Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Dallas, Larry Hagman

Ho, ho, Hagman!

Before this holiday season ends, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who reads Dallas Decoder. Please know how much I appreciate your continued support.

I don’t get to write about “Dallas” as often as I once did, but this was a special year for me nonetheless. I posted my first one-on-one interview with Patrick Duffy in June, and then in September, I published a critique and oral history of my favorite “Dallas” episode, “Swan Song.” All three posts have been years in the making, so I’m glad I finally got to share them with my fellow fans.

I also got to chat again with Linda Gray and review her wonderful book, which was like an early Christmas present for all “Dallas” fans.

As always, special thanks go to the readers who leave comments on this site, as well as everyone who likes and shares Dallas Decoder posts on social media. I appreciate all your feedback and take great pride in the thoughtfulness and civility you bring to our online conversations.

I know many of us wish “Dallas” was still on the air, churning out new episodes. I continue to believe the show will return someday; “Dallas” is too special to disappear forever. Until then, let’s continue to share our love for the Ewings and preserve their legacy next year and beyond.


  1. Happy Holidays to you as well Chris. I believe also Dallas will be back someday. It is a landmark and is / was a magnificent show.

    I hope to see it back on the air one day soon.

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

  2. Summdaasoon@aol.com says:

    Happy Holidays to you, Chris B. I appreciate all your efforts regarding Dallas . We still watch the original ones every now and then because they just don’t make programs of that quality anymore. I did like the new remakes, but it just wasn’t the same. May you have a blessed New Year, Chris. Margie C.

  3. Happy holidays to all Dallas fans out there. I always enjoy reading these posts. No TV show on nowadays holds my interest like Dallas did.

  4. Chris, what a marvelous text ! I wish you and all Dallas’ fans have a happy new year. I enjoy reading all your posts about Dallas. Thanks.

  5. Merry Christmas, Chris and family! I enjoy your enthusiasm for our favorite show and thank you for another year of fun. To me, you’re the fandom Santa Claus who delivers creative events and interviews over the year! I’ve made amazing friends all over the planet because of our shared fandom; your activities and articles played a part in that, so thanks very much. Happy New Year to you and let’s have another awesome Linda Gray interview posted here in 2016!
    Fondly, Corina😀

  6. There’s something about Dallas – for all the great TV shows that have aired in the last 15 to 20 years ( many due to the great HBO channel and perhaps more recently Netflix ) nothing has ever come close to knocking Dallas off its perch as the greatest all round show in both length and scope – admittedly GoT still has a few more series to go, but then isn’t that basically Dallas with Dragons?
    I look forward to your critiques of the original episodes Chris, have a happy new year and all fellow Dallas fans!

  7. Happy holidays to you too, Chris! Thanks for putting so much effort into this website. There are several other websites about my favorite shows. This one is hands down the most sophisticated one and therefore my absolute go-to website for Dallas.It’s not just the technical finesse of the website design, but also the content, the clever analysis with real background knowledge that makes me keep coming back and want for more. In your reviews you observe so many things that I usually miss in an episode. I have a couple other shows, night time soap from the 80s and others, that I like to revisit every now and then. Some of them have a very nice website design as well, but unfortunately lack the intellectual depth. Great job, man! Looking forward to more content added to this website next year. No pressure… 😉

    • No pressure at all! This is so nice. Thanks so much, Q-Less.

      • Hi R.J.

        I have not erased comments from you. I moderate the comments on my site, which means they aren’t posted until I’ve reviewed and approved them. This helps keep spam and unfair comments off the site.

        I try to review comments quickly. However, when comments are left overnight, I don’t have a chance to review them until this morning.

        In your case, you left some comments on the site after 10 p.m. Eastern time, when I was offline. I’m just seeing the comments now, so I’ve approved them.

        I appreciate your enthusiasm for “Dallas” and your contributions to the conversation here at Dallas Decoder. Thank you.


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