Shop Like a Ewing: Your ‘Dallas’ Holiday Gift Guide

Ready, set, shop

“Dallas” buyers club

The holidays are here and it’s time to consume conspicuously. Here are some gift ideas for the special “Dallas” fan in your life. Better yet, use this list to treat yourself. It’s what a Ewing would do, right?

Dallas, J.R. Ewing action figure, Larry Hagman

Ready for action

J.R. Ewing action figures. When your Dallas Decoder was a kid, he used his G.I. Joe action figures to play “Dallas.” (Lady Jaye made a good Sue Ellen, while Scarlett always stood in for Pam.) Now Figures Toy Company has come along with the real deal: two J.R. Ewing figures. Each stands 12 inches tall, meaning ol’ J.R. is the right size for a romance with Barbie. Watch out, darlin’!

Dallas, Ford F-Series, GreenLight Collectibles, J.R. Ewing, Ray Krebbs

Truck dynasty

“Dallas” toy vehicles. GreenLight Collectibles produces a line of Hot Wheels-style vehicles from TV shows and movies, including Ray Krebbs’ 1970 Chevrolet and 1979 pickup trucks and the 1978 black Corvette that Bobby bought Pam during “Dallas’s” second season. You can find the vehicles for varying prices on Amazon and eBay (search for “GreenLight Dallas”).

Audrey Landers, Dallas, Dallas Feels Like Home

‘Steal’ magnolia

“Dallas Feels Like Home.” I bought this album the moment it arrived in 2013 and it has pretty much played on an endless loop in my house ever since. The collection is comprised of songs Audrey Landers wrote and performed during her run as Afton Cooper on the original “Dallas” and comes with a digital booklet that includes lots of pictures and the original lyric sheet from Afton’s signature tune, “Steal Me Away.”

Dallas, Julie Jean White, Songs of Southfork, Trent Jeffcoat, What Would J.R. Do

Stay tuned

“Songs of Southfork Ranch.” Here’s a neat find: a CD featuring five songs inspired by “Dallas.” Trent Jeffcoat’s “What Would J.R. Do?” offers fun lyrics like, “Bribery, blackmail, lies and extortion / Whatever it takes to make you a fortune,” while Julie Jean White’s “Hat Makes the Man” is something Sue Ellen probably would’ve enjoyed. You can purchase a digital version from iTunes or get a physical CD from White’s site or Southfork’s online gift shop.

Home plate

Home plate

Southfork collectibles. Speaking of Southfork: The online gift shop also offers collectors plates, ornaments, magnets, key rings and much more.

Rewatch values

Tis the seasons

“Dallas” DVDs. Need to complete your “Dallas” DVD collection? You’ll find every season from the original show — along with the various TV movies and specials and all three seasons from the TNT sequel series — at, the retail arm of Warner Bros., the studio that produced “Dallas.”

Dressed to thrill

Dressed to thrill

Official “Dallas” apparel. Show your love for the Ewings by wearing them. Amazon offers men’s and women’s t-shirts, along with tank tops, long-sleeved tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and more. There are no Ray Krebbs-branded cutoff jeans, but maybe one day!

Big "D" decor

“D” is for decor

Official “Dallas” housewares. Did you know there was a line of officially licensed “Dallas” housewares? I didn’t either, but while researching this article I discovered Amazon offers Trevco-produced throw pillows, blankets, beach towelsottomans and much more. There are even duvet covers and shower curtains, which means you can dream like Pam and shower like Bobby.

Your best shot

Your best shot

J.R. Ewing Bourbon. This 80-proof bourbon is distilled in Kentucky and offers a slightly fruity nose with hints of vanilla, oak and orange. You can enter your zip code on the site’s “Where to Buy” page to find liquor stores in your area that carry the bourbon, or you can order online from merchants such as Binny’s, Crown Wine and Spirits and Liquor Barn.



“The Road to Happiness is Always Under Construction.” By now, you’ve probably read Linda Gray’s inspiring and insightful memoir. Why not share the wisdom by giving the book as a gift? Regan Arts, the publisher, is offering $8 off when you purchase the book from its site and enter code DALLAS DECODER at checkout. That’s a deal even J.R. would love!

Which “Dallas” gifts would you like to receive this holiday season? Share your comments below and read more features from Dallas Decoder.


  1. I’d like to receive Linda’s book as a gift.

  2. Reading Linda Gray’s book and drinking JR’s bourbon. Two perfect gifts.

  3. R. Abbott says:

    This is fabulous. Unfortunately none of the merch is currently available. I NEED life-size cardboard cutouts of the gang for a ranch party I’m having. Any suggestions?

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