Let’s Keep Sending #SaveDallas Love to the Networks

#SaveDallas, Dallas, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, Save Dallas

Work those phones, y’all

In yesterday’s update, I encouraged everyone to follow William Shatner’s advice and target the TV networks with our #SaveDallas love. Let’s keep at it today — and beyond.

Here’s the list of available contact information for the channels cited as possible new homes for “Dallas”:

• CBS:

Address: 7800 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90039-2112

Telephone: 818-655-5000

Twitter: @CBSTweet and @CBS

• CMT:

Address: 330 Commerce Street, Nashville, TN 37201

Telephone: 615-335-8400

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cmt

Twitter: @CMT

• Reelz:

Address: Albuquerque Studios — Building D, 5650 University Blvd. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

Telephone: 505-212-8800

Email: info@reelzchannel.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReelzChannel

Twitter: @ReelzChannel

• WGN America:

Address: 2501 West Bradley Place, Chicago, IL 60618-4718

Telephone: 773-528-2311

Email: WGNAmerica@tribunemedia.com

Twitter: @WGNAmerica

If you can, please write and call these networks and encourage them to add “Dallas” to their lineups. You can also tweet them, and if a Facebook page is listed above, it means you can post a message to that page. Remember: Be positive when communicating with these networks. We want to make a good impression.

Additionally, if there are other networks you feel would make a good home for “Dallas,” by all means, contact them and urge them to pick up the show.

Please also keep sending positive tweets to Warner Bros., the studio that produces “Dallas.” Don’t let the executives forget how much the show means to us, and how hard we’re fighting to save it.

Finally, please keep urging fellow fans to sign Sara Duckworth’s “Help Save Dallas” petition, which now has more than 75,000 signatures. Let’s try to get to 100,000 signatures in the coming days. You can also show your #SaveDallas passion by “liking” the Dallas: Get the Ewings a New Network Facebook page — and be sure to check out the three videos from the page’s founder, Ryan Kwasneski.

I know many of you are already writing, calling, tweeting, signing and liking everything you can. Thank you! Please keep up the good work and encourage your friends to join you. Together, we’ll save “Dallas” and keep the Ewing saga going.

Share your ideas and positive comments below and check out Dallas Decoder’s Save Dallas Page for links to news coverage, petitions, other fan sites and more.


  1. Save Dallas it’s great show please keep Dallas on


    • nicole morrison says:

      I love Dallas! Please keep up the hard work. I can’t wait to watch the show again!

  2. I have been adding AMC with all of mine. Simply because they announced getting away (and axing 99%) of reality tv and going back to scripted. Now, I don’t think Dallas should follow Walking Dead (different genre), but I think Dallas would be an amazing fit for them.

  3. mark harris says:

    How about A&E or CW channels

  4. hardrockfootballfanatic says:

    USA is an option, as is Lifetime, Bravo, the CW, AMC, and A & E.

  5. I have sended emails to Reelz Channel and WGN America about putting Dallas on their network. To contact:
    The email address for Reelz Channel is:
    The email address for WGN America is:

  6. betty collins says:

    please keep dallas

  7. william hutchinson says:

    save DALLAS it is a great show ..

  8. Erin Dent says:


  9. We must find a new home for this iconic series. I’m writing, liking, emailing everyone I can to keep this going. Lets not slack off. We must win this fight


  11. #SaveDallas

  12. I think Dallas is the best show on TV and has been since it first aired .I hope your network gives Dallas a home because it Really means a lot to me.It has love, suspense, drama, murder, adultery and romance. Everything a person could want
    Even guys of all ages watch it. I was about 21 when I started watching.If I had a pocket full of money, I would buy a network and I know it would air then but it would come on everyday except for times I would set aside to give them vacations.I can’t get enough DALLAS!!!! ANY NETWORK WOULD BE PRIVILEDGED TO GET DALLAS- IT IS THAT ENTERTAINING! !

  13. #SAVEDALLAS, you can’t go wrong with this series, if you’re looking for a nail biting white knuckle, back stabbing, greed grabbing, roller coaster ride DALLAS is your show. Love DALLAS

  14. Nancy Argenti says:

    Save Dallas, please!!

  15. Save Dallas

  16. Anonymous says:

    Best show on the networks. Please bring it back!

  17. Ladyjules says:

    I think the USA network would be a great place for Dallas! CMT ran the original Dallas at one time. They would also be a great place to continue the saga!

  18. Chris B. would you be interested in adding the person in charge at TNT’s email addy to add to these?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Please #SaveDalls!!!

  20. Why not HBO or Cinemax the additional stuff you can do on a pay channel like Sopranos I think would make the show even more appealing.

  21. Tangela Edwards says:

    Please …… PLEASE!!!!! The Show can not end in such a manner!! I beg. Of. U!! What would (Jr.) Say!! Please this. Just can’t be the END!! Do it. For. LARRY HAGMAN’S memory!! Gotta have a better ending!! Please!!!!!! ♥Dallas ♥♥

  22. Please Save Dallas this show is worth it and as a fan i love the show and the cast of Dallas!! We just gotta this fight to bring it back on

  23. Save Dallas!!!!! I can’t imagine Monday nights without it!!!!! My family and I was dedicated viewers and it broke our hearts when we got the news that TNT was not picking it up for another season. Dallas is a GREAT show just like in the 80’s. Praying for a new home for Dallas. Love to all the crew; your work is GREAT and let’s all continue to fight the good fight and find Dallas a new home!!!!!!

  24. #savedallas a great show

  25. Leslie Murr says:

    With the following that DALLAS has, why did the network decide to cancel it? I hope if they (TNT) don’t reconsider that it will be picked up by another network.

  26. So many viewers look forward to Watching DALLAS every week. Please SAVEDALLAS!

  27. #savedallas It’s too wonderful to just let go!

  28. TO ALL THE POWERS THAT BE IN TV LAND–PLEASE SAVE DALLAS. This program was born and flourished at a time in our viewing history when the networks really cared about and made every effort to bring the viewing audience QUALITY and INTERESTING PROGRAMMING. I have to be perfectly honest in saying that when Dallas first debuted I was not a fan, but I finally caved in and listened to a very wise old woman (my Granny) and gave JR et al a chance. In all the years since I have never been sorry. I was hooked, firmly hooked and I never let anything or anyone get in the way of visiting Southfork every week. Dallas became our Friday night ritual. Friday nights were Beauty and the Beast, Dallas and Falcon Crest. Afterwards I would call her and we would dish on JR and his shenanigans. I became such a convert that it brought tears to my eyes when it came to an end the first time. Cancelling this show again is another big mistake. We the fans are here and we have been waiting for the resurrection of one of the finest, best written and interesting series to ever grace the small screen. PLEASE STOP THE MADNESS WITH ALL THESE REALITY SHOWS, that have absolutely no basis in reality and they are not even good or interesting fantasy. Stop pandering to the youth groups to the exclusion of the folks with the REAL MONEY and BUYING POWER. The demographic that you people deem as insignifigant are the ones keeping the sponsors in the black. Again I could go on and on but I will just say in closing— PLEASE,PLEASE. PLEASE BRING DALLAS BACK!!!!!!!!!

  29. please do not cancel Dallas I love this series it was just getting so good


  31. Therese o connor says:

    Please save dallas from ireland. Great show watched it as a child many years ago and now again in my adult days.

  32. Clare Griffies says:

    Please let’s help #SaveDallas, it’s the best show on TV by far in the UK gutted that it’s not going to be on anymore please please please renew its contract 🙂 x

  33. Rose Hess says:

    Dallas is the show that needs a network that is committed to the cast. CMT would be great since they picked up other shows that were dumped by their previous network. The cast of Dallas is true to their fans and devoted to the show. Someone pick this show up and carry on it’s legacy. We the fans will not miss a show.

  34. Rosalia Tedesco says:


  35. They keep stupid shows like the Kardashians, and yet take away DALLAS.. WTH, come on networks PLEASE KEEP our SHOW, in Honor of JR!!! PLEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

  36. Sabrina H. says:

    I just emailed all of the networks. I also Posted on each networks Facebook page to #SaveDallas and tweeted Warner Bros Tv to give them our support as well. These actors are the best on Television. We must save this show!!

  37. Terri Aboud says:

    i can’t believe they would wanna cancel a series that is so good. The actors and actresses are amazing. Please save Dallas. I think Jerry Jones should make sure that dallas will be back on by Jan 2015. Save Dallas!!!!!

  38. #Save Dallas!!!!!!!! All of actors on Dallas are Superb in many ways and I for one want Dallas back on TV and there is alot not sure of the count let’s do this and put Dallas back on TV

  39. I love Dallas. Please save Dallas

  40. I challenge all of @cbs @warnerbrostv @ABC_Publicity @ReelzChannel @wngAmerica @cwbg1 @nbc to watch Dallas 3rd season to see why we want to keep it going,,you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Like millions of viewers. #SaveDallas #SaveDallas


  42. Save Dallas!!!! Put it on any other channel

  43. please save Dallas !

  44. Sue carter says:

    Save DALLAS it’s a fantastic show there’s nothing to match it on tv

  45. save dallas..the young ones came in and fit perfectly in with jr, bobby, sue ellen and throw in judith light..bring them all back w/cliff barnes make more episodes these guys are great actors, actresses and made dallas come back to life..they even carried the torch when larry hagman passed, making us not want to miss a minute..bring them back now

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