Here’s Why The CW Should Save ‘Dallas’

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Hunks and heroes


To: Mark Pedowitz, president, The CW Television Network

From: Dallas Decoder

Re: #SaveDallas

First, congratulations. The CW is off to a solid start this season: “The Flash’s” debut was your network’s most-watched series premiere since 2009, “Supernatural” — now in its 10th year (!) — is experiencing a ratings resurgence, and “Jane the Virgin” is one of the season’s most critically acclaimed new shows. You have a lot to be proud of.

You can add another feather to your cap by saving “Dallas.”

Perhaps you’ve heard about the fan-driven campaign to rescue the beloved series, which was recently dropped by TNT after three seasons. We’ve sent more than 400,000 #SaveDallas tweets since October 4 and added almost 80,000 signatures to an online petition to find the show a new home. We’re a passionate, loyal bunch.

That’s why “Dallas” would be an excellent fit at your network, which specializes in airing shows that keep audiences tuning in, week after week. You said it best earlier this year when you were asked what viewers look for when they tune into The CW. Your response: “Interesting characters in serialized form.”

Well, my goodness, Mr. Pedowitz, “Dallas” ought to be right up your alley! This show has fascinating characters to spare, and it helped pioneer the concept of continuing storylines in prime time.

Make no mistake: “Dallas” would slide easily into The CW’s lineup. Josh Henderson is just as hunky as the guys on “Supernatural” and “The Vampire Diaries”; Linda Gray delivers Emmy-worthy performances as Sue Ellen Ewing, the most complex woman on television; and even though he doesn’t wear tights, Patrick Duffy’s Bobby Ewing is every bit as heroic as Arrow and the Flash. (He’s just as cool too.)

Yes, the “Dallas” franchise has been around awhile, which means its audience tends to be a little older than the typical CW viewer. But you know what? That’s one of the show’s greatest strengths — something I bet you’d be the first to acknowledge. After all, you’ve talked about your network’s need to expand its audience, which is why you added “Jane the Virgin” to your lineup this season. As you told the Los Angeles Times, “We’re still a broadcaster, so it’s important for us to mix it up.”

Let’s be clear, Mr. Pedowitz: Fans aren’t asking you to save “Dallas” out of the goodness of your heart. Television is a business, although ratings aren’t the only measure of success, are they? The Hollywood Reporter recently pointed out how you’ve stood behind “Beauty and the Beast” for a variety of reasons, including that show’s large international following and the fact that it makes a lot of money for the CW’s parent companies. (Would this be a good time to mention “Dallas” has a huge global fan base and is produced by Warner Bros., one of The CW’s owners?)

Toward that end, I’ve been asking “Dallas” fans to contact Warner Bros. and encourage the studio’s executives to keep trying to find “Dallas” a new home. Right now, nothing is more important than letting the studio know how much we love “Dallas” and want the show to go on.

But if fans want to do something a little extra, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if they sent some #SaveDallas love your way:

The CW Television Network

Address: 3300 West Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91505

Telephone: 818-977-2500

Online feedback:


Twitter: @CW_network

I hope you don’t mind when you start receiving our tweets, calls and letters, Mr. Pedowitz. Look at it this way: If your network saves “Dallas,” the biggest hero at The CW won’t be Arrow or the Flash — it’ll be you.

Why do you think The CW should save “Dallas”? Share your ideas below and check out Dallas Decoder’s Save Dallas Page for links to news coverage, petitions, other fan sites and more.


  1. If you’re mentioning “older” CW people, then you should bring up Whose line is it Anyway with Colin Mochrie & Ryan Stiles. They’ve even joked on the show about being older than CW cast in their bits. 🙂

  2. says:

    TheCW is a big no no coz they cancel shows like nothing….

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is one I don’t get. Dallas really is quite different than just about anything else the CW shows. It’s not for the youngest of viewers and has no superheroes or supernatural characters. If the show landed here it would be a red headed stepchild and you’d really have to wonder just how firm the commitment to it would be.

    • I see your point, but keep in mind: The CW is trying to broaden its audience. I think “Dallas” would pair well with “Jane the Virgin,” one of The CW’s newest shows.

      • Dan in WI says:

        And if they stuck to that commiment to broaden the base fine. But all too often you see attempts like this, they don’t get immediate results and the channel/network does a 180 and goes back to its bread and butter.
        If people want Dallas to survive long term it really needs to go somewhere that has a proven commitment to the demographic the show is currently pulling in.

  4. I actually don’t think CW is a good idea to pick up the network. CW tends to have shows that is geared toward the younger fans. In fact, I think the whole network is geared towards mostly younger fans. TNT, cancelled Dallas because the new head of the network wanted to revamp the network to attract mainly younger viewers. I think if they brought Dallas on that network, it would only last a season because it would mostly draw in older viewers. However, I suggest WGN, Liftetime, AMC and USA networks as good choices to pick up the show.

  5. Shelley Eagan says:

    Please let Dallas to be on the line up please I love Dallas series!

  6. yes please put dallas on cw I think you would be very happy with the way the dallas turns off please do it for all the dallas fans

  7. Once again, that’s a really great letter Chris! Do you have an email for the CW?? I’m hopeless at twitter, but I want to do everything I can to save Dallas! : )

  8. Please Mr. Pedowitz seriously consider what this letter has to say regarding the CW Network picking up Dallas. This show has always been a ratings winner and you can see by the fan feedback that we are here and we are very loyal and vocal. There is so much trash on tv that it is just mind numbing stupidity yet Dallas has always been quality, interesting must see TV!! We can agree that although the cornerstone of Dallas (Larry Hagman) is gone, there are still enough core characters left to continue the saga. Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray are more than capable of carrying the Ewing torch into the next generation. If you do reconsider and add to Dallas to your programming roster PLEASE bring Christopher back–don’t care how you do it but Bobby Ewing needs a solid family ally who will have his back no matter what. Bobby Ewing has always been the character to suffer the most catastrophic personal loss and that needs to stop. He is too good a character to always suffer the brunt of Ewing tragedy and personal loss. Thank You

  9. Any network would be fine for Dallas. WGN, Reelz, CBS, CMT and CW would be a good fit for an iconic show. With all the tweets and emails sending to networks, it seems to me that any of those networks would pick up the series. It’s better than seeing this series becoming an afterthought. #SaveDallas

  10. Dallas would be great on The CW and I think this letter I just read is great as well!

  11. hardrockfootballfanatic says:

    The CW actually is the only realistic “Big” Network, Dallas could potentially do well on. It would be lucky to survive a year on CBS in today’s landscape because the numbers simply wouldn’t be there.

  12. CW would probably want to add a couple of younger Ewings maybe Lucas would show up,maybe Lucy has a trouble-child that she wants her Uncle Bobby to keep under control? the possibilities are endless. CW would probably beef up the family drama which would be fine also.

  13. I actually think CW would make a great home for Dallas and with CW having a ratings rise with bringing in Flash I would say put Dallas in the same line up while fans are already watching the channel. I do have concerns with CW though to be honest both 90210 and Melrose place did not survive very well, but Dallas is a continuing program and both of those were remakes. I am in favor of Dallas ending up on CW as long as it could survive for some more seasons. Please CW save Dallas

  14. Cathy Mudd says:

    I always looked forward to Monday night because of Dallas. It is a great show. Please put Dallas back on the air.

  15. Poul Vestergaard says:

    We will have Cliff Barnes too back Again in Dallas.Thank you.

  16. Well written letter. The CW would be lucky to have Dallas in their line-up, as long as there is a strategy to hire a new show runner and new writing team that honors the rich history of the show. Dallas has a built-in, loyal viewing audience with solid demographics.

  17. terri goodlander says:

    Dallas is worth putting back on TV for fans and for everyone who loves Dallas

  18. Vote for Dallas also in the poeple’s choice awards :Vote for DALLAS Here:!/home/all/38/2

  19. I think Dallas would be a great fit for CW, it is a multi-generational show which is rare these days, and the addition of younger characters which Dallas has done in the past would attract younger audiences. The original had a 16 yr old Lucy Ewing in it’s cast when it first began so it’s not like Dallas has not had young characters on it’s show before.

  20. I love the CW network!!! Supernatural is one of my FAVORITE shows along with Dallas!!! If the CW picks up Dallas then my channel woould never have to be changed!!!! That would be AWESOME!!!! Please save Dallas!!!! It’s a awesome opportunity not only for the CW network but for everyone!!!! #Save Dallas

  21. Please #SaveDallas, fans have proved thier dedication. #SaveDallas

  22. Fans of Dallas should leave encouraging messages on The CW Network Facebook page and not just hashtag because that will come across as spamming.. Leave a nice message on why you think CW and Dallas would be a great fit and how you would switch to their network to watch Dallas and their other shows.

  23. I hope CW will pick up Dallas. You will not be sorry! Millions of fans world wide!
    I just want to hear a inkling of something good. This rumor sh** and not knowing exactly what network to push to is so discouraging. I love this show! After 33 years of no dallas and it actually coming back and then taken away again is heartbreaking to the original fans. The fans who rallied when JR got shot and Larry was going to quit! Remember? This show has such great potential for many seasons of a continuation with the new cast members. This show could be as good as the original but it needs more than 3 seasons!! Larry loved this show and wanted it to continue. Everybody thought this show would tank when Jock died! Well it didn’t..Larry took it over and made it his own just as Josh Henderson will do if given a chance and more time!! A better night on tv…no split season (who the hell’s dumb idea was that! fire their ass DUMB!). Fans don’t want to wait months for a cliffhanger!!!! I just keep hoping another network..any network..will pick this show up!! After is coming back for only 3 seasons…I can’t believe waiting another 33 more years! I will be dead by then! ‪#‎SAVEDALLAS

  24. absolutely devastated that dallas has been axed. I love this show and better than some thats showing at min. plz reconsider.

  25. margherita says:

    Don’t cancel it….soo many people want it.

    Better than lot of the trash on reality shows…

  26. melanie shacklett says:

    Please #savedallas Love this program. It has great writers and a great cast. We need season 4

  27. Debbie Mahoney says:

    I love the show please #savedallas and bring it back. What about lifetime or hallmark channels

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