How Would You Spin Off Bobby Ewing?

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Spin, Bob, spin!

Would you watch a “Dallas” spinoff about Bobby Ewing?

It’s a question we’ve been pondering since last week, when fellow fan Jennifer Irons — a.k.a. Team Bobby Ewing — took to Twitter to suggest Patrick Duffy’s iconic character should get his own TV series.

Duffy’s response:

Who are we to leave our hero hanging? With tongue firmly planted in cheek, we offer three proposed spinoffs for our beloved Bobby:


Logline: Bobby trades his big white house in Texas for the one at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. With help from Vice President Sue Ellen Ewing and Agriculture Secretary Ray Krebbs, he works each week to outsmart the nefarious Senate majority leader, Cliff Barnes.


Logline: After single-handedly defeating a Mexican drug cartel, Bobby ditches Southfork and begins a new career in law enforcement. His adventures take him across the Lone Star State and eventually lead him to a new love with a familiar face: District Attorney Alex Cahill (Sheree J. Wilson).


Logline: Bobby retires to Knots Landing, which he renames for himself. (He did build the place, after all.) His new Seaview Circle neighbors — including boozy brother Gary and nutty sister-in-law Val — make him feel right at home. But what happens when Abby, after realizing Bobby is the only Ewing brother she hasn’t slept with, decides to make him her latest conquest?

Now it’s your turn: What kind of spinoff would you create for Bobby Ewing? Share your ideas below and read more features from Dallas Decoder.


  1. Jennifer Irons says:

    Thank you so much for the shout out, DD! Much appreciated and I love all three of these ideas for Bobby!

  2. Could we spin-off others as well? Bobby seems to be so connected to Southfork and the land. I could see everybody else going places – except Bobby. I may just lack the right fantasy. How about John Ross get a life someplace else? Sue Ellen could join him maybe. Take the Rylands to Austin. They didn’t really fit into the show’s fabric anyway, but in a separate show I could totally have fun with them. Loved over-the-top JRyland.

  3. Oh this is funny! I’d love Ewing, Texas Ranger.

    My story…Bobby retires from Ewing oil and decides he wants to live out the rest of his days in a beachfront home in California. South Fork is still his home but it’s full of too many tragic memories. He develops a curiosity about the work of the Marine Biology lab not far from his home, especially when he gets friendly with the lovely older head Marine Biologist on the beach and convinces her to go on a date. He soon realizes the top secret work they’re doing involves a peculiar Man From Atlantis…Sorry, I just love crossovers sometimes!

    • Lady G., longtime no hear! I thought suggesting a “Ewing From Atlantis” spinoff too. Perhaps Bobby could discover a portal to Atlantis at the bottom of the Southfork swimming pool. …

      • Hi! I know I’ve been a silent lurker. I really didn’t keep up with the new series. But I’m still on the mailing list and I enjoy reading every article, interview etc. you post. Brilliant! How could I forget the swimming pool! LOL. It’s a part of the Ewing family and lasted longer than some family members.

  4. So what your saying is that Sheree J. Wilson Dream Died liked Husband Bobby Jam,es Ewing did in DALLAS as well as in WAlker: TEXAS Ranger so of course she’d be alive again!

  5. Karen Smith says:

    I would watch every episode!


    Bobby Ewing, a Texan Cowboy, mourning the death of his son and the death of his marriage to a flaky wife, gives up his fortune and wanders, ending up in the province of Alberta, in Canada. Having seen the name ‘Stivers’ on a book at the train station he departed from, he has become Robert Stivers. He gets an immediate, temporary job at the Calgary Stampede; there, he is noticed and offered a job by the sixtyish matriarch of a local ranch. He accepts by the end of the pilot.

    The ranch, nameless but more contemporary than Southfork, is owned by the Bradleys, a family not as wealthy as the Ewings, but just as troubled, Robert soon understands.

    Will Robert/Bobby leave this family knowing that the serenity he wants won’t be achieved on their ranch? Or is he already too invested in the matriarch who hired him?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I would definitely watch it.

  8. Ilona Acerno says:

    I’d love a Bobbyspin off but the ideas up there stink. It needs to be around Bobby’s values and life style. I hereby volunteer to play hi wife!

  9. Joseph Smith says:

    Just leave the show where it is. It came to an end. Leave it there. As for a spin-off? Patrick Duffy, does deserve that. Especially after the season 8 dream….. All he is looking for is a easy dollar. Tell him to retire….. He didn’t make Dallas, what it is today… It was Larry Hagman, who made the show, what it is!

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