#SaveDallas: ‘Don’t Give Up,’ Patrick Duffy Says

Ain't over yet

Ain’t over yet

“Dallas” fans should continue their efforts to save the series, Patrick Duffy told radio host Jason Matheson today. “Keep going is the basic mantra. Don’t give up is the basic mantra,” Duffy said.

Showrunner Cynthia Cidre and Warner Bros., the studio that produces “Dallas,” are still trying to find a new home for the series, which TNT dropped last month. It’s not merely a matter of moving the show to another network; complicated international and online distribution deals have to be worked out too.

Nevertheless, there’s still hope, Duffy said.

“Until we as a cast and Cynthia Cidre say, ‘Stop, it’s a dead issue,’ we should keep going forward. And as a cast, we encourage every one of our followers to do that,” Duffy said.

He encouraged fans to continue sharing their love for “Dallas” on social media, including Twitter, where more than 745,000 #SaveDallas tweets have been sent during the past month.

“The more people we can reach out to — the fan base expanding, just the Twitter base expanding — has … a verifiable effect. Maybe not on TNT because that door is closed, but certainly on potential open doors,” Duffy said.

He also praised the “Help Save Dallas” petition, which has garnered more than 82,000 signatures, as well as the newly launched campaign to send bottles of barbecue sauce to The CW, hoping it will persuade executives at that network to pick up the series.

Duffy spoke to Matheson on My Talk 107.1 FM, based in St. Paul, Minnesota. The station is owned by Hubbard Broadcasting, which also owns Reelz, one of the networks “Dallas” fans targeted during the first few weeks of the #SaveDallas campaign.

Matheson, a longtime “Dallas” fan, told Duffy he spoke to Hubbard’s owner about putting the show on Reelz. Although Hubbard passed, Matheson said the company was impressed by the passion of the fans.

“We have the most remarkable fan base. … It’s global,” Duffy said. “These people are the most phenomenal, proactive group of fans that I’ve ever heard of.”

To listen to the interview, visit the MyTalk1071.com website and click on “11/5 Wed Hour 4 – Jason and Alexis in the Morning.” Duffy’s segment begins at the 21-minute mark.

Share your positive comments below and check out Dallas Decoder’s Save Dallas Page for links to news coverage, petitions, other fan sites and more.


  1. Nancy Breshears says:

    Hum….every network likes the fans and the show, but they pass on picking it up. That sucks. It’s like…thanks for trying, love your enthusasim now take your consolation prize and move on.

  2. With thing I will say, real life “Dallas” drama is something I never expected. I will keep fighting and I do not expect this to be a “dead issue” because I believe in the cause ad I believe #SaveDallas will be successful. I have to honestly acknowledge my discouragement at times and then move on. Some positive results for me is all of the new twitter followers I have and even better all of the cool #DallasFans I interact with on a daily basis. I love the #SaveDallas tweets!!! Man, “Dallas” fans are passionate and they are also very creative!!! Save Dallas youtube videos are real cool too! If the online / social media action can keep it up when Dallas is on the air, the show will never get canceled again! I enjoyed season 3 of “Dallas” this year and I want to see season 4 in 2015! I want to make a “Save Dallas” rap, or song, or something. I put in a couple loops as tracks in some music software and I want to express why we want to “Save Dallas” but I chicken out.

  3. #SaveDallas

  4. I love DALLAS please find a home so I can keep watching for years to come please #savedallas

  5. #SaveDallas…….Please don’t take this show off the air!!!!!! I just love this show, one of the best shows on tv. I am and always will be a big Dallas fan…

  6. Monie Mugnano says:

    I love Dallas and the cast. Please give them a chance to continue their story! #SAVE DALLAS!!!!!

  7. Laura L Howard says:

    The best show on TV!!! Please #SaveDallas !!!!!!!

  8. Please Save Dallas we need a season 4 and any network that picks up Dallas will have a solid fan base as well as DVR Darlings that always boost the ratings. Looking forward to Dallas returning soon!!!!!

  9. tony mercurio says:

    dallas is the best drama show on tv. with all the bad shows on tv, i cannot believe that someone doesnt wanr dallas on their network. dallas is an american tradition, an institution

  10. I think these networks are making a big mistake and letting everyone down.There is nothing good on TV except Dallas.They should have never started the show to begin with if it was going to end so quick.Three seasons what a joke! Dallas is the best show ever.Keep it going come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Tammy Jackson says:

    Please #Save Dallas!! I have been a big fan of Dallas ever since it was on back in the 70’s. I love the show and all of the people that plays on Dallas. Dallas is the best show on TV and Dallas as lots of fans like myself that wants it to keep going on for a very very long time. I won’t give up frighting for Dallas. So PLEASE #SAVE DALLAS!!!!!!!

  12. CIndy Shaft says:

    Please Save Dallas. I am in my 50s and watch very few shows. The Good Wife, Chicago Fire, Hawii 50 and Blue Bloods. That’s it. Dallas is by far better than any of these so please allow me and millions of other people to enjoy Dallas!

  13. Shelly J Gregory says:


  14. Ruth vestal says:

    My husband and I love watching Dallas, the actors, script, storyline is great. We never fail to see an episode.

  15. I think there is always hope. Dallas has such star power with this perfect cast. The possibilities of story lines are endless. So very much potential here with the opportunity of bringing in stars from the original Dallas (whether it be permanent or as a guest spot), but there are so many possible story lines and Cindy Cidre is the person to pull it all off. In my opinion, she is the best. The original Dallas has it’s time, and not it’s time for the Next Generation, which is equally as good. Yes, we must #saveDallas and we will #saveDallas.

  16. #SaveDallas

  17. I’m very glad there is still hope, don’t get me wrong. But every time I read or hear about the collective passion and “loyalty” of Dallas followers, I return to the same tired question: So why couldn’t the show draw so much as 3 million viewers on a consistent basis, counting DVR statistics? It’s all well and good to bombard various networks with pleas and BBQ sauce, but at the end of the day, aren’t nearly all of these theoretically coming from the sub-3 million viewers who weren’t enough to save the show just by tuning in every Monday night?

    I will say I don’t like that they only factor in the DVR users who watched the program within 3 days of its airing. To me it would make more sense to assume a lot of other people eventually got around to watching it than to assume they eventually hit the delete button without viewing the show. Just recording it ought to count for something. I always made sure I watched Dallas within 3 days, but I can tell you for sure I frequently record programs and don’t get around to watching them for a week or more.

    Sorry for the cynicism, I want very much for the show to live on, but I can’t discard all sense of reality over the situation.

  18. Dallas is the best show to watch

  19. Gary Rutter says:

    I have always loved watching Dallas,and now I love the new Dallas,its a good show,many more people are watching it than the TNT network thought,please keep Dallas on,or networks give Dallas a home please,do not cancel! all these wonderful Actors,Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray are outstanding! as they always have been and so is everyone else

  20. Looked forward to this show, why pull it? Tired of reality shows.

  21. Love this show save it!

  22. You can’t go wrong with #SAVEDALLAS, awesome writers, awesome actors, nail biting drama that leaves you wanting more, make the smart move CW and give DALLAS a home.

  23. Darlene Keller says:

    Dallas has to come back I love this family. I have watched this show since it aired the pilot movie.. I was so excited when it came back. Then my daughter got hooked on the new Dallas. She is so upset it’s not coming back. She remembers as a little girl sitting next to me watching the orgininal Dallas. The actors and actresses are fantastic!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Save the show

  25. Mondays just aren’t the same anymore without our Dallas to look forward to. I am not convinced that the viewing numbers are entirely accurate, either, but then crazy split schedule sure didn’t help. Dallas is the best show to come along in ages and with an already proven loyal fan base I am really amazed that another network has not already snatched it up. It would fit in great at The CW, why can’t they see that. I am not giving up hope that we have yet to see the last of the Ewings, a worldwide legend such as Dallas deserves a much better ending than the one TNT handed us. #savedallas

  26. I remember when I first saw the scenes of the original Dallas. I watched the first episode & I was hooked. I loved the show then. When it ended I was disappointed. When I saw that Dallas was coming back on, I couldn’t believe it. I watched every episode. The end of the 3rd season was a tear jerker. I couldn’t wait for the 4th season to begin. Then I hear that TNT cancelled it. I thought why would they cancel such a great show..I love this show. I love how the Ewing family sticks together. All of the actors are outstanding. Please #SAVEDALLAS!

  27. I believe Patrick’s interview with Jason has shed some new light on things. So many people think it doesn’t take long to pick up a series in another network. Truth is, as he said, there are so many legalities that must be worked out. I will continue with the #saveDallas campaign until we win this. I can only say to everyone out there, please don’t give up. It is so worth the fight. I, for one, do not want to be forced to watch those ridiculous reality shows just because there is nothing else on. I want something that is so darned exciting that it knocks me off my seat. The steamy scenes are also welcomed! 😉 Dallas has it all. It always did and it always will. We have a new JR Ewing in the making and I really think Josh Henderson is doing a bang up job filling those shoes. I want to see him in this role for the long run as he can only perfect it. So everyone, get on Twitter and tweet your hearts out to help us #saveDallas!!!

  28. I hope Dallas will be picked up by another network. But CC and her team of writers have made some big blunders that made some longtime fans tune out. if the show does come back i wish they undo the killing off of christopher. It was an unnecessary blow to original fans who watched the character grow up. They could have written him out in another way. ex. have him leave with Heather. #SaveDallas.

  29. Debbie MacArthur says:

    I’ve been watching Dallas faithfully for over 20 years. I’ve lost enough in my life without losing Dallas. Please don’t do that to people. Someone pick it up. PLEASE!!!

  30. Brenda Ayers says:



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