Season’s Greetings, ‘Dallas’ Fans

Dallas, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Josh Henderson, Julie Gonzalo

Still standing

The only thing I enjoy more than watching “Dallas” is writing about it, so I want to take a moment to thank everyone who read Dallas Decoder in 2014. Please know much I appreciate your support, feedback and enthusiasm.

This is the first December in a while that we don’t have new “Dallas” episodes to look forward to, but I hope none of us will allow that to dampen our holiday spirit. That’s why this post is accompanied by an image from the cast’s 2012 Christmas-gone-awry Funny or Die video. Patrick Duffy, Josh Henderson and the rest may look a little beat up here, but they’re still standing — and by golly, so are their fans.

In that spirit, I look forward to joining with you next year to continue sharing our love for “Dallas.” Thanks again, and happy holidays.


  1. Happy Holidays to you too, Chris, and to your loved ones! Thanks for your great work here, and I’m looking forward to many more discussions in 2015 too. 🙂

  2. Hi Chris… hope you & yours and other Dallas fans have a great Christmas and New Year! Question for you (or anyone who reads this): any chance of a link for this 2012 Christmas video? I’ve seen this (and a few other) still photos, but never saw the video. Thanks!

  3. Have u ever known a Ewing to give up C.B.”

  4. Happy Holidays to all Dallas fans and a great New Year. Elizabete

  5. Garnet McGee says:

    Hope you had a fun New Year. I remembered wistfully looking forward to season 3 this time last year.

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