#SaveDallas: Let’s Kick It Up a Notch, Fellow Fans

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Never back down

We need to make more noise, fellow “Dallas” fans.

The campaign to save our favorite show from cancellation is off to a strong start. We’re signing petitions, liking Facebook pages and tweeting our love using the #SaveDallas hashtag.

Our collective efforts have earned attention from across the media spectrum, including a brief report in the New York Times and an endorsement from Michael Strahan, Kelly Ripa’s co-host on “Live with Kelly and Michael.”

We’ve also received support from the cast, including Linda Gray, who encouraged everyone to “keep fighting” in an interview yesterday; Patrick Duffy, who urged fans to “keep going” via a tweet; and Josh Henderson, whose Facebook page includes several #SaveDallas posts.

Let’s keep the momentum going. We need more petition signatures, more attention from the press and more social media posts declaring our love for “Dallas.” Here’s what I recommend:

• Urge more fans to sign the petition. There are several petitions going at this point, but the “Help Save Dallas TNT” petition has gained the most traction. It has more than 67,000 signatures, which is impressive, but it’s still a fraction of the show’s weekly audience. If you know fans who haven’t signed the petition yet, encourage them to do so.

• Contact the entertainment industry publications. The press coverage for #SaveDallas has been terrific, but we also need to get the attention of the industry news publications and sites that television executives read every day. Let’s send them positive messages and politely ask them to report on fans’ efforts:

  • Deadline Hollywood. The Twitter handle for this site’s TV team is @DeadlineTV.
  • The Hollywood Reporter. Here’s the publication’s contact page. The Twitter handle is @thr.
  • Variety. Here’s the publication’s contact page. The Twitter handle is @Variety.
  • The Wrap. Here’s the site’s contact page. The Twitter handle is @thewrap.

• Share your love on social media. Please keep sending messages via Facebook and Twitter using the #SaveDallas hashtag, which makes it easy for TV execs and the press to search for and find our tweets. Also, remember to tweet @warnerbrostv and encourage Warner Bros., the studio that produces “Dallas,” to find a new home for the show. The Warner Bros. folks hopefully want to save “Dallas” too, so send them positive messages.

Many other cool ideas are percolating, including proposals for rallies, “tweet-a-thons” and a “stream-a-thon” where everyone chooses a designated time and watches “Dallas” via video on demand to demonstrate the potential audience for the show on Netflix and similar outlets. Hopefully these ideas will continue to take shape.

Thanks to everyone who is fighting so hard to save “Dallas.” Your passion and creativity are inspiring. Let’s keep up the good work and build on our success!

Share your ideas and positive comments below and check out Dallas Decoder’s Save Dallas Page for links to news coverage, petitions, other fan sites and more.


  1. CB/All

    One thing I did and I advise you to do the same. When you sign that petition, or even long after that, you can go back in and send that petition to as many Facebook friends as you want. Causes.com is linked with FB. With just a few clicks I was able to send that petition to all of the ppl I’m friends with on FB, hundreds of ppl. Many of them signed for my sake only, but who cares, it’s a signature, they don’t have to be actual fans. Send the petition to everyone on your friends list. It’s set up to where u can just “select all” and send. It will only send to groups of 50 at a time, so depending on the size of your list, u may need to do it a few times to get everyone.

    LET’S GO!!!!!!!!

  2. “The Warner Bros. folks want to save “Dallas” too” .. what do you mean by that? About whom are you talking?

  3. Alison Ontiveroz says:

    My son had the honor of being a extra on Dallas! I can’t believe they just want to cancel the show what are they thinking!! everyone talks about how great it is and could not wait till the next show came on to see what would happen next… We want it back PLEASE!

  4. What about merging the petitions?

    • I so agree, and the FB groups need to merge as well. We are always stronger together than scattered about! A centralized group would be great – hopefully no egos are in the way…. that would be so sad! We all want the same thing, the show to continue!!

      • Absolutely. And let’s get the hashtag #savedallas trending more. Get it out there. Get in people’s faces… as in let them keep seeing it. Keep it buzzing. One petition. One FB group, One concerted and concentrated effort.

  5. I think Dallas should be saved for multiple reasons one of the reasons is that left one hell of a cliffhanger not to mention, I love the characters and the people that play them from the original cast to the new comers, and you know a show is loved when the original cast is more than willing to come back. Even though he is gone I think Larry Hagman would be like oh no this not happening this needs to out run the original, and John Ross needs to show he is my son from tip to tail, or prove that he is even worse. Love Josh Henderson and his work.

  6. Save Dallas!!! I watched the orginial Dallas from start to finish. And I love to see the next-generation.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. cathy trinque says:

    My idea is to send e-mails to the sponsors. Hyundai, Duracell, Post cereals, progressive, liberty mutual, crest,clorox, suave, Maybelline, Michelin, always

  9. Reblogged this on jumpsteady and commented:
    If you are my friend you will do everything you can to #SaveDallas It will be worth every effort

  10. Misty Sale says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    Please #Save Dallas

  12. Are you going to have another Dallas chat on Monday? We could try to get the #SaveDallas hashtag trending again.

  13. Patrick W Bibb says:

    Save dallas ive been a fan since i was a kid watching with my late father one 9f the best shows on tv today a good family show that my kids like also

  14. I want Dallas to stay on the air, great show to follow the Ewing’s Legacy as it progresses.

  15. Chris sickler says:

    The show is such good drama, great acting. .. it’s a show that keeps your attention, then wanting more…every TIME

  16. Of course Warner Brothers wants it to get picked up. It generates a lot of revenue. Warner Brothers has been critical of A&E’s cancellation of Longmire. They would rather these shows get a fair shake than just be discarded due to a change in direction or lower ratings due to mishandling. The moment it was canceled Warner Bros were looking around for another home. The Lifetime idea is good. I just hope CBS works out as it is part of the Dallas DNA.

  17. How about we kick it up two notches C.B. instead of just 1?

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