‘Dallas’ Stars to Reunite at Autograph Show

Dallas, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy

Ewings reunite! (Getty Images)

Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray and several other “Dallas” stars are slated to participate in a Los Angeles autograph show next weekend.

The Hollywood Show will be held from Friday, October 30, through Sunday, November 1, at the Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel.

The other “Dallas” alumni scheduled to participate are Ken Kercheval, Charlene Tilton, Christopher Atkins, Morgan Brittany, Mary Crosby, Morgan Fairchild, Jenilee Harrison, Leigh McCloskey, Sasha Mitchell, Sheree J. Wilson and Morgan Woodward.

More than 60 additional actors are slated for the event, including Corbin Bernsen, Annie Potts and Kevin Sorbo. The list also includes Patty McCormack, who guest starred in three “Dallas” episodes during the 1981-82 season as Evelyn Michaelson, the woman who came between Lucy and Mitch.

Ticket prices vary; a two-day pass costs $40. There are additional fees if you want to be photographed with individual actors or groups, including a $250 charge to have your picture taken with the “Dallas” cast.

More information is available on the Hollywood Show site.

Will you attend the Hollywood Show? Share your comments below and read more news from Dallas Decoder.


  1. Elizabete says:

    If I had been living in USA , I would attend the Hollywood Show. It’s my dream to know those wonderful actors, specially Patrick, Linda and Ken.

  2. Miss Green says:

    How wonderful! I know in my heart, Dallas will be back on the air!! Thank you for this post! It warms the heart of all we Dallas fans!

  3. I would really enjoy something like this. I hope everyone there has the best time. If anyone here is attending, any photographs from the event you could share would be great!

  4. Elizabete says:

    Chris, are you going to attend The Hollywood Show next wekend?

  5. Swissangel says:

    i know $250 are for a group foto-shoot a lot money but together with 12 people in photo – and not everybody can give out that money. But for me it was by far worth it. the photographer was professional and I have now a very good picture in a great quality. Better than any mobile/selfi-pic.
    Seriously – I would do it again. It wasn’t my last Hollywood Show.

    • I’m glad you got to meet the cast and be photographed with them. Sounds like a fun experience.

      • Swissangel says:

        It was definitive a fun experience. Everybody was very nice and charming. Even Cliff Barnes 😀 – I mean Ken Kercheval. I hate flying and expensive enough flying over from Switzerland but it was by far worth to do it.
        Saturday morning I’ve waited in the hotel lobby. Then Patrick Duffy arrived. Stopped right few steps away from me. He put on his glasses. then he checked his mobile, did a call.
        I watched him. I watched that scene like I watch a new episode of “Dallas”. It was like he has a plan against Cliff Barnes or John Ross.
        LOL… it was really a strange, surrealistic situation in that moment. I told this Patrick Duffy and he laughed loud. It was really funny.
        Also Jennilee Harrison, Linda, Mary Crosby, Sheree J. Wilson, Christopher Atkins, Leigh, Ken, Charlene, MOrgan Brittany (who I met for the second time) – everybody was so nice and happy that people still remember ’em. Also Morgan Fairchild was very nice (even she was only in one episode). Sadly Sasha Mitchell didn’t appear at the event.

      • This is wonderful stuff, Swissangel. I love your story about seeing Patrick Duffy in the hotel lobby. Thanks so much for sharing.

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