Dallas Desserts: Holiday Bakeoff V — Sue Ellen vs. Kristin

Dallas, Kristin Shepard, Linda Gray, Mary Crosby, Sue Ellen Ewing,

Who baked for J.R.?

This year’s fifth (!) annual “Dallas Desserts” holiday bakeoff brings you a competition between those squabbling Shepard sisters: Sue Ellen’s Black and White Cookies versus Kristin’s Peanut Butter Ginger Cookies. My husband Andrew, who blogs at Cook In / Dine Out, created both recipes.

Whose cookie do you prefer? Cast your vote in the poll below and check out our previous holiday bakeoffs: J.R.’s Bourbon Balls vs. Cliff’s Fortune Cookies, Bobby’s Molasses Sandwiches vs. Harris’s Almond Lace Cookies, Sue Ellen’s Peanut Butter Blossoms vs. Judith’s Mole Cookies and Pam’s Emerald Mines vs. Katherine’s Frosted Gingerbread Hats.

Happy holidays, everyone!



  1. This sucks because, obviously, I like Sue Ellen better as a character. But peanut butter is like my Kryptonite. So I have to vote for Kristen’s cookies.

  2. I’m ALWAYS on Team Sue Ellen so Black and White Cookies it is.

  3. But what type of cookie would Vanessa Beaumont bake?

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