#SaveDallas: Let’s Target the Networks

Eyes on the prize

Eyes on the prize

“Dallas” fans sent more than 30,000 #SaveDallas tweets during a single hour last night, once again demonstrating the depth of the passion behind the campaign to save the recently canceled series.

The fan-organized “tweet-a-thon” began at 9 p.m. Eastern, “Dallas’s” time slot on TNT, and included encouraging messages from Mitch Pileggi, Kevin Page and other “Dallas” actors.

Fans also heard from someone who knows a thing or two about rescuing a TV show: William Shatner, who advised us to focus our efforts. In one tweet, he wrote, “[W]hy isn’t WB, CBS or other networks being targeted with fan love? Trending is a nice idea but only gets you so far.”

Shatner makes an excellent point. That’s why I encourage my fellow fans to follow his advice and focus on contacting CBS, CMT, Reelz and WGN America — the four broadcast and cable networks that have been cited as potential new homes for the series:

• CBS: Here’s CBS Corporation’s online contact page, which includes a telephone number, mailing address and more. The Twitter handle is @CBSTweet.

• CMT: The network doesn’t have an contact page, but you can post messages to CMT’s Facebook page, and the Twitter handle is @CMT.

• Reelz: Here’s the contact page. You can also post messages on the network’s Facebook page and send tweets to @ReelzChannel.

• WGN America: Here’s the network’s contact page. The Twitter handle is @WGNAmerica.

If there are other networks you feel should consider airing “Dallas,” by all means, contact them. Keep your messages positive; we want to make a good impression.

I also urge fans to keep sending positive tweets to Warner Bros., the studio that produces “Dallas.” It’s important the Warner Bros. executives know how eager fans are to see “Dallas” continue.

Also, if you know a fan who hasn’t signed the “Help Save Dallas” petition, please encourage them to do so immediately. An additional 3,000 fans signed yesterday, putting the total number of signatures at more than 75,000. This is impressive, but as I wrote yesterday, our goal should be getting 100,000 signatures on the petition in the coming days.

We’ve made a lot of progress during the past week, but we can’t give up now. Let’s keep fighting for the show we all love.

Share your ideas and positive comments below and check out Dallas Decoder’s Save Dallas Page for links to news coverage, petitions, other fan sites and more.


  1. Geraldine Epling says:

    I’ve been watching Dallas since I was a little girl enjoy watching seen bobby and sue elen you need to bring em back I really enjoy watching the show

  2. Geraldine Epling says:

    I enjoy watching dallas watch it ever since I’m a little girl I enjoy seeing bobby and sue Ele on there .it was my favorite soap opera 1 on 1 upI use to sit there every we can watch it was my mom know my moms possible a hand and have a chance place to watch that

  3. Dallas is a great show. I would like to see CBS broadcast the show. What I don’t like is that I keep hearing the ratings for one episode of “Dallas” and it is very misleading. The articles I read about cancellation do not focus on the split season and everything else. Despite all of this “Dallas” had sold ratings. The season finale audience was lower than the season average ratings and yet the season 3 finale ratings are being presented in some articles as the only indication of how many people watch the show. Also, some articles point out the viewership in “key demographics” are down and at the same time they do not indicate how many people in this demographic watch the show. For the money, if CBS or any other network does the math “Dallas” will get picked up.

  4. thank you for being the ‘go to’ place to get information to #saveDallas.

  5. Dallas was part of my life years ago and i was so excited to hear it was coming back on the air. As you can see it has a huge (loyal) fan base and TNT left us all hanging. So not right. This show deserves another chance. We are not accepting the cancellation without a fight. “Nobody puts Dallas in the corner” LOL…please Save our show.

  6. Getting strategic advice from the Captain of the Starship Enterprise & Denny Crane, Attorney At Law who never lost a case is superb in its own right! Thanks Billy!

  7. What about Netflix as a potential new home for Dallas? I loved the show when I was a child and watched it with my mom & Grandma. Then when it came back on, I still would call my mom & Grandma after each episode to discuss. Although, I am glad that mid-season finale didn’t traumatize my poor little Grandmother too much. lol Even still, we all want more Dallas!!!

  8. save dalkas

  9. Actually we HAVE been contacting Cable Networks along with the sponsors of those networks. I think we have covered it all very well and will continue to do so until our show is picked up by one of them. We’re a pretty strong bunch who have been faithful followers since the 70s and now the children of the baby boomers are watching the original AND the Next Generation. We won’t give up until we #saveDallas Nancy Wizner ❤

  10. We HAVE been contacting the cable networks right along with the sponsors of those channels. We are a strong based fan group who will not give up until Dallas is returned to A network. We have been faithful followers of this show since the 1970s and now our children are watching not only the original, but The Next Generation. We will not give up until we #saveDallas Nancy Wizner

  11. We have been targeting these potential networks since last week. I’ve sent emails and I know many others have too. I know many people have also called networks as well. I’ve also flooded these networks Facebook pages with #SaveDallas. Hundreds of others have been doing this all along, in addition to the tweeting. Will it be enough? God, I hope so.

  12. I’ve been tweeting and emailing. I hope another network has the sense to pick up DALLAS. The ultimate drama, so many loyal fans. TNT really screwed up!

  13. I think you ought to target FX also

  14. Somebody put this show back on…Wednesday or Friday night and not the same night football is on……HELLO….does anybody hear us….do I need to be a network CEO besides being a president too???? GEZZZZ……SAS

  15. Dallas Fan says:

    Got a courtesy response back from Reelz.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to write in! We appreciate your outreach to us in regard to finding a new television home for Dallas and we have forwarded your email to the team who makes programming decisions at REELZ.

    REELZ Communications

    I’m glad to get some sort of response back. We are being heard. Everyone needs to do as this article suggests!


  16. betty collins says:


  17. Save dallas

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