Dallas Styles: Sue Ellen’s Jeans

Sue Ellen is “Dallas’s” classiest dresser, so when she wears jeans in “Rodeo,” it’s worth noting. Yes, there are practical reasons for this particular wardrobe choice – what else would one wear to a rodeo? – but the denim carries symbolic value, too. Jeans have signified defiance since James Dean popularized them in “Rebel Without […]

Dallas Styles: Lucy’s Pigtails

Pigtails were a fashion trend on television in the 1970s. Melissa Gilbert famously wore them on “Little House on the Prairie,” but the style wasn’t just for kids. Louise Lasser was almost always seen in tight braids on “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,” while Suzanne Somers sometimes sported double ponytails on “Three’s Company.” Lucy hops on […]

Dallas Styles: Digger’s Hat

In “The Silent Killer,” Digger Barnes makes his first appearance on “Dallas” since “Double Wedding,” which debuted almost a year earlier. “The Silent Killer” also marks the debut of Digger’s hat, one of the character’s signatures. The hat looks like a cheap fedora. Notably, it isn’t a Stetson, the chapeau style favored by most of […]

Dallas Styles: Cliff’s ‘Winner Look’

“Dallas’s” second-season episode “For Love or Money” establishes an interesting facet of Cliff’s character: He may be the show’s biggest cheapskate, but he’s willing to splurge on nice clothes. The first time we see Cliff in this episode, he’s being fitted for a new suit at The Store while his sister Pam, a Store employee, […]

Dallas Styles: Ray’s Plaid Suit

When “Dallas” begins, J.R. isn’t the only shady character at Southfork – so is his buddy Ray. The two men try to break up Bobby and Pam and go carousing in Waco, all while Ray is secretly having trysts in the hayloft with Lucy. Perhaps realizing two cads are two too many, “Dallas” turns Ray […]

Dallas Styles: Miss Ellie’s Pearls

The second-season episode “Survival” features one of my all-time favorite “Dallas” moments: the scene where Miss Ellie points a shotgun at a snoopy newspaper reporter and orders him off Southfork. The confrontation demonstrates how the Ewings, a thoroughly modern family, cling to old values like defending their land. The shotgun, a symbol of the American […]

Dallas Styles: Sue Ellen’s Pins

Sue Ellen sports some interesting accessories during “Dallas’s” second season, particularly during her scenes with Cliff. She meets him in “Black Market Baby,” when she has a big fabric rose pinned to the lapel of her burgundy jacket. The fake flower is an ideal symbol for the beginning of Sue Ellen and Cliff’s relationship, when […]

Dallas Styles: Pam’s ‘Pants Dress’

Pam Ewing becomes one of television’s most stylish women during “Dallas’s” second season, but she misses the mark with the wacky “pants dress” she sports in “Black Market Baby.” Victoria Principal is first seen wearing the outfit during the episode’s third act, when Pam walks into The Store. She then wears it in the next […]

Dallas Styles: J.R.’s Safari Shirts

When “Dallas’s” wardrobe designers were figuring out how to dress the Ewings, I suspect J.R. presented the toughest challenge. I’m not referring to his office outfits. Those were easy. Put Larry Hagman in a conservative business suit and send him off to do his scenes. Done. But J.R. wasn’t all business, all the time. How […]

Dallas Styles: Bobby’s Leather Jacket

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Patrick Duffy

Bobby Ewing’s leather motorcross jacket isn’t as well known as J.R.’s Stetsons or Miss Ellie’s sack dresses, but it’s every bit as durable. Patrick Duffy is sporting the snap-collared jacket when we meet Bobby in Act I, Scene I of “Dallas’s” Episode 1, “Digger’s Daughter.” The jacket, like the red convertible Bobby is driving, lets […]