Five More Who Mattered: Dallas Decoder’s Other 2014 VIPs

Cynthia Cidre, Dallas, Josh Henderson, Michael M. Robin, Patrick Duffy, Peter Roth, TNT

The fans are Dallas Decoder’s Persons of the Year, but here are five others who made important contributions to “Dallas” in 2014:

Five More Who Mattered - Cidre and Robin copy

The bosses

Cynthia Cidre and Michael M. Robin. If you’re a fan of the new “Dallas,” then join me in honoring executive producers Cidre and Robin for delivering an entertaining show and then fighting like hell to save it after TNT dropped the ax. Their version of “Dallas” wasn’t every fan’s cup of Texas tea, but a lot of us loved it. This show will be missed. We salute the showrunners and thank them for their contributions to one of television’s great franchises.


The leader

The leader

Patrick Duffy. To me, Duffy is Bobby Ewing — and that’s why it came as no surprise when he became a leading voice of the #SaveDallas movement. I mean, isn’t that exactly what Bobby would’ve done in that situation? Duffy held fans together and offered us inspiration when we needed it most. He also earned a spot on this list when he returned to the “Dallas” director’s chair after a 23-year absence with “Hurt,” this year’s best episode.


The star

The star

Josh Henderson. Did you get chills when John Ross told Sue Ellen he wasn’t his father? How about when he smashed the gun barrel into Luis’s face and came this close to pulling the trigger? What about the time our young hero broke down while listening to J.R.’s old voicemail? Saying goodbye to John Ross is tough, but at least we don’t have to bid farewell to Henderson, a great actor who’s going to be entertaining us for a long time to come.


The player

The chief

Peter Roth. Peter who? Roth runs the television arm of Warner Bros., the studio that produced “Dallas.” During the #SaveDallas campaign, while the rest of us were drumming up support for the show on social media, Roth’s team was beating the bushes in Hollywood to find the Ewings a new home. They didn’t succeed, but fans thank them for trying. After all, if “Dallas” taught us anything, it’s this: Even promising deals sometimes don’t work out.


Who did I miss? Share your choices for “Dallas’s” 2014 VIPs below and read more opinions from Dallas Decoder.