Dallas Decoder’s ‘Which Ewing Dies?’ Page

Dallas, TNT, Which Ewing Dies


Here are Dallas Decoder’s posts about the “Which Ewing Dies?” mystery on TNT’s “Dallas.”




Dallas Burning Questions


Dallas Decoder Interview








  1. Any chance the show has already been renewed, and it will be announced at end of Episode 15? Just use the unknown of it to perhaps heighten uncertainty on plot?

  2. Garnet McGee says:

    I’m so proud of you for guessing correctly! The only reason I was inclined to believe it was Christopher was that a poster on a message board said he had inside scoop that Jesse was leaving the show. It seems as if this entire season was leading up to a season 4 with Christopher playing expectant Dad to Elena’s baby. I’m guessing Christopher’s death was a last minute re-write necessitated by the actor.

  3. I. Think. Christopher. Die. Season. Dallas. Not. Pamela. Or. Ann. Bobby. John. Ross. Bailey. Wollent

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