Back to the ’80s! Dallas Decoder’s Classic Critiques Return

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Sue Ellen Ewing

Back for more

Starting today, Dallas Decoder begins critiquing the classic show’s eighth-season episodes. It’s the era that brought us Mandy Winger, cousins Jamie and Jack Ewing and, of course, Donna Reed as Miss Ellie Ewing (er, Farlow).

I plan to post a new critique every Monday and Wednesday, at least for the next few weeks. I hope you’ll come along and share your thoughts about these episodes, which aired from 1984 until 1985.

I also invite you to share your ideas and suggestions for this site. Which posts do you enjoy reading most? Do you prefer episode critiques to Dal-Lists, or are you most interested in news articles and interviews with the “Dallas” cast and crew? If it’s the latter, who would you like to see interviewed?

Dallas Decoder is my hobby and I enjoy it, but I want it to be fun for you too. Your feedback matters a lot to me, so please share your views in the comments below or send me an email at

Additionally, I hope you’ll connect with Dallas Decoder on social media — including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter — where I’ll share classic eighth-season photos, publicity stills and more throughout the summer.

As always, thanks for reading and sharing your love for “Dallas.”


  1. Yay! The classic critiques are back! :-))) They are my favourite posts on this site, but I enjoy everything else too. It’s fun to see Dallas Styles, Dal-Lists etc.
    Keep up the great work, Chris!

    • Thanks Balena. The critiques are my favorite to write so I’m glad you enjoy them. I get a kick out of the Dal-Lists too. I haven’t done any “Dallas Styles” in a while, but now that we’ve entered the Travilla era, I have plenty of material. Thanks for writing! –CB

  2. Stephan says:

    Great that your critiques are back. They were sadly missed, since they are my favourite element of Dallas Decoder. Then again, I enjoy the hell out of your interviews, too. In both cases, it’s obvious that you really know and appreciate DALLAS… Looking forward to Mondays and Wednesdays.

  3. With J.R. dead so log, you should have been further along in these summaries boy! Let me guess, Andy has you in a drunken stupor 7 nights a week with mint julips made with J.R. Ewing Bourbon?!

  4. ScoRich223 says:

    Woohoo! I absolutely love the critiques, Dal-Lists and the Dallas Decoder Guides To (fill in the blank). I always refer to these after watching an episode, and the little bits of humor you put in each one are fantastic. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks so much! As much as I enjoy writing the critiques, the Dal-Lists and the Dallas Decoder Guides are my favorites. I’m glad you enjoy them too.

  5. Elizabete says:

    I love the critiques and Dallas guides, but I have a suggestion: is it possible to bring us,sometimes, information about what DaLLAS stars are doing nowadays? Thank you, Elizabete

  6. Elizabete says:

    Chris, thanks so much! It is wonderful to read your comments about the best tv show of all times. Elizabete

  7. Chip Mercer says:

    Chris, thanks for all you do. Question – are you pursuing a conversation with Cynthia Cidre to find out the details of what they tried to do in the Save Dallas campaign and how close they got to saving it? Also, to ask her about the details of the content in the season 4 scripts (I think 2 were in the can?) and bible, who owns them, and if they will ever be released? Or are they keeping them for a potential TV movie? I think all that information from her would be a good epilogue to the show. Chip

  8. Anonymous says:

    Amazing site!!!! I could do without Mandy Winger – the best couple in the world are in this photo!!! Loving the site thank you!

  9. I just found out about your website and I absolutely love it!! I’m such a hufe Dallas Fan❤️ Keep up the good work!

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