Dallas Parallels: Old Habits

Booze has always flowed as freely as oil on “Dallas.” The Southfork cocktail hour was a family tradition on the original show, and J.R. and Bobby each kept lots of liquor on hand to entertain the parade of cartel members and other business associates who marched in and out of their offices each day. The […]

The Art of Dallas: ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy, Part 2’

Jock (Jim Davis) welcomes Gary (Ted Shackelford) home to Southfork in this 1980 publicity shot from “No More Mr. Nice Guy, Part 2,” a fourth-season “Dallas” episode.

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Nobody Beats Old J.R.’

In “No More Mr. Nice Guy, Part 2,” a fourth-season “Dallas” episode, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) enters the hospital room where J.R. (Larry Hagman) is sleeping. SUE ELLEN: [Whispering] J.R.? J.R.: [Awakens] Hi, sugar. SUE ELLEN: Hi. [Sits on the bed] J.R.: [Groggy] You been crying? SUE ELLEN: [Smiles] No. J.R.: Roclaire’s supposed to be […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 56 – ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy, Part 2’

“No More Mr. Nice Guy, Part 2” devotes a lot of time to Gary’s homecoming, allowing the “Dallas” producers to put off resolving the “Who Shot J.R.?” mystery a little longer. But even if this is just a delay tactic, it doesn’t feel like one. Gary has matured a lot since he left “Dallas” for […]

Drill Bits: For Patrick Duffy, Edits Go with the TV Territory

TNT’s “Dallas” has given audiences lots of great scenes this season, but some of the best moments – like J.R. and Sue Ellen’s dance at the Ewing barbecue in “The Last Hurrah” – have been left on the cutting room floor. As Patrick Duffy sees it, that’s showbiz. “Several of my favorite scenes didn’t make […]

Drill Bits: TNT’s ‘Dallas’ Wrangles Big Audience

The June 13 debut of TNT’s “Dallas” drew 6.9 million viewers, becoming the year’s most-watched premiere of a cable drama or comedy. The audience included a healthy 1.9 million viewers between the ages of 18 and 49, the group advertisers pay a premium to reach. “Dallas’s” two-hour premiere drew more viewers than any program on […]