The Dallas Decoder Guide to Surviving a Hostage Crisis

In “Blame Game,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode, Vicente Cano ambushes Southfork and holds the Ewings captive. Dumb move, Vicente. These people are experts at surviving hostage crises, as they demonstrated time and again on the original “Dallas” and its “Knots Landing” spinoff. Let them show you how. Beware of cute boys with shaggy hair. The best way […]

Oh, ‘Pioneers’! Soaps Tribute is a Sprint Down Memory Lane

“There’s not a show on right now, at this moment, that isn’t soap,” Joan Van Ark declares during PBS’s “Pioneers of Television” tribute to the nighttime soap operas of the 1980s. She’s referring to the emergence of serialization as the dominant form of storytelling in prime time, and so she has a point. Carrie and […]

Critique: ‘Knots Landing’ Episode 2 – ‘Community Spirit’

Part of the fun of watching “Dallas” comes from imagining what it would be like to be a Ewing – to wear those clothes, to drive those cars, to live in that house. For those who also wonder how the Ewings would fare in our world, there’s “Community Spirit.” “Knots Landing’s” second episode brings J.R. […]

The Art of Knots Landing: ‘Pilot’

Valene and Karen (Joan Van Ark, Michele Lee) are seen in this 1979 publicity shot from “Knots Landing’s” pilot.