#SaveDallas: Tell Les Moonves to Put ‘Dallas’ on The CW

#SaveDallas,CW,  Les Moonves, Save Dallas

Our savior? (Associated Press)

It’s time to turn to Les Moonves again, “Dallas” fans.

Many of us wrote to Moonves, the president and chief executive of CBS Corporation, and urged him to rescue “Dallas” when TNT canceled the series last month. We wanted him to bring the show “home” to CBS, the network where the original series thrived in the 1980s.

CBS apparently isn’t interested — maybe the network simply doesn’t have room on its schedule, which is already jam-packed with hits — but until we hear differently, it looks like we still have a fighting chance to persuade The CW to rescue the Ewings.

That’s where Moonves comes in.

As CBS Corporation’s top executive, Moonves oversees several networks, including The CW, which CBS co-owns with Warner Bros., the studio that produces “Dallas.” If The CW hasn’t picked up “Dallas” yet, it could be because Moonves needs to be persuaded.

That’s where we come in.

Let’s contact Moonves and tell him why The CW should save “Dallas.” I included several reasons in a recent post, including pointing out how “Dallas” could help the network fulfill its determination to become a broadcaster. It’s also worth noting “Dallas” stars such as Josh Henderson, who would feel right at home in a lineup that includes Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin, the respective headliners on CW hits “Arrow” and “The Flash.”

You might find other ideas in the memo I wrote to Moonves at the beginning of the #SaveDallas effort. Don’t forget: Moonves was once an executive at Lorimar, the fabled company that produced the original “Dallas.” His “Dallas” roots run as deep as almost anyone’s. Here’s his contact information:

Leslie Moonves

President and Chief Executive Officer

CBS Corporation

Address: 51 West 52nd Street, New York, NY, 10019-6188

Telephone: 212-975-4321

Email: leslie.moonves@cbs.com

When contacting Moonves, remember to be positive and polite. This is the most powerful man in television. He deserves respect.

Of course, there are many other ways to show your support for the campaign to save “Dallas.”

Please keep sharing messages on social media — we’ve sent 55,000 #SaveDallas tweets during the past 24 hours alone — and continue to send encouragement to other executives at The CW, as well as the folks at Warner Bros. You’ll find their contact information, along with information on the #SaveDallas barbecue sauce campaign, in my November 4 post.

Above all, don’t forget the words of encouragement we heard during Patrick Duffy’s interview yesterday with radio host Jason Matheson. The cast of “Dallas” and the people behind the scenes want us to keep going and not lose hope, so let’s not disappoint them.

Share your positive comments below and check out Dallas Decoder’s Save Dallas Page for links to news coverage, petitions, other fan sites and more.


  1. Thanks for the heads up Chris B, I am sending a message later today!!!!!!!!

  2. please help save Dallas, ive been watching this my whole life. I need to see Patrick Duffy.

  3. I honestly admire your passion for this show, Chris B., and have come to your defense a few times on the Ultimate Dallas forums when others have accused you of just being shill for the series in exchange for access to interviews, but you really need to start being realistic here. There is no way they’d put this show on The CW, even if it had better ratings. It doesn’t even come close to fitting their target demographic of female teens-early 20’s.

    • Hey J.R.,

      The CW isn’t the first network that springs to my mind to rescue “Dallas” either, but if there’s a shot — even a long one — I think fans should try.


      • I may be mistaken but I did read somewhere on here that the CW was looking to expand their viewing audience? Anyway my husband is in his 40s and he watched CW sometimes. Besides Dallas does have many young stars that might attract CW’s young audience.

  4. Thanks for the update Chris! I will email Mr Moonves again later!! : )

  5. Poul Vestergaard says:

    Save Dallas. I need to see Ken Kercheval ,Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy in season 4.
    They are Dallas from 1978 too now.

  6. jeffj1701a says:

    I will email Les Moonves today. I’ve already sent the CW and CBS messages via Twitter and Facebook.

    But if WB co-owns the CW, can’t WB pull some strings to put Dallas on the network?

  7. Cathy Mudd says:

    Please save Dallas, one of the best shows on TV.

  8. please save DALLAS Great tv show.

  9. Cathy Mudd says:


  10. #SaveDallas #alexfromtarget

  11. CBS always felt like a long shot, but now “long shot” seems wildly optimistic…it is closer to an impossibility.

    I hope the show can somehow, some way, be salvaged. But I can’t discard all sense of reality here. Whenever I read about the passion and loyalty of this fan base, I can’t help but return to the same tired old question: So why couldn’t it draw so much as 3 million viewers on a consistent basis? It’s all well and good to bombard various networks with pleas and BBQ sauce, but isn’t nearly all of this coming from the sub-3 million viewers who weren’t enough to keep TNT In the game? I love the show, but how many among us would NOT have major reservations if we were network executives?

    • Jack Huisache says:

      Email sent. Thanks for your efforts in saving Dallas.

    • I honestly think the problem was lack of live viewership, not a lack of an audience. Dallas did very well in On Demand viewing, which tells me that many people were not watching it live. But they were still watching it. I really would like to know how many of those in the #SaveDallas movement didn’t watch it live. And will they watch it live if it turns up on another network? I watched it live every Monday night, plus I watched on On Demand and Netflix. If people weren’t watching it in some way, there wouldn’t be this huge #SaveDallas movement.


      • I fully blame TNT for the show’s decline. It seems to me that, after Larry Hagman’s death, the network, like so many of the so called “fans” just gave up on the series and never gave it a chance. Remember how well publicized Dallas’s return was as far in advance as a year before the premiere? And how well marketed it was that first season. Viewership was excellent then. Second season it did very well, too. But this third season, TNT just seemed to give up and want to get rid of the show. They moved it to a terrible night, didn’t market it very well, and split the season in half. All of that hurt live viewership. That, coupled with the way the writer drifted so far away from the show’s roots in the third season, hurt. But TNT seemed to just want to dump Dallas. They didn’t give this show the respect it deserves.

      • Cathy Mudd says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    Just sent a respectful email to Mr.Moonves to ask him to please consider renewing Dallas.

  13. I was an avid viewer of daytime ATWT’s and there was a huge push to save that show too. Unfortunately it never made it back from oblivion. Perhaps Dallas stands a chance if we keep fighting! Alan Weathers

  14. Please save Dallas put it on CW.

  15. I am a long time fan of dallas the original and the new show having dallas on the cw network would be a blessing.Please save dallas

  16. I haven’t heard anyone suggest that Warner Brothers try to move “Dallas” into first-run syndication. Isn’t that an option?

  17. Please please please save Dallas I watch it when I was a kid with my mom and I watch it now with my girls please save Dallas

  18. I lost all respect for Moonves when he cancelled my daytime soaps As The World Turns and Guiding Light. However, if he saves Dallas and gets one of his networks to pick it up, this man will have earned my utmost respect again.

  19. Thank you for the updated contact. Email just sent!

  20. Save Dallas I wanna Dallas back they r my favorite fans pls keep them

  21. First of all, Dallas was a big hit on the TNT network, they even said so themselves.
    And gee the only reason that the ratings went too for season 3 was because of what they did when they split up season 2 & with only 3 shows left,,, wait a whole summer & bring it back with 3 shows left…… duhhhhh@!!!!!
    Just please bring back DALLAS, the new generation of this show is awesome.

    • Actually that is not accurate. When they did the splil season in Season 3, the first half of the season aired for 8 episodes and it was announced early on it would be a split season and then when it returned it was 7 episodes, not three.

  22. First of all, Dallas was a big hit on the TNT network, they even said so themselves.
    And gee the only reason that the ratings went too for season 3 was because of what they did when they split up season 2 & with only 3 shows left,,, wait a whole summer & bring it back with 3 shows left…… duhhhhh@!!!!!
    Just please bring back DALLAS, the new generation of this show is awesome.

  23. Joe sweet says:

    Please help save Dallas its a number one show, please help.

  24. Having Dallas on The CW network on a night where it has no original programming such as Friday for example would show that The CW could be capable of having original programming several days a week instead of a few. It would bring a multi-generational audience to the network as well and if the ratings hold up then additional programming could be added on the night that Dallas airs either as a lead in or follow up. Several of my favorite programs are on The CW such as Vampire Diaries, Arrow and The Flash so having Dallas on The CW would make it my go to network to watch.

  25. Robert dean says:

    Here is my letter to Mr Moonves, hopefully he reads our emails,

    “Mr Moonves, I have a close personal friend that is a retired Pro wrestler from the WWF
    (now WWE) and he once told me that the best soap opera on tv was Pro wrestling,
    well considering he is much bigger than i and i always enjoy his wrestling story’s i agreed with him, but deep down i always new that Dallas was / is the best soap opera on
    modern tv for over 30 years. Won’t you consider airing this show on one of your networks?”
    Thank you for your time,
    Robert Dean.

    Sent from my iPad 4.

  26. Please save Dallas it’s a great show with original actors as well as new. This show has longevity. The best show on TV yet so please let’s save it.

  27. Jeff Werner says:

    I have written to the CW and to Mr Moonves we need to save this show. What Cynthia Cidre has done is remarkable and she should be rewarded. I was a die hard of the original show and she has continued making Dallas a relevant story and Juduth Light is awesome as the new JR character do not let her fade away. KEEP DALLAS

  28. raffertybr says:

    I’ve written to CW, Mr. Moonves, have sent the barbecue sauce, and will do whatever it takes to get this show back on! Some of these characters, I have developed such a liking for, even though they are evil, that I HAVE TO SEE THEM AGAIN! Juan Pablo Di Pace is truly evil, and I’d like to see what happens to him, how he can keep this up. Judith Light has come into her own in her wonderful character, and Mitch Pileggi – wow! The rest of the cast fits well together, and I can’t imagine life without this storyline continuing – it has gotten so involved, please do whatever you can to keep it going!

  29. They should air Dallas either before or after Hart of Dixie. Although the story lines are different, they have a similar country feel to them, and that may contribute to more viewers to she show, or give Dallas a start on the CW.

  30. Theresa Crosby says:

    With the unbelievable 3rd season finale, I can’t believe the-powers-that-be would cancel such a great show. Dallas is by far the best show on TV. It has the best actors and best storylines. Period!!!! Please give us loyal Dallas fans a better ending than this!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Please save Dallas. I love this show!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Please save Dallas! This show is way too exciting not to bring back. No reason to watch TNT without Dallas.

  33. I loved the original Dallas. It ran for 13 seasons, I love the new Dallas & the actors. I couldn’t believe it when TNT cancelled it. I’ve been hooked on Dallas since it first aired. Dallas is about family & family always sticks together. This is a great show & so are the actors. Please #SAVEDALLAS.

  34. Cathy Mudd says:


  35. Alicia Baker says:

    Save Dallas

  36. Please save Dallas……PLEASE

  37. Please add Dallas to the schedule. It has great writing, a great cast, and a lot of potential. I think it has a lot more support than what the most recent ratings indicated.

  38. I love the idea of Dallas being on CW, please save Dallas!!!!!!!!

  39. I have just emailed Leslie Moonves, please #SaveDallas. This campaign conveys people will watch it to ensure this does not happen again!

  40. Hi . I think it should come back.

  41. Hi go on my Twitter. I have 3 Twitter accounts. Joe Pettengill is my name. The one with me having a red shirt on is the account I use. You will see John Walden’s Dallas on there. You should help him put it on tv.

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