Tell Warner Bros. to Keep Fighting to Save ‘Dallas’!

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Stand with the Ewings

“Dallas” fans have done a terrific job contacting various TV networks and urging them to rescue our beloved show from cancellation. Let’s not leave out Warner Bros., the studio that produces the show.

Remember: The Warner Bros. executives are leading the charge to find “Dallas” a new home. It’s important they know how much we appreciate their efforts and how eager we are to see the Ewing saga continue.

I encourage everyone to send Warner Bros. positive feedback today, tomorrow and beyond. Here’s the contact information for the studio’s television division:

Warner Bros. Television Group

Address: 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, CA 91522

Telephone: 818-954-6000


Twitter: @warnerbrostv

If you aren’t sure what to say when contacting Warner Bros., here are some ideas. These are guidelines; you should write (or speak) from the heart and let the studio know how much “Dallas” means to you.

If you tweet:

@warnerbrostv Thanks for your efforts to #SaveDallas! Please keep trying. I love the show and want to see the Ewing saga continue.

If you post a message on Facebook:

Thanks, Warner Bros., for your efforts to #SaveDallas! Please keep trying to find the show a new home. Millions of fans like me are eager to see the Ewing saga continue.

If you call:

Hello. My name is (insert your name here) and I’m calling to express my support for “Dallas.” I love the show and want to encourage Warner Bros. to keep trying to save it.

If you write a letter:

I’m writing to thank everyone at Warner Bros. who is trying to find “Dallas” a new home. Millions of fans like me appreciate your efforts. We love the show and are eager to see the Ewing saga continue, so please keep trying to save “Dallas!”


(Insert your name here)

If you have suggestions for other talking points, please share them in the comments section below. We can all benefit from each other’s ideas.

Additionally, when communicating on social media, please remember to use the #SaveDallas hashtag, which makes it easy to measure how many people are talking about our campaign. (By the way: More than 370,000 #SaveDallas tweets have been sent since the campaign began October 4, according to social media research firm Topsy Labs Inc.)

Keep in mind: The most effective tweets and posts come from fans who include heartfelt, passionate messages about how much they love “Dallas.” #SaveDallas champion @TeamSueEllen has additional tweeting tips here.

Also, if you know any “Dallas” fans who haven’t signed the “Help Save Dallas” petition, please encourage them to do so today. The petition boasts more than 78,000 signatures; let’s push it to 100,000 signatures or more.

Once again, thanks to everyone who is working so hard to save “Dallas.” This remains an uphill battle, but let’s keep giving it everything we can.

Share your ideas and positive comments below and check out Dallas Decoder’s Save Dallas Page for links to news coverage, petitions, other fan sites and more.


  1. I see more and more people posting #SaveDallas and I think that is great. I notice that some people appear to have joined social media sites with the specific purpose to save “Dallas” and I think that is great! My advice is to be encouraging to people and as friendly and welcoming as possible to everyone in on the cause. The hour that “Dallas” airs is special to me and I want the show to continue. It has been made clear that bashing the network that cancled “Dallas” is not welcomed by anyone especially the cast of “Dallas.”. Remember that the same network that canceled the show is also the same network that gave us three season of “Dallas”. My advice to myself and I think it would be wise for some people with the same issues as me should follow is this – Please proofread and actually read aloud what you write. I have the message I want to say in my head and when I type it out, it always needs to be revised. One spelling mistake or a sentence that does not make any sense, or the improper use of English should be avoided. I know my posts on this website could use some editing, but at least the message that I want to communicate gets through. When writing to a business, I feel that the “professionalism” of the communication is also viewed as to determine the credibility of the content, Just my 2 cents worth.

  2. As usual, everything CB states is on the money. I also agree with MJSmith that I’ve seen many people join the fanclub that I am in (10,000 strong I might add), and when they do, I send them a message with a #DallasNation welcomes you. I appreciate their efforts to join this cause.

    I think maybe we can assist in this effort by possibly targeting some of our foreign friends (through Facebook) who enjoy the show. See if they’re willing to join in this with us ( I’m sure some already are).

    Lastly, on Facebook, please don’t drive or jump aboard the “rumor train”. I see people trying to send out posts at bottleneck speed saying it’s this network or that one, or simply reporting something untrue or unsubstantiated and with no sourcing attached to the post. Please don’t do this. I post from time to time, and anytime I do I have an attachment to an article, etc… that supports the message. This is a pretty tense time for fans, we’re mostly on the edge of our seat waiting… and waiting… and in that circumstance people will believe what you post, especially if it’s something positive. Overall point, don’t mislead fans. #DallasNation is doing amazing work, keep this up. Here’s to hoping the light at the end of the tunnel is near.

  3. keep fighting

  4. Donna McCauley says:

    Please save Dallas. I have to know about JR daughter. What about Cliff is he still in Jail. Still crying over Christopher. I can go on and on. My Momma watched Dallas I watched it my daughter watched it and even my granddaughter. We need to know what happens next. Thanks

  5. Poul Vestergaard says:

    Barnes and Ewing is Dallas.It is Cliff,Bobby,Sue Ellen.Pamela,John Roos and
    Christopher,okay. Save Dallas. Thank you.

  6. Please save Dallas. I’ve watched it with my mam as a kid. All the family would pile on the sofa to watch the show. Loved JR. . Love Sue Ellen & Bobby . When new Dallas started , I was so excited for the nostalgia off it all. But, it’s even better than the original! Though, poor Larry Hagman has passed on, John Ross has totally stepped into that Gillian role, the storylines are breathtaking & the cast are bloody brilliant. Season 3 ended up in the air, so all the millions of Dallas fans out there , are simply gutted.what happens next???? You can’t kill off this show, it has a huge audience, old & new fans. Please save the show we all love, there’s nothing but Reality shows on TV these days, total turn off. We need Dallas , it’s a damn fine show, not worthy of this cancellation. #SAVEDALLAS.

  7. joesiegler says:

    It’s next Friday or bust, unfortunately.

  8. Please, Please TNT, reconsider your decision to cancel the show Dallas!.We fans who number in the millions, miss the show so much. Surely you all see the huge outpouring of love for the show, the actors & anyone associated with Dallas. It means more than you know to us to see this show again! Please reconsider!!!

  9. Susan Moore says:

    Please Warner Brothers, #Save Dallas, the show is wonderful !! My family and I love the show and the characters !!

  10. Eileen Pietce says:


  11. #SaveDalls Best show in TV right now.

  12. Please save Dallas!! There are so many fans you will disappoint if you don’t bring it back. We deserve to let our opinions count.

  13. #SaveDallas

    • Susan Moore says:

      Please Warner Brothers, find #Save Dallas a new home !! Love the show and a big Thank you for your help !!

  14. Warner Brothers please find Dallas a new home. #SaveDallas..If TNT wont or cant reconsider, someone will pick this show up. Every Monday night, I remember what I was watching and its just like a loss in the family. Dallas, the show & cast is FAMILY! My family & countless others grew up watching it. Please someone, put Dallas back on the air. #SaveDallas Dallas fan always, forever and a day!

  15. Sue carter says:

    Please please don’t axe Dallas it’s the best thing on tv !!

  16. rajka deak says:

    Please save Dallas!!! Rajka from Serbia

  17. Shelly J Gregory says:


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