Charlene Tilton Remembers Lucy Ewing’s Many Loves

Poor Lucy Ewing never found Mr. Right — but not for lack of trying. To mark Valentine’s Day, Dallas Decoder spoke to Charlene Tilton about her character’s many romances. Read her memories below, along with an update on her latest projects.   Ray Krebbs (Steve Kanaly) Back in the day, that relationship was very controversial. […]

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Could You Learn to Live with Sam?’

In “Royal Marriage,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, Lucy (Charlene Tilton) and Kit (Mark Wheeler) are in his apartment, seated on the sofa and talking about their future. KIT: Lucy, I can’t marry you. LUCY: [Flabbergasted] What are you talking about? KIT: I can’t go through with it. LUCY: I don’t understand. You said you loved […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 26 – ‘Royal Marriage’

“Royal Marriage” is historically significant television. When this episode debuted in 1979, it offered one of prime time’s first positive depictions of a gay character: Kit Mainwaring, the closeted oil-and-cattle heir who becomes Lucy’s fiancée. “Dallas” goes out of its way not to scorn Kit. This was a mark of progress in the ’70s, when […]