Dallas Desserts: Holiday Bakeoff IV — Pam vs. Katherine

Dallas, Katherine Wentworth, Morgan Brittany, Pam Ewing, Victoria Principal

When Pam and Katherine aren’t fighting over Bobby, they’re battling each other for baking bragging rights.

This year’s “Dallas Desserts” holiday bakeoff pits Pam’s Emerald Mines against Katherine’s Frosted Gingerbread Hats. Both recipes come from my husband Andrew, who blogs at Cook In/Dine Out.

Whose cookie do you prefer? Cast your vote in the poll below and check out our previous holiday bakeoffs: J.R.’s Bourbon Balls vs. Cliff’s Fortune Cookies, Bobby’s Molasses Sandwiches vs. Harris’s Almond Lace Cookies and Sue Ellen’s Peanut Butter Blossoms vs. Judith’s Mole Cookies.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Cook In/Dine Out, Katherine's Frosted Gingerbread Hat Cookies, Pam's Emerald Mine Cookies


  1. I’ll take the Pam as she doesn’t stab with knives or scissors or dream run over her ex brother in law any day! i noticed husband andrew is using katherine wentworth’s knives he was given by morgan brittany. that might be a warning sign chris.

  2. Good recipes! Chris, I hope you and all Dallas’fans have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. It was very good to read your comments along 2015. Thank you very much. Elizabete

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