by any stretch. Just because people are talking about it on social media doesn’t mean they like it. I’m willing to bet much of it is fans displeased with the direction of the show and Christopher’s death. Just tracking series title’s, characters, hashtags, etc. doesn’t give the whole story. I talk about it on social media too – mostly on how disgusted I am with what Cynthia Cidre has done to the show and it’s legacy. If you want to write an article that TNT will see about Dallas, how about giving them the truth about how the majority of fans want Cidre to step down and let another show runner take over and restore it to it’s original premise – about the EWINGS – not the Ramos family getting justice. What I want to know is – when are the Ewings and the Dallas fans going to get justice?

  3. These are excellent factoids C.B. & Andrew. Its just like when they have an exciting Unites States Presidential candidate, they call it “Presidential Buzz.” I of course call this “the need for DALLAS:TNT Season IV buzz.”

  4. Dan in WI says:

    Call me old fashion (early 40’s who refuses to get either a Facebook or Twitter account and has only had a cell phone for 3 years) but I don’t see how being a social media hit matters. There is no adverstising revenue for TNT to mine by the couple people who watch the show talking about. If something is new maybe you see that as growth potential but in this case we have three seasons of declining ratings. I would think would that speaks louder than unrealized potential at this point in the Dallas game.
    If somebody can explain how this is good then please educate me. What am I missing here?

    • Dan, as I understand it, the conventional wisdom is that social media buzz will drive viewers to see a show, which generates ratings and ad revenue. In this instance, it’s a shame there wasn’t a new episode of “Dallas” this week to test that theory. If there had been one, would the ratings have reflected the previous week’s social media chatter? Regardless, you’re correct that TV ratings and ad dollars are what matters most.

      • Dan in WI says:

        So if you understanding is correct doesn’t that go back to my last point? Wouldn’t that buzz mean more to a new show with no track record? If there is a show (like Dallas) that has already been around a few years and has consistently had a lot of buzz but that buzz never turned into increased ratings (or worse yet decreased ratings like Dallas) don’t you eventually discount that buzz in a case like Dallas?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just bring Dallas backPlain and simple

  6. Anonymous says:

    I understand how everyone feels…..I am a die-hard Dallas fan. TNT has made it’s decision, being a search for a younger audience. Why are we still asking TNT, to change their mind. We have to put our best energies, where it is going to do us, the most good. CBS….Friday Night…..Primetime…..was the home of Dallas. Anyone can produce a low- budget , reality show, as we already know. TNT, we thank you, for another taste, of what we already know, to be good. Hey guys, it’s no longer reasonable to ask them to rethink their decision. It’s time to go home, and ask CBS, to give us a helping hand. Dallas has substance, this is what. keeps us coming back. The iconic, in union with the upcoming stars. It’s time for all us fans. to go home……ATTENTION: CBS….Help us!!!!!

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