#WhoShotJR: A Twitter Tribute to ‘Dallas’s’ Biggest Moment

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, Who Shot J.R.?

He done it

Ever wonder what “Dallas” would have been like if the Ewings had the power of social media at their disposal?

No? Well, I do.

To honor the “Who Shot J.R.?” cliffhanger resolution — which a record-setting 90 million people watched on this day in 1980 — I took to Twitter to recreate the scene in which Sue Ellen identifies Kristin as J.R.’s assailant. I tried to stick as closely as possible to the original script, although I deviated in a few spots. (“Jail baby” was destined to be turned into a hashtag, don’t you think?)

This exercise also pays tribute to “Dallas’s” role as a social media pioneer. Many of us watch TV today with a tablet or smartphone in hand so we can chat online about our favorite shows as we view them. The idea that television could be a shared experience is a concept “Dallas” shaped, especially during the “Who Shot J.R.” phenomenon.

To read the exchange, click on Sue Ellen’s tweet to Kristin. It will take you to a page where you can see the whole conversation. If you have a Twitter account of your own, feel free to retweet your favorite lines. Who knows? Maybe we can get the Ewings trending again.

What are your perspectives on “Who Shot J.R.?” Share your comments below and read more features from Dallas Decoder.


  1. all i know is i didn’t shoot j.r. if he had been here still, DALLAS would still be on the akir C.B.

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