#SaveDallas: Where Will the Ewings Find a New Home?

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Homeless, for now

If the effort to save “Dallas” succeeds — wait, I mean when it succeeds — where might the show find a new home?

It isn’t clear if Warner Bros., the studio that produces “Dallas,” is shopping the series to other outlets. Warner Bros. hasn’t issued a statement since the #SaveDallas campaign began last week, and a studio spokeswoman declined comment.

If Warner Bros. answers the fans’ call to rescue the series from TNT’s cancellation, the studio will probably find receptive audiences at other cable networks, according to Marc Berman, editor of TV Media Insights, an industry news site. “There are a lot of networks that could pick this show up and give it a good home,” he said.

“Dallas” would be a good fit at Lifetime, where it could be paired with the recently renewed “Devious Maids,” another prime-time soap opera, Berman said. Both shows tend to draw mostly women viewers, and the size of each show’s audience is comparable: “Dallas” averaged 1.9 million viewers on Mondays this year, while “Devious Maids” averaged 1.8 million viewers on Sundays.

If Lifetime or another cable network isn’t willing to commit to a full season of “Dallas,” they could commission a two-hour movie to test the waters — and resolve the third-season cliffhanger, Berman said.

Industry observers also see a future for “Dallas” online.

“Fans should probably focus on bringing their cause to fledgling but deep-pocketed outfits that are looking for more shows to add to their streaming line-up,” Washington Post TV critic Hank Stuever wrote yesterday.

Stuever suggested possibilities include AOL and Yahoo!, which recently picked up the comedy “Community” after NBC canceled it, but he cautioned fans that “streamingville is about buzz and cachet and the wired youth … and I don’t know that ‘Dallas’ can bring the hipster demographic.”

Berman said “Dallas’s” appeal to a somewhat older audience would be a boon for a streaming service. “If you’re Netflix or Hulu and you’re trying to expand your audience, why not do it with ‘Dallas’?”

He also pointed to the show’s popularity on social media, where “Dallas” has almost 1.6 million Facebook “likes” and more than 95,000 Twitter followers, as evidence there’s an audience for the series online. “And look at all the #SaveDallas tweets this week,” he said.

What about a move to a broadcast network? Some observers say this is less likely, although almost 7,000 fans have signed a petition calling for “Dallas” to return to CBS, home of the original series. Linda Gray told Dallas Decoder this week that CBS chief executive Les Moonves has received many emails from fans, and Highlight Hollywood reports the show’s production company plans to approach the network.

No matter where “Dallas” winds up, Berman — a longtime fan — hopes it will find a home that appreciates it more than TNT, which he said signaled its lack of interest in the series when it scheduled the two-hour finale on the first night of the new TV season.

“To end the show that way — and to leave viewers with an unresolved cliffhanger — sends a very clear message to the audience: We don’t care about you,” he said.

Where would you like “Dallas” to find a new home? Share your ideas below and check out Dallas Decoder’s Save Dallas Page for links to news coverage, petitions, other fan sites and more.


  1. I love Dallas. Been a big fan with Dallas I and now Dallas II. Streaming will make a lot of folks happy, but I dont stream, due to my current circumstances. Hopefully there will be continued released DVD’s.

    • I’m going to piggyback on this. I live in a rural area with reasonalbly reliable high speed wireless internet. That said it has it’s days and watching streaming content can be nerve wracking on those days. I don’t pay for Netflix as a result. I don’t see CBS happening so I’d prefer a traditional cable outlet. But I realize my situation is in the minority. Most people live in areas that do have reliable high speed.
      So again continued DVD’s would be the key for me.

  2. I think a major network should pick it up! Follow me on Twitter @scottlara1961 and let’s #savedallas

  3. Marc Berman says:

    This is awesome…Just tweeted it and put on Facebook. And I will link it on my column on Monday.

  4. Actually I dont care WHERE it ends up, but this all sounds very good, so I’m optimistic!

  5. Aaron Harden says:

    #SaveDallas!! I have watched every episode of all 3 seasons, mostly on DVR. They need to take into account the strong DVR numbers, as well as the live viewers.

  6. Valerie Parker says:

    I don’t care where DALLAS finds a new home so long as ONE IS FOUND AND FOUND QUICKLY. This cast is super talented and does great job for us as fans. If a new home is not found soon, I’m afraid they will move on to other ventures then if Dallas is renewed we will have lost some of the chemistry. I watched Dallas as a little girl and have been devoted fan since 2012 reboot. Please find my favorite show a new home soon. I’m having withdrawals already. #savedallas #ewingsunite

    • OMG Valerie, I AGREE!!!!!!! The cast and chemistry is INSANE!!!!! How in the world could this show NOT get picked up???? It’s been the best show on TV in YEARS!!!!

  7. Somewhere, anywhere, PLEASE!!

  8. Would love CBS

  9. Would love the show on cbs where it started

  10. Shelley Eagan says:

    CBS Dallas is the best!

  11. Loved the new series, thought it was great. But, honestly, it’s not going to be saved. Rarely, very rarely, will a cable network pick up another cable network’s discarded show.

  12. I love the Netflix idea … no spoilers … everyone gets to binge watch all at the same time. I would love it. 10 new episodes every year. Love, love, love the idea!

  13. My hopes is CBS as well I also like the idea of NETFLIX but Dallas deserves a shot on a cable network, it holds way to much legacy not to be back on CBS in my opnion

  14. I writing to TNT to reverse their decision as well as CBS and other networks pick up the show. I don’t order Netflix but I’m sure Hulu or Yahoo Screens would be better options for onine.

  15. Hang in there everyone! Keep getting that petition signed, write your letters to different networks and message or post to all talk shows. We are being heard!

  16. Beth Adams says:

    I think Lifetime would be a great home for Dallas. But, any network station is fine with me as long as I get to watch my favorite show.

  17. I sure hope the rumors are true that CBS might pick up Dallas. It might be a long shot, but it’s getting interesting.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I hope CBS will take it but if another Cable station does i’m ok with that as long as they care about it and the fans because we really loved this show and we were not ready to see it go off the air even with JR gone, this show has great potential

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. cathy trinque says:

    I am going to remain positive that Dallas will find a new home! I will support Dallas forever!!!!

  21. Marilyn Hadey says:


  22. I don’t think streaming will take Dallas where it should be…..Lifetime would be PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems like a home run there!!!!

  23. Joan Kruger says:

    Hoping for a home that will appreciate the never ending tail spins the writers and cast delivered on every show. What a great job they have done.

  24. I hope it doesn’t end up going the online route. But I just want Dallas to be picked up and appreciated by whichever outlet does so. And please…do not put it on Friday night. The tv landscape has changed a lot and Friday night now is pretty much the timeslot of eventual demise.

  25. Rick Kerr says:

    I surely hope that a NETWORK takes DALLAS back on they will be outstanding to MILLIONS of FANS including myself . I haven’t missed a Dallas show in the old days or new days it’s just a WONDERFUL show . The network that takes DALLAS MILLIONS of FANS will give them a BIG HANDS OUT .Myself I bet there’s so many people out there right now that don’t even watch TNT including myself . TNT should go Bankrupt and learn a big lesson . Come on NETWORK which ever it is BRING BACK DALLAS . #savedallas PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. The FANS & CAST MATES lets keep FIGHTING till WE ALL WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EWING’S are the BEST DALLAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I would like to see it on USA. Seems to me like the right fit on cable TV. Any other channel would be fine by me as long as the show fits the channel’s target audience. (That’s why I always thought that the ka-boom channel TNT wasn’t a good home for Dallas) Lifetime would be fine by me. But I have a feeling Dallas might be too costly for them. Dallas is a large ensemble show and will therefore have a higher budget than other shows. Have them cut the action scenes. I wouldn’t mind. It’s a soap. It should be more dialogue heavy anyway.
    Online streaming would not be an option for me, unless I can still watch it on TV at decent quality. But again, I have no idea how that could get financed. Netflix maybe?

  27. #savedallas

  28. Personally, I think that “Dallas” on the TNT network is done. Even if they wanted the show back I would question whether the makers would continue to produce the show for them after what has already transpired. Perhaps, if NO other network would pick them up, it would give them time to find new life for the show, but I am reasonably sure TNT is out now. CBS is the optimum solution IMO. Perhaps with CBS they would even get a bigger budget, which would allow the Ewings the real opulant lifestyle that they used to enjoy with awesome cars, clothes, etc. A bigger budget could also bring in more writers with more mainstream ideas…like Christophers energy discoveries…a plotline that went south quickly. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I sure hope that SOMETHING happens. The world is less without “Dallas” as a part of it.

  29. I think the CW WOULD BE A GOOD FIT OR CMT IF CBS won’t pick it up.

  30. Oh give me a home where the Ewings can roam! Where the oil rigs & Texas cattle play. Preferably CBS, but anywhere will do, just so we can see the conniving continue and the scheming & backstabbing thrive in all its glory!

  31. Hopefully word comes down soon that another network has picked up Dallas. But in the meantime fans have to keep up the effort and hashtag #SaveDallas and e-mail networks, and leave messages on the networks Facebook pages.

  32. cecil james says:

    You have got to get dallas back on the air for a fourth season becuse I wan t to know what happened to bobbys other son lucas wade ewing and ray krebbs daughter margaret krebbs ewing get hulu or cbs to buy the show


  1. […] happy that it’s over, nor sad. I’m just kind of numb, really. There’s currently an ongoing social media campaign to get the show picked up by another network, but I can’t say that I’m optimistic about […]

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