The Dallas Decoder Quiz: Third-Season Trivialities

Answers, please

No cheating!

Now that you’ve watched “Dallas: The Complete Third Season” on DVD, this quiz should be a piece of cake. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. What was the first line of dialogue spoken during the first third-season scene?

a) “Well, we did it.”

b) “How do I look?”

c) “John Ross!”

2. What was John Ross’s title at Ewing Global?

a) Chief Executive Officer and President

b) Chief Executive Officer

c) President

3. How did John Ross try to bribe Nurse Harlan?

a) He offered to pay her three weeks’ salary

b) He offered to pay her four weeks’ salary

c) He offered to set her up with Bum

Pay attention

Pay pal

4. How did Ann know Sue Ellen wasn’t paying attention to the wedding preparations?

a) Because Sue Ellen agreed to sit next to Afton

b) Because Ann caught Sue Ellen nipping from her flask

c) Because Ann caught Sue Ellen checking out Bum’s bum

5. Match the government employee in Column A with the person who blackmailed them in Column B.

Column A

I) Governor McConaughey

II) Judge Blackwell

III) Agent Tatangelo

Column B

a) John Ross

b) Sue Ellen

c) Harris

6. Who reported on the Ewing Global IPO?

a) Jason Matheson

b) Wolf Blitzer

c) Roy Ralston

7. According to Heather, “D.T.R.” stands for what?

a) Define the relationship

b) Down the road

c) Dirt track racing

State of play

State of play

8. What did Bobby and Cal play in college?

a) Football

b) Rugby

c) Jacks

9. Match the doctors in Column A with the patients they treated in Column B.

Column A

I) Dr. Bosnar

II) Dr. Englert

III) Dr. Sussman

Column B

a) Pamela

b) Sue Ellen

c) Bo

10. What was Elena and Drew’s father’s name?

a) Agustin

b) Enrique

c) Raoul

11. What’s Bo’s brother’s name?

a) Coy

b) Vance

c) Reece

Speak no evil

Speak no evil

12. Each of these memorable quotes is missing a word. Fill in the blank and state who delivered the line.

a) “The most despicable thing (blank) ever did was you.”

b) “How very (blank) of you.”

c) “This is why politicians should never accept gifts — especially gifts with (blank)’s name on them.”

13. Ann suggested the Ewings could pay their ranch hands with what?

a) Carmen’s empanadas

b) Emma’s cookies

c) Bitcoin

14. Which character from the second season returned for the third?

a) Alison Jones

b) Denny Boyd

c) Peter Bedford

15. What was the final line of dialogue spoken during the final third-season scene?

a) “I’m worse.”

b) “Christopher!”

c) “Thank you, Daddy.”

Answers: 1) a. 2) c. 3) a. 4) a. 5) I. b., II. a., III. c. 6) b. 7) a. 8) a. 9) I. c., II. b., III. a. 10) b. 11) c. 12) a. J.R., Sue Ellen; b. J.R., Cliff; c. J.R., Governor McConaughey 13) a. 14) b. 15) c.

How did you do? Share your score below and take last year’s quiz.


  1. 13 out of 15 … didn’t know Ramos’ dad’s name and matching the Dr’s.

  2. Anyone know what Linda Gray is up to now? Her acting coach tweeted she was working with him today. Pilot Season?

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