J.R. and Sue Ellen: How Tweet It Is!

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, New Beginnings, Sue Ellen Ewing

Tweet talk

Thirty-five years ago tonight, “Dallas” delivered one of its greatest moments: the conversation where J.R. and Sue Ellen reminisce about their courtship.

The scene, which occurred at the end of the fourth-season episode “New Beginnings,” represented a rare cease-fire between two characters who are usually at war with each other. The exchange also showcased the magical chemistry between Larry Hagman and Linda Gray.

To mark the anniversary, I’ve recreated J.R. and Sue Ellen’s conversation on Twitter — complete with the surprise ending.

Click on Sue Ellen’s tweet below to read the exchange, and be sure to check out my other Twitter tributes to the “Who Shot J.R.” revelation and Jock’s lesson on “real power.”

What are your perspectives on J.R. and Sue Ellen’s conversation? Share your comments below and read more features from Dallas Decoder.


  1. You know you’re in for a great scene when JR stares at the ceiling and a smiling Sue Ellen is right there watching his face and fiddling with his tie. It’s like he knows he’s trapped, but in the best way, and he admits it while she’s tugging his tie leash, fully aware of the spell she casts on him. And then Kristin crowds in UGH

  2. ewingfan4ever says:

    Poor Sue Ellen….;)
    The scene was really wonderful !
    Thank you for the memory…

  3. Larry isn’t around o’ R.J. Koopmans will step in to look after Miss Texas. I’d enjoy Miss Gray’s boudoir banter immensely I am sure.

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