EXCLUSIVE: See a Deleted Scene From ‘Dallas’s’ Third Season

Before Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) learned the truth about J.R.’s death in “Hurt,” she asked John Ross (Josh Henderson) for answers. Find out what he said by watching this deleted scene, a Dallas Decoder exclusive, from the “Dallas: The Complete Third Season” DVD set.

What do you think of this scene? Share your comments below and read more features from Dallas Decoder.


  1. Any deleted scene featuring Linda Gray is a travesty.

  2. I miss John Ross and Sue Ellen the most!

  3. I miss this show so much

  4. Dallas was a big hit and those fools that canceled it will regret that decision

  5. diane carder says:

    great scene too bad they deleted it

  6. WB advertises the DVD as the third and final season. Let’s hope it ain’t the last. #SaveDallas

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can’t believe there will be no more Dallas from a devastated UK fan

  8. Dan in WI says:

    So is this scene on the DVDs?

  9. I miss this show so much , praying some other station will pick it up .

  10. Linda Gray is so good, even in this short scene … just the look on her face in the beginning!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why would a show be brought back only to cancel it AGAIN?? BRING BACK DALLAS!!

  12. This scene is actually much longer on the DVD set. In fact, watching all the deleted scenes on the Third Season DVD set has made me very sad. What a missed opportunity. This revival could have been so great. These deleted scenes has so much character build up and development. The scenes with John Ross and Christopher, Sue Ellen and John Ross, Sue Ellen and Ann, Sue Ellen and Pamela, John Ross and Pamela, Sue Ellen and Emma, Emma and Harris, Bobby and Christopher …. WOW!

  13. Are there any other (deleted) John Ross- Sue Ellen scenes on dvd or is this the only one?
    i’m very happy to see this scene. I remember watching “hurt” and finding it really weird that sue ellen asked bobby and bum about jr but didn’t talk to her son… They should have definitely included this scene in the episode.

  14. I bought my Dallas copy last night and watched all the deleted scenes, it was amazing and I think most of the scenes should have been put on air. After watching the deleted scenes I am convinced Christopher was working with the CIA and the car blow up was staged to trick Nicholas. I know in the interview Cynthia Cidre said he really died but I do not believe that for a second, I believed he would have returned. I wish there was a way to get season 4 or another angle to create a new season of Dallas now that all the contracts with advertising is over.

  15. Gawd damn this was rather nice of you boy! I appreciate any DALLAS world premiere!

  16. When you watch such a scene and you know it was cut, you understand why the show was cancelled. Unless you’re C.C and her beloved duck pond, of course. The stuff Dallas was made of is obvious in this kind of scene. Dallas is a family driven show, not a crime drama or a Chuck Norris movie. When it aired, the best was missing. But available now on DVD. How lucky we are. At last.

  17. Vivian Ferina says:

    I’m tired of the broadcast stations picking show they want us to watch …. I’m soo sick of cops and killers shows I could puke….!!! I want Dallas back on the air and I want Christopher there also. BIG! BIG! mistake if you take him off…. Geeesh, keep the cast you have… it’s a crazy, dumb though bringing in a sister for John Ross… I will be very upset if Christopher leaves.
    I had cable for many years and I thought to myself heck with all the cop shows and I shut my cable off. Now I buy movies and watch them. I won’t watch TNT anymore if they do not broadcast Dallas and I hope others out there feels the same as I do. when will the new season be aired if at all??? please email me!

  18. Dallas Will always be there, its sad that there Will be no more Larry. By the time they Find out that they should start making new episodes there Will probably be no more actors from the real Dallas cast available…. Miss them everyday, esp. Our main man, RIP Larry!

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