In Memoriam: Our 2016 ‘Dallas’ Tributes

Barry Jenner, Dallas, George Kennedy, Jim Gough, Maj Hagman

Dallas Decoder remembers the “Dallas” actors, crew members and other contributors who died in 2016. Click on each person’s name to learn more about his or her career at


Anthony Addabbo, Dallas, Jeff Peters

Anthony Addabbo

Anthony Addabbo

Died October 18 (age 56)

In the 14th-season episode “Smooth Operator,” Addabbo played John, a Hollywood wannabe who pitched Bobby on a TV series that sounded suspiciously like “Twin Peaks.” Eight episodes later, in the series finale “Conundrum,” Addabbo appeared as Sue Ellen’s slimy Hollywood agent, Jeff Peters.


Dallas, Janine, Patricia Barry

Patricia Barry

Patricia Barry

Died October 11 (age 93)

Barry made guest appearances on many episodic series from the 1950s through the early 2000s. In the 14th-season “Dallas” episode “Lock, Stock and Jock,” she played Janine, a married woman who refused to provide Carter McKay with an alibi after his arrest for Johnny Dancer’s murder.


Dallas, Peter Brown, Tom Flintoff

Peter Brown

Peter Brown

Died March 21 (age 80)

In the fifth-season episode “Denial,” Brown, a veteran of the 1960s western “Laredo,” played Tom Flintoff, the creep who tried to force himself on Sue Ellen shortly after her divorce from J.R. Brown’s nephew, Phillip Brown, played architect Brian Johnston on “Knots Landing.”


Dallas, Dr. McWright, Paul Comi,

Paul Comi

Paul Comi

Died August 26 (age 84)

Comi played Dr. McWright, the pediatrician who examined baby Christopher in “Waterloo at Southfork.” Comi logged many other TV guest shots during his 50-year career, including three episodes of “Knots Landing” and a memorable turn in the “Star Trek” classic “Balance of Terror.”


Dallas, Lydia, Ronnie Claire Edwards

Ronnie Claire Edwards

Ronnie Claire Edwards

Died June 14 (age 83)

Edwards, who is best known for her role as Corabeth on “The Waltons,” appeared in the eighth-season “Dallas” episode “Barbecue Five” as Lydia, the tarot card reader that Pam consults during her search for Mark. Edwards also did guest spots on “Falcon Crest” and “Dynasty,” among many other shows.


Knots Landing, Zsa Zsa Gabor

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Died December 18 (age 99)

Gabor played herself in “Svengali,” a 1982 “Knots Landing” episode in which Valene appears on Mike Douglas’s TV talk show to promote “Capricorn Crude,” her fictionalized book about the Ewings. In real life, Gabor and Larry Hagman once appeared together on a 1979 episode of “The Mike Douglas Show.”


Congressman Oates, Dallas, Jim Gough

Jim Gough

Jim Gough

Died June 7 (age 85)

Gough appeared on “Dallas” as Senator Lee in “Barbecue” (Season 1), Congressman Oates in “Runaway” (Season 2) and the rodeo announcer in “Close Encounters” (Season 9). His other notable credits include a role in the film “JFK” and a guest spot on the Leonard Katzman-produced “Walker Texas Ranger.”


Dallas, Rick F. Gunter

Rick F. Gunter

Rick F. Gunter

Died August 31 (age 65)

Gunter served as “Dallas’s” cinematographer during most of the original show’s final three seasons. He later served as director of photography for several other series, including “Beverly Hills 90210,” “Charmed” and “The Wizards of Waverly Place,” for which he received an Emmy nomination in 2011.


Dallas, Maj Hagman

Maj Hagman

Maj Hagman

Died May 31 (age 88)

Hagman was married to Larry Hagman from 1954 until his death in 2012. Their daughter Kristina appeared in several episodes on the original “Dallas” and this year wrote a book, “The Eternal Party,” about her family, including her mother’s talent as a fashion designer, hostess extraordinaire and devoted spouse.


Dallas, John Hostetter, Paul Derber

John Hostetter

John Hostetter

Died September 2 (age 69)

Hostetter appeared in the 11th-season episode “Lovers and Other Liars” as Paul Derber, a poker buddy of Nicholas Pearce. He also did two guest spots as police offers on “Knots Landing,” was a semi-regular on “Murphy Brown” and voiced Bazooka on the 1980s “G.I. Joe” animated series.


Barry Jenner, Dallas, Dr. Jerry Kenderson

Barry Jenner

Barry Jenner

Died August 9 (age 75)

From 1984 through 1986, Jenner appeared on “Dallas” as Dr. Jerry Kenderson, Mark Graison’s physician and a Sue Ellen’s suitor. He also appeared in four “Knots Landing” entries as Jeff Cunningham, Abby’s ex-husband, and he was a semi-regular on “Family Matters” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” among many other roles.


Carter McKay, Dallas, George Kennedy

George Kennedy

George Kennedy

Died February 28 (age 91)

Kennedy, who won a best supporting actor Oscar for his role in 1967’s “Cool Hand Luke,” played villainous oil baron and Southfork neighbor Carter McKay during “Dallas’s” 12th, 13th and 14th seasons and two reunion movies, “J.R. Returns” and “War of the Ewings.” Dallas Decoder published a tribute to him in March.


Archie Lang, Dallas

Archie Lang

Archie Lang

Died February 17 (age 95)

Lang played a banking associate of Franklin Horner in the fifth-season episode “The Big Shut Down,” then returned for a five-episode stint in the 13th season as Senator Lee, a member of the panel that investigated the Ewing Oil tanker accident. Lang’s other credits include guest spots on “Knots Landing” and “The Waltons.”


Dallas, Leslie H. Hartinson

Leslie H. Martinson

Leslie H. Martinson

Died September 3 (age 101)

Martinson directed four episodes during “Dallas’s” early years: the classic “Julie’s Return” and the campier “Call Girl,” “The Heiress” and “Power Play.” He also helmed episodes of many other series, including “Maverick,” “Batman,” “The Brady Bunch,” “Eight is Enough,” “Wonder Woman” and “Small Wonder.”


James Sheldon, Knots Landing

James Sheldon

James Sheldon

Died March 12 (age 95)

Sheldon directed two episodes of “Knots Landing,” including the second installment, “Community Spirit,” which featured Larry Hagman. His many other directing credits include “Echoes of Love,” a “Family” episode written by David Jacobs, and episodes of “M*A*S*H” and the Katzman-produced “Petrocelli.”


Agnes, Barbara Tarbuck, Dallas

Barbara Tarbuck

Barbara Tarbuck

Died December 27 (age 74)

Tarbuck played Agnes, Cliff’s secretary at the Office of Land Management, in three episodes during the 1978-79 season. Her many other credits include guest spots on “Knots Landing” and “Dynasty” and recurring roles on “Falcon Crest,” “General Hospital” and “American Horror Story: Asylum.”


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Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘You and Me Together. Brothers.’

Bobby Ewing, Check and Mate, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy

Daddy wins

In “Check and Mate,” a seventh-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. (Larry Hagman), Bobby (Patrick Duffy), Punk (Morgan Woodward) and Harv (George O. Petrie) are in Harv’s office, listening as Gerber (John Hostetter), the auditor, announces the results of the Ewing Oil contest.

GERBER: All right, that takes care of the breakdown on a section-by-section basis.

J.R.: Now let’s hear the totals.

GERBER: All right. These totals are accurate to the close of business yesterday. Mr. Bobby Ewing has improved the assets he was initially given by the sum of $24,160,000.

J.R.: Well, that’s a pretty good year’s work, Bobby.

PUNK: And Mr. J.R. Ewing?

GERBER: J.R. Ewing has improved the assets he was given by the sum of $40,220,000.

J.R. chuckles, throws up his hands.

PUNK: Well, now, that’s a fair margin. J.R.’s clearly the winner.

HARV: Yes. Congratulations, J.R.

J.R.: Thank you, Harv. Thank you.

PUNK: Now, boys. What about this letter?

HARV: Well, it pleases me to say that even before they knew about the letter, the boys had already agreed to split the company, no matter who won the contest.

PUNK: That’s what Bobby said, and then J.R. confirmed that yesterday. Right, J.R.?

J.R.: [Rises from his seat, goes to the bar] Well, yes. There’s some truth in the idea that were going to share the company —


J.R.: But that was in the aftermath of what happened at Southfork. It was very special circumstances. [Fixing himself a drink] Both Bobby and I were, oh, highly emotional at the time.

HARV: [Answering the buzzing intercom] What is it, Janet? I told you I didn’t want to be interrupted.

JANET: There’s a gentleman out here who says it’s urgent he talk to Bobby Ewing.

BOBBY: Would you ask him to come in, please, Harv? [Rises from his seat, goes to the door]

J.R.: Could that wait, Bob?

BOBBY: No, it can’t, J.R. [Bobby opens the door and shakes the hand of his visitor: Thornton (Kenneth Kimmins).] Thornton.

THORNTON: I got here as fast as I could.

BOBBY: You had me a little worried. Everybody, I’d like you to meet Thornton McLeish. He’s my partner in those Canadian frozen fields that I was involved with. [Punk, Harv, Gerber and Thornton exchange hellos.] I asked Thornton to come down here because I — well, Thornton, why don’t you explain it to them?

THORNTON: When Bobby invested with us, we were sure our fields would come in — and come in big. What we couldn’t tell was when they’d come in. And that was crucial to Bobby because of this contest he had with his brother. Hello, J.R. [J.R. nods] Things looked pretty grim there for awhile, but Bobby not only stuck it out, he was instrumental in persuading another company—Barnes-Wentworth—to provide us with a special drill that would solve some of the problems we had.

J.R.: Well, I assume there’s a point to all this?

THORNTON: Oh, I’m sorry, J.R. I’ll cut it short. I just want to give Bobby his check for $26 million. [Reaches into his jacket pocket, pulls out a check and hands it to Bobby]

PUNK: Twenty-six million!

THORNTON: It’s his share of the profits in the Canadian fields. The drill bit worked. The test well came in gushing and we just sold out to the majors. That was the original deal. [Bobby smiles.]

PUNK: Well, this means that you win the contest, Bobby.

J.R.: The hell it does. The contest is over. The winner’s been declared.

BOBBY: Harv, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the contest doesn’t officially close until the end of business today.

HARV: [Smiles] That’s right.

BOBBY: So I still have time to enter this check into my books. [Harv nods. Bobby hands the check to Gerber.] Mr. Gerber.

PUNK: Congratulations, Bobby. [They shake hands.]

HARV: Good work, Bobby. Good work.

J.R.: [Chuckling] Well, I’ll be damned. I’ve never been a sore loser. [Slaps Bobby on the back] Congratulations on your win, Bobby. Not that it makes any difference. I mean, we had decided to be partners, right? Huh?

BOBBY: Punk, if you don’t mind, I’d like to keep Daddy’s letter for myself.

PUNK: You betcha. [Hands him the letter]

J.R.: Bob, you’ve never gone back on a deal. We are partners, right? Just the way Daddy wanted it.

PUNK: [To Bobby] Jock would be proud of you.

BOBBY: [Pauses] Yeah, J.R. It’s going to be just like Daddy wanted.

PUNK: Good boy.

J.R.: [Chuckles, slaps him on the back again] Good, good. That’s just fine. Now, Harv, since there’s no loose threads hanging around, why don’t you draw up some papers, make this legal. We’ll be in tomorrow, to sign them. Get rid of the old business and on with the new. Now, Bob, like I said, just the way Daddy wanted it, you and me together. Brothers.

J.R. puts his arm around Bobby and smiles. Bobby doesn’t.