Should ‘Dallas’ Return? The Fans Say Yes!

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Come back, darlins!

Do “Dallas” fans want the Ewings back? You bet we do.

For the past week, Dallas Decoder has polled readers to see if they’d like to see “Dallas” return. Participants were given two choices: “Yes, the Ewing saga must continue” and “No, all good things must come to an end — even ‘Dallas.’”

Almost 4,500 votes were received. Approximately 97 percent fell in the “yes” camp.

This isn’t a scientific survey, of course, but it shows a lot of people would welcome another “Dallas” revival. (Each vote was limited to one IP address, so some fans may have cast more than one vote using multiple devices.)

After TNT canceled “Dallas” in 2014, producers tried to find the series a new home. These efforts ended after six weeks, although some fans continue to lobby online for “Dallas” to return.

Between those efforts and the results of this poll, perhaps someone in the TV business will take notice and finally bring back the Ewings?

Will “Dallas” return? Share your comments below and read more news from Dallas Decoder.


  1. Kelley Tyler says:

    Yes, I believe the program should return but with as many original cast as will agree to be involved! Since TNT’s version of Dallas strayed so from the original program, new writers should pick up TNT’s version and, over the span of just a few episodes, get the legacy of “Dallas” back on track. TNT’s writers burned a lot of bridges so this will not be easy, but good writers can co it! I have no objections to seeing new cast members, but the original cast should introduce the new folks slowly, after the program has established itself.

  2. Jackie Silver says:

    Yes Dallas Should Return. It absolutely should. Everyone loves watching it and so do I. Please let Dallas Return!!! We miss watching it so much!

  3. I totally agree…Dallas should return…..It was an magnificent show and I think it was a mistake that TNT dropped it. I truly hope Dallas is back on the air by the end of 2016…

  4. Danny Mashburn says:


    • Sonya Stone says:

      Dallas should i followed the show on TnT Dallas still has a lot of fans out there; I have been watching since i was 10 yrs old.

  5. Yeah I would like to see Dallas again. I miss them so much. I’ll would like to know who’s John Ross sister and Christopher is alive. So I said Yes please break Dallas back.

  6. yes. great show.

  7. oh please let it come back I have been watching it since I was a little girl and now my kids watch it with me

  8. Paul Hernandez says:

    I think Dallas should return to our screens. However, it needs better script writing along with a better cast. Do keep Christopher but get rid of Emma Bobby E’s step-daughter by sending her off to university in say Washington or New York. Also give more roles to Ray Krebbs and have Gary Ewing give a couple of cameo appearances along with Val Ewing. They can pull in audiences. Paul in Oxford, England

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes definitely

  10. I’d love to see Dallas come back with the same David Jacobs/Ewing opulence that made the series iconic. TnT’s budget and writing was insufficient.

  11. Sameer Thaver says:

    CBS and all other networks should take heed & re-schedule Dallas immediately…. I can see it now, the Reagans together with the Ewings? What a Combo!!!!

  12. Dallas should return says:

    My wife and I both enjoy the show. Dallas should return.

  13. Yes! Love Dallas!

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Absolutely! Love this show.

  16. One word – ABSOBLOOMINGLUTELY!!!!!!!

  17. Please bring Dallas back!! There are so many unresolved cliff hangers that they could take this is a million different directions. Bring back the original cast members who are interested in this and replace the others with new people!!! I long for this to make a come back and believe that it could be better than the old 80s version of Jr screwing around with someone else every week and Sue Ellen drinking every week.. That was about the sum up of years of the show and the now haad a great story and plot line going and just cut it off!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Bring it back! Would love to see Gary & Bobby have a plot, as well as the younger generation. The older members must be included.

  19. Dallas was a great show and I’m STILL fuming at TNT for leaving us fans in the position that they left us in. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the writing, as others have suggested above. I think that restarting the show right where it left off would be just fine. Using the original cast would actually be very difficult, considering that JR was the glue that kept that cast and the story lines tied together in the past. With him gone, I can’t see doing the show as anything other than a “Next Generation” type series.

  20. Janice Barnes says:

    Bring it BACK !! absolutely loved it !!

  21. Yes! Love Dallas! Have watched it from day one! Dallas by all means needs to return!!!!

    • I agree, Kathy. With the right script and cast, there’s plenty of opportunities for an exciting continuation of the original show. If they put the emphasis on the Ewing family and not the drug dealers it would do a lot better,

  22. Hell yes! I’d trade all the Homelands, Flashes, Marvel’s Agents and Gothams to have Dallas back. #bringbackdallas

  23. Debbie Doyal says:

    Yes please bring Dallas back!

  24. yes I want Dallas to return.

  25. Yes, I want Dallas to return. We have almost all seasons of the original Dallas and seasons one and two of the new ones.

  26. Janice Mahon says:

    Omg YES bring back Dallas!!! Love that show

  27. A. Chapman says:

    Please bring Dallas back, it was the best show on tv, I have watched it several times over on Netflix! Someone needs to pick up this show an get it back on the air! It deserves to be on tv!
    So bring it back damn it!

  28. Yes I think Dallas should return it’s a great show I’m only a teen and think it’s great

  29. Cindy Willis says:

    Absolutely! But the writers must include Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray! They know what the story is about!! I’ll be happy to offer my expertise as would anyone that’s watched it from its inception!!!

  30. Yes, Please Bring Dallas Back. This Is My Most Favorite Show. Started to Watch Episodes A Couple Of Years Ago And Then All Of A Sudden It Was Not Aired. I Was Very Disappointed. Please Bring Dallas Back On Air. Another Show I Use To Love Was Falcon Crest Which Was Another Great Show!!!

  31. yes!!!!!!!!!

  32. YES YES YES. I didn’t expect to like the new one, but I did. The plots got really interesting and I still miss it. I don’t think they’ll bring it back but I wish they would. 😢

  33. Heck yes! Get more original cast, better scripts, Steve Kanaly, Charlene Tilton, Ted Shackelford, & Joan Van Ark more than walk on bit pieces & get a big Ewing matriarch feud with Sue Ellen & Judith & let Brenda Strong be “strong” instead of some crying wife. She was so underused.

  34. It would be great. I was bummed when it got canceled and couldn’t get another network to pick it up, but I doubt it will happen. If it didn’t happen a year or so ago, it won’t happen now. Sad to say, but I think we’ve seen the end of the Ewings and all, except for in reruns or DVDs.

  35. why is this even a question, of course it should.

  36. Yes Bring Back Dallas with as many of the actors that were on the TNT version. Loved so many of them, especially Josh Henderson, Judith Light, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, the Juan de la (?) hunky latino lover, etc etc

  37. Anonymous says:

    Yes please bring dallas back. Hopefull on monday nights at nine o’clock

  38. Dawn Hayes says:

    Yes , yes and yes!

  39. Suzanne Landrum says:

    We own all the seasons and watch them all the time. Would love to see it return

  40. YES Dallas should return. I enjoyed watching the show from the very beginning.

  41. Yes Please! We Need Dallas Back!!

  42. Yes, I do!

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. yes dallas should come back there are to many reality shows on tv and the new dallas show was good and good enough to continue we must make ourselves heard so i say bring back DALLAS

  45. I only have one thing too say BRING BACK DALLAS NOW

  46. Melissa Warfield says:

    Yes, please do bring “Dallas” back. I miss watching the show! Love all the characters that were in the original cast. It would be nice to have some of the original cast back on. Bobby Ewing, Pamela Ewing and the other’s. Please bring “Dallas” back!!!

  47. Yes. Loved it and always will.

  48. YES!!!! Bring back Dallas —- one of you good networks out there pick them up!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Hi of course u should being DALLAS back, u personally Chris.

  50. Clay Malloy says:

    Yes it’s time for John Ross to take the whole thing

  51. Dallas 2016 says:

    I hope that with all the new online media companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu etc thirsting for original programming that they own, would look at a Dallas with its built in fan base and figure it’s a good bet for their online programming. CBS also just ordered a new Star Trek series that they are going to be airing exclusely on their new CBS online app and not on traditional broadcast tv. I came across this writer John Walden who started writing Dallas episodes from where the TNT series ended. I would highly recommend checking out this guys work. If I was a television executive I would hire this guy as a primary writer for a “New” Dallas yesterday.

  52. Dallas 2016 says:

    Hopefully a Netlix, Amazon, Hulu or any other online platform with a thirst for original programming will give Dallas a shot with its built in loyal audience. I came across this writer John Walden who has been writing episodes of Dalllas from where it left off on TNT. I would highly recommend checking out his webite from you are a fan of Dallas.

  53. I’d like to see the show retrun. There are fa lot good storylines on this Facebook page, and I think they should be used. If and when the show returns, I’d like to see this on my T.V. screen. I look forward to reading each installment. Unfortunatley, until it appears on T.V. screens, this is just fanfiction and not part of the show’s universe. To me, this is part of the show because the events of the orginial series, the revivial, and the reunion shows from 1996 and 1998 are taken into account. I hope they use the same stories I’ve been reading because I’m a big fan of the show and I’d like to see these events unfold before my eyes.

  54. Like Sue Ellen said at JR’s funeral service, “Yes, the answer is Yes”

  55. Karl Abrams says:

    Yes, Dallas should at least be around, at least 1 more season, they can’t leave the Fans forever hanging,with the ending of season3. Shame on you TNT, but I guess that’s showbiz.

  56. NO to another revival unless they have better writers and producers. Yes if it includes original cast members and characters and they bring Pam Ewing back (she is alive somewhere and they lied about her death) get rid of
    Emma, Ann
    Harris Ryland (reunite them as a family and ship them off somewhere) and get rid of Elena. No more drug and mob storylines and keep Christopher alive to reunite with his Mom when they rewrite her storyline, I am willing to accept another actress in the role. I want Bobby, Sue Ellen, Pam, Ray, Gary, Lucy, Cliff , Christopher and John Ross in it or else it is not worth watching.

  57. Anonymous says:

    I was highly disappointed when the show ended after it was getting so good. Bring it back! Shouldn’t have been cancelled to begin with. Great story lines that we, as fans would like to see continued!

    Kenny Ellis

  58. Please bring Dallas back!!! Please please please!!!!

  59. Brent Daniels says:

    Hurry up and bring it back!

  60. Yes, Dallas should return with John Walden in the writer’s seat He will put Dallas ON TOP of the ratings in no time! We want our show back !

  61. I watch Dallas & In the Heat of the Night religiously on Amazon Prime.

  62. Dawn R Stitzer says:

    Dallas needs to come back . Have John Ross and Christopher. And Lucas Charlie back again . Have Patrick Duffy and the rest come back have one espode say good by to Jr I like to see it continue

    • Please bring this series back let the sons take over the show… John Ross and Christopher are just like JR and Bobby so if the others can’t or don’t want to return the let the younger ones take it over. This was actually something I looked forward to watching on tv.

    • Nancy Wizner says:

      Yes, I would love to see Dallas return. It never should have been cancelled. I am currently watching the original series and loving it.

  63. Tina Shemtoob says:

    John Walden has continued it online season 4 to 10. It should be made into DVD and books. Dallas should come back!

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