Critique - Dallas Episode 194 - Those Eyes 1 featured image

Critique: Dallas Episode 194 — ‘Those Eyes’

In “Those Eyes,” the Ewings finally take off their blinders where Sue Ellen’s drinking is concerned. … [Read More...]

Dallas Scene of the Day - Those Eyes featured image

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Kill Me’

In “Those Eyes,” a ninth-season “Dallas” episode, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), lying in a hospital … [Read More...]

Dal-List - 19 Reasons to Love Dallas's Ninth Season 20 featured image

The Dal-List: 19 Reasons to Love ‘Dallas’s’ Ninth Season

Dallas Decoder will soon begin critiquing the original show’s ninth season, which aired from 1985 to … [Read More...]

Catching Up with ‘Dallas’s’ Stars

One Year After Dallas, Cast and Crew Keep Busy 1 featured image

One Year After ‘Dallas,’ Cast and Crew Keep Busy

The final episode of TNT’s “Dallas” aired one year ago today. Here’s an update on the show’s stars … [Read More...]

Road to Happiness featured image

‘Road to Happiness’ Casts Linda Gray in a New Role: Teacher

Start reading Linda Gray’s new book, “The Road to Happiness is Always Under Construction,” and you might be struck by how much the actress … [Read More...]

Dallas Decoder Interview - Linda Gray 1 featured image

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Linda Gray

Linda Gray’s eagerly awaited memoir, “The Road to Happiness is Always Under Construction,” … [Read More...]

Dallas Decoder Interview - Patrick Duffy 1 featured image

The Dallas Decoder Interview: Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy is everything you would expect him to be: smart, thoughtful, funny and above all, kind. … [Read More...]

Previously on ‘Dallas’

Best & Worst of Dallas - Season 8 1 featured image

The Best & Worst of Dallas: Season 8

“Dallas’s” eighth season had its share of ups and downs. … [Read More...]

Critique - Dallas Episode 190 - Deliverance 1 featured image

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 190 — ‘Deliverance’

“Deliverance” is the next-to-last episode from “Dallas’s” eighth season, but if you didn’t know better, you might think it was the finale. … [Read More...]

Critique - Dallas Episode 189 - Deeds and Misdeeds 1 featured image

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 189 — ‘Deeds and Misdeeds’

Sue Ellen’s scenes in “Deeds and Misdeeds” aren’t easy to watch. … [Read More...]

Critique - Dallas Episode 188 - The Ewing Connection featured image

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 188 — ‘The Ewing Connection’

No matter how many times I see the “Dallas” characters come together during a medical crisis, it never seems to lose its dramatic punch. … [Read More...]

Critique - Dallas Episode 187 - Terms of Estrangement 1 featured image

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 187 — ‘Terms of Estrangement’

Jack Ewing is a bad boy who makes a good impression. … [Read More...]

Critique - Dallas Episode 186 - Sentences featured image

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 186 — ‘Sentences’

Do you hate to see the judge send Jenna Wade to prison in “Sentences”? … [Read More...]

Critique - Dallas Episode 185 - The Verdict 1 featured image

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 185 — ‘The Verdict’

Bobby Ewing fights to save Jenna in “The Verdict,” but the real man of the hour is Patrick Duffy. … [Read More...]

Critique - Dallas Episode 184 - Trial and Error 1 featured image

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 184 — ‘Trial and Error’

Jenna Wade has her day in court in “Trial and Error,” although I’m not sure why we should care. … [Read More...]

Critique - Dallas Episode 183 - Dead Ends 1 featured image

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 183 — ‘Dead Ends’

The title “Dead Ends” refers to Pam’s fruitless search for Mark Graison, but it also describes “Dallas’s” final batch of eighth-season episodes. … [Read More...]

Critique - Dallas Episode 182 - Shattered Dreams 1 featured image

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 182 — ‘Shattered Dreams’

It’s probably safe to say no “Dallas” episode would perform well on the Bechdel test, which some critics use to gauge sexism in movies. … [Read More...]

Critique - Dallas Episode 181 - The Brothers Ewing 1 featured image

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 181 — ‘The Brothers Ewing’

In “The Brothers Ewing,” J.R., Bobby and Ray join forces to protect the family business from the increasingly dangerous Cliff Barnes. … [Read More...]

Critique - Dallas Episode 180 - Sins of the Fathers featured image

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 180 — ‘Sins of the Fathers’

You know J.R. Ewing is having a bad week when he gets kneed in the groin and it’s the least of his problems. … [Read More...]

Critique - Dallas Episode 179 - Legacy of Hate 1 featured image

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 179 — ‘Legacy of Hate’

Who doesn’t love the first scene in “Legacy of Hate”? … [Read More...]

Critique - Dallas Episode 178 - Bail Out 1 featured image

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 178 — ‘Bail Out’

Bobby springs Jenna from jail in “Bail Out,” while Sue Ellen liberates her own tongue. … [Read More...]


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