#SaveDallas: Stay Focused, Fellow Fans

Stay focused, y'all

Stay focused, y’all

“Dallas” fans are reading lots of rumors about the show’s future this weekend, including unconfirmed reports TNT might consider reversing its cancellation.

I encourage everyone to focus on the most credible sources of information, such as the Twitter feeds of the “Dallas” actors and other people associated with the show. If I’m able to nail down something, I’ll share it on Dallas Decoder and social media.

Until the facts become known, if you wish to contact TNT and encourage the network to give “Dallas” another chance, please do so. I don’t think it can hurt, especially if everyone is polite. Most importantly, please continue sending encouragement to Warner Bros., which owns and produces “Dallas.” The studio is trying to keep the show on the air, and the executives need to know we stand behind them.

No matter how this turns out, “Dallas” fans should feel proud. We’ve sent more than 495,000 #SaveDallas tweets during the past month and added more than 80,000 signatures to the “Help Save Dallas” petition. Let’s keep up the good work and continue fighting for the show we all love.

Share your positive comments below and check out Dallas Decoder’s Save Dallas Page for links to news coverage, petitions, other fan sites and more.


  1. Kim Anthony says:

    save Dallas!

  2. You simply have to keep Dallas going…I’ve watched it since it was hit our screens back in the day….and love it…really big here in England…look forward to my evening in with Dallas….pls save it!!!!!!……..

    • It would be even bigger in England if Channel 5 didn’t put it on at such a ridiculous hour!! Midnight is absurd – then they wonder why viewing figures are so poor. Bad at 10 or 11pm – shifting it later still will only make things worse!

  3. Save Dallas – it’s a WONDERFUL show!
    To all the Networks PLEASE your ratings will blow it off the page.
    Thank you

  4. Jennifer Boone says:

    I’ve watched Dallas since the beginning from day one I was hooked! Then they brought the show back and I was excited! When it was cancelled I wanted to cry! So please save Dallas and bring it back!!!

  5. Plz bring back Dallas

  6. tina dubry says:

    Save Dallas. Save Dallas save dallas

  7. Cathy Mudd says:

    Please TNT reconsider #SaveDallas.

  8. Steve Hart says:

    I hope TNT # SAVE DALLAS as a The fan from the old show of Dallas is shows rate is kick ass !!!!!!!!!

  9. Michele Powers says:

    Save Dallas, its a good show!!!!

  10. Lessie Williams says:

    Please save Dallas….big fan of the show watch the original show as a kid and still to this day watch the recaps of the old shows when they’re on

  11. Save my show

  12. save Dallas !!!!! Great show……

  13. #SavaDallas

  14. I am gutted DALLAS has been cancelled . We’ve been left high & dry , wondering what’s going to happen . Season 3 cliffhanger , needs to continue. DALLAS fans all over the world are imploring you to save the show. I’m from Ireland, where the show has a huge following. The storylines are better than the original series & the whole cast are fantastic! Hats off to Josh Henderson who has stepped into JRs role, as the lovable villain. Also Patrick Duffy & Linda Gray, both amazing & comfortable slipping into their old roles. Please for gods sake, #savedallas. Aileen, Dublin, Ireland.

  15. We love this show!! Please save Dallas!!! 😃


  17. diane carder says:

    I want it back on. Loved the show and not fair to leave us with such a cliff hanger!!!

  18. Carol kirby says:

    Save Dallas come on u honing to take a fantastic show off and leave the junk on what is wrong with u people put it back on

  19. please save dallas its a really great show

  20. Save the best series ever Please#SaveDallas

  21. Save Dallas !! It’s one of the shows that I can truly enjoy watching after a long day. If TNT decides to cancel Dallas, I will certainly unsubscribe to this station network.

  22. Save Dallas!

  23. Save Dallas , its a great show with a great cast and the audiences love it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. Save Dallas take some of the junk off……

  25. Please save Dallas. This show is awesome.

  26. Save Dallas now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Amy Russell says:


  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Anonymous says:

    #Save Dallas!

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. I hope CBS picks up the show. That way I’m sure it’ll attract more viewers than if the show was on TNT.

  32. Chery Feltus-Wright says:

    Please put Dallas back on TNT because I am advocating fan for Dallas. I am cheering “LET GO DALLAS, LET’S GO.”


    please save DALLAS. I have watched it from DAY 1. And I love it. Please bring it back.

  34. save dallas best show ever and love the story line.

  35. Anonymous says:

    please,please,great show way back ‘save dallas

  36. kelly moore says:

    TNT is a staple in my home. Rizzoli & Isles. Charmed every morning with my girls getting them ready for school. Supernatural. Castle.
    Dallas was reminiscent of days when I watched the original with my mother as a child. I started that tradition with my children. Why bring it back for 3 seasons?
    Such a loved television show….I hate to see it gone. And hate to boycott TNT due to it

  37. Laura Conlon says:

    Please save DALLAS!!! I have been watching since the beginning in the 1970’s & adore this show. This new reincarnation is awesome. You cannot leave us hanging – we have to know about Christopher. Once again, I implore you PLEASE SAVE DALLAS!!

  38. Stacey Nations says:

    #SaveDallas: This is my favorite show 2 watch on Mondays and The seasons keep getting better and better!

  39. Let’s keep it up and stay positive. Kepp supporting Dallas. Hopefully, some network will pick up the series. #SaveDallas

  40. #SaveDallas

  41. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas dont cancel it

  42. Gary Rutter says:

    Because,Dallas is a awesome show! one of the best on TV the new Dallas is fantastic and has millions of viewers,and like the original Dallas it will be number one,also it needs to be on tv commercials too,so,please bring Dallas-Soutfork and its wonderful actors back to TV

  43. Oh my gosh I LOVE this show!!!!!!! PLEASE Save Dallas!!!!!!!!!

  44. At the very, very least, the show should be brought back one more season, if only to resolve everything we were deluged with in the Season 3 finale. It seems to me the ratings were sufficiently acceptable enough to merit one last ditch effort. I’d even settle for an abbreviated season, maybe 10 episodes like the Season 1 had.

  45. Please bring back Dallas! I LOVE THIS SHOW! The actors in this show are fabulous and the writers give us a great story every week and every season. We need this to continue!

  46. Carla Harrington says:

    I sent 2 emails. Good luck.

  47. is there another Tweet-a-thon tonight? I really gotten the hang of this tweeting thing just to #SaveDallas !!!

  48. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE bring back Dallas. I have been watching this show back in the eighties. I was sooo happy they brought it back. I was crushed when they cancelled my show. I’m 75 years old and I looked forward to it every week. I miss Dallas so much. The actors are GREAT. Please bring it back and make us all happy.

  49. Anna aschmidt says:

    Save Dallas please. I’m a big fan and watched the first show faithfully-even own the DVDs of all seasons of the first show, so I was really excited to see that the show was back and haven’t missed an episode yet. Love seeing my favorites Bobby, Cliff, Sue Ellen and JR again and was really happy to see Judith Light join in the fun as I have been a fan of hers since her days on One Life to Live! All of the other new characters are great too–love seeing John Ross up to his “daddy’s” old tricks. Good job, Josh Henderson! Let’s keep Dallas going!

  50. Please save Dallas!!! I am a 1st generation fan and the re-boot has integrity and a loyal audience. If Dallas gets cancelled, I will never invest my time in the TNT network again.

  51. Please Save Dallas.

  52. Vicki Black says:

    To any network considering adopting Dallas: Watch (or have a staff member watch) the reboot. It is well worth a weekend binge. You need to know where the passion is coming from. I guarantee you will become a fan too!

  53. I have loved The TV show Dallas since inception! I was absolutely thrilled when TNT picked it up again. While on a cruise recently, I came back to my cabin to watch Dallas before going out to see the show on the ship! In any case, I urge “powers that be” to please consider picking up Dallas. We Dallas fans are strong and united in this cause. Thank you for hearing our pleas!

  54. Please for the pleasure of all bring back Dallas !

  55. Please save Dallas! It is an awesome show!

  56. Vikki Walton says:

    I along with friends have watched Dallas and love the show.You still have a lot of good stories to tell.Please don’t cancel.

  57. #Savedallas

  58. Joanne Brown says:

    PLEASE #SaveDallas We will not take no for an answer…

  59. Save save save Dallas it’s a brilliant show keeps you gripped every week massive here in the UK been a huge fan since it all started way back in the day, would be gutted if it ended 😭😭😭


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