‘Dallas’ on DVD: The Ewings Have a Few More Surprises For Us

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“Dallas: The Complete Third Season” arrives on DVD tomorrow, and for many fans, the highlight will be the three-disc set’s 31 deleted scenes. This previously unseen material comprises an impressive 48 minutes of screen time; if you watch it all in one sitting, it’s almost like having a brand-new episode to enjoy.

Whether you binge or savor the fresh footage, you’ll likely love it every bit as much as the stuff that aired last year. In one deleted scene, when Bobby wonders if he should use his new position as a railroad commissioner to stop Nicolas, he receives unexpected advice from Ann, who urges her husband to get in touch with his inner J.R. In another scene, which I’ll post to Dallas Decoder tonight and share during our #DallasChat on Twitter, Sue Ellen presses John Ross to tell her the truth about J.R.’s death — and John Ross’s response might surprise you.

You’ll also get to see Sue Ellen compare Emma to Kristin, a scene cut from last year’s wedding episode but included in a TNT promo. Hearing Emma’s snappy comeback makes seeing the complete conversation worth the wait. There’s also a lovely moment where Bobby comforts Pamela after she discovers John Ross is cheating on her, along with several nice exchanges between Sue Ellen and Ann, whose I’ve-got-your-back bond gave them “Dallas’s” most stable relationship.

Not everything you’re hoping to see is here. The most notable omission: John Ross’s serenading of Pamela at their wedding, which Julie Gonzalo discussed during our interview last year. I would have much preferred seeing that moment instead of the one that explains why Judith was absent from a few episodes during the second half of the season. It turns out Dallas’s unlikeliest madam had to fly to Paris to remind some misbehaving French prostitutes who’s boss. Who knew the Rylands operated a chain of international whorehouses?

Besides the deleted scenes, the DVD will give fans an opportunity to revisit — and in some cases, to reassess — the 15 episodes that aired during “Dallas’s” third year. “Dead Reckoning,” the darkly absorbing hour that chronicles the fallout from Drew’s death, is even better than I remembered (Emma Bell is particularly good), while “Lifting the Veil” is still weighed down by the silliness at Judith’s brothel. Overall, I find the third-season episodes as entertaining as I did last year, which makes the DVD’s release bittersweet. Traditionally, the show’s DVDs come out a few weeks before each new season starts, and I wish that were the case here too. This should be a prelude, not a punctuation mark.

“Dallas: The Complete Third Season” is available from Amazon and other retailers. Buy it, watch it, share your comments below and read more opinions from Dallas Decoder.


  1. i just received my copy of season 3 today 1/12/15. I’m loving it!

  2. I still can’t believe TNT cancelled this wonderful series. They really are morons. I hope fans are buying the dvd and watching on Netflix.

  3. Oh man, I am going to have to get it. My only apprehension is that they well release all 3 seasons as a box-set with even more unreleased material. I was not expecting to get “wowed” by Emma Bell the way I was in season 3. Josh Henderson put a link to the scene where Judith talks about going to Paris with Harris and Emma. I am looking forward to the Dallas Chat tonight and I am not the least bit worried about spoilers because nothing will replace the real thing. Also, hearing what other Dallas Fans have to say will most likely get me motivated to pick up season . My B-day is right around the corner and now someone can get me something other than beer.

    • Even though I’m not a fan of S3, I’ll get it too, just to keep my Dallas collection complete. I’ll just wait until the price has gone down bit, like if I can get a cheaper copy from a 3rd party seller on Amazon, like I did with the S2 DVD.

      I am surprised that the John Ross/Pamela wedding scene isn’t there. I can understand why it would have been cut from the show (there’s no reason John Ross, unlike Josh Henderson, would have any musical or singing abilities) but why not add it as a deleted scene on the DVD?. This reminds me of the scene I’ve heard about of J.R. and Sue Ellen dancing at that Southfork BBQ in S1 which was cut but not included on that DVD either.And those are just the ones we’ve heard of, what else is missing? I wonder what’s the rationale behind that?

      • Perhaps Warner Bros. is saving the deleted J.R./Sue Ellen and John Ross/Pamela scenes for a box set? I have to tell you: It absolutely kills me to think there are unseen J.R. Ewing scenes sitting in a vault somewhere. That’s a crime against humanity.

  4. Some body must pick up this show. It’s so good while so many of them that are still on are so bad.

  5. Mr AL Green says:

    I confess I’m an original star trek fan, i watched since first aired in 1966, my brother always thought hornby train sets where the biggest thing, i stoodby star trek, kirk is back in 3rd film this year, then the younger days as are now will be back on TV all over again except this time round, it will go further than 80 eps. Dallas kept going 30yrs and I truly can’t get why they don’t see its return as good and much better then ever before, even cell block H came back as wentworth and that was far bluer in content. The only way to get Dallas back is to stop talking & get the whole damned network boycotted for any programs until the sponsers stop paying. we all united when were pushed, but no one has the will to make a stand now together, just constant wishes and rants and on & on’s, maybe less talk & more united we stand. the producers gave up at first speed bump, i expected more gonnads to be honest. here in the UK I even wrote to local sponsors telling them I’m getting everyone to stop buying their products, oddly enough! they went quite, but they are french so unlike them, we don’t pay ransoms, we FIGHT & we don’t surrender. boycot the network other things are aired until the sponsers stop funding networks. until they listen and hear us instead of just waffling on about it, FIGHT BACK. stop buying products, complain to sponsors, inform network of intensions. but do something or star a thread on twitter to mopan on. actions speak louder than words as is the pen mightier than the sword, supported the frogs, yet cant disrupt a network or sponsers. this is my 3rd message, seems last two got removed as no doubt this will too, god help anyone who can think outside the box where to hit back the best way, money. cut it off, trust me!! it will be aired every night with no season breaks if everyone stands together, they need veiwers and hits. so hit them where it hurts them most. in the pocket.

  6. Garnet McGee says:

    It doesn’t sound like there are too many more Pamela or Pamela and John Ross scenes. The editors of the DVD must be the same blockheads who gave us non stop Emma and almost no Pamela.

  7. I am looking forward to picking my copy up and watching these scenes today I bet we will see some amazing scenes that we have read and saw on commercials that we never got the blessing to see it on the screen!!!!!! Excited

  8. I am watching the deleted scenes one episode/day to make them last longer. I have now seen up until the wedding episode and I am disappointed. Why didn’t they include the scene where Pamela and John Ross got married among the deleted scenes?

    That one along with the BBQ dancing when he got jealous and cut in when she was dancing with Trevino was the two scenes I was most looking forward to watch from the deleted scenes this season and yet they didn’t include either one of them. 😦

    It’s still not as frustrating as when the left out the JR/SE BBQ dancing scene from season one though. That is still the one deleted scene that I would really, really like to see!

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