Dallas Desserts: The Barnes-Ewing Holiday Bakeoff

Cliff Barnes, Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Ken Kercheval, Larry Hagman, TNTThe Barneses and Ewings fight all year long. You don’t expect them to take off during the holidays, do you?

This Christmas, Dallas Decoder is honoring Texas’s most famous feuding families with a bakeoff that pits Barnes Fortune Cookies against Ewing Bourbon Balls. The cookies evoke Cliff’s love of Chinese cuisine, while the balls honor J.R.’s favorite drink as well as his, ahem, chutzpah.

(One tip: When creating the fortunes, don’t be afraid to use some of J.R.’s favorite expressions. After all, wouldn’t it be Cliff’s luck to open his cookie and find words of wisdom from his archenemy?)

Both recipes come from my husband Andrew, who blogs about food at Cook In/Dine Out. Andrew also brought us the summertime “Dallas Drinks” cocktails.

So start baking, then tell us which treat you like best in the comments section below. Happy holidays!

Dallas Desserts - The Barnes-Ewing Holiday Bakeoff 2


  1. […] you’re keeping count, Gonzalo’s character has now inspired Andrew to create two drinks and some holiday fortune cookies. He’s almost cooking for Pamela/Rebecca as much as he cooks for me. Should I be […]

  2. […] year, Dallas Decoder and Cook In/Dine Out brought you a competition between Barnes Fortune Cookies and Ewing Bourbon Balls. This year, we’re pitting Ewing Molasses […]

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