TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘So Did I, Annie. So Did I.’

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More to come?

In “Guilt and Innocence,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, Ann (Brenda Strong) enters the Southfork den, where Bobby (Patrick Duffy) sits on the sofa, reading an investigative report.

ANN: Bobby? Who was at the door?

BOBBY: It’s a messenger.

ANN: Everything OK?

BOBBY: Yeah, it’s uh –

ANN: No, you don’t have to tell me Bobby. [Begins to leave]

BOBBY: No, Annie, Annie. It’s all right. [Motions] Come in. [She sits on the sofa.] It’s about Pam, Christopher’s mother.

ANN: [Concerned] You’ve been looking for her?

BOBBY: No, J.R. was, to help us with Cliff. She’s one-third owner of Barnes Global.

ANN: Where is she?

BOBBY: Uh. [Reads from report, Ann moves closer, puts on her glasses] “1989, with an unnamed man, presumably her husband, entered Abu Dhabi. Passports expired. No record of future travel.” Andy Ellis from the U.S. attorney’s office can help me with this. He owes me one after everything that happened with Vicente Cano.

ANN: I thought you were done with her, Bobby.

BOBBY: [Pensive] So did I, Annie. So did I.


  1. I love all these fast and furious updates,

  2. On the one hand I think she’s dead, because of the last known record of her being in 1989 when she entered Abu Dhabi, and because of her passport having expired.
    Why would she have stayed there for 24 years and never left?-Then again I suppose there are other possibilities, kidnap, shame over leaving Bobby and Christopher, wanting to be as far away from Dallas as possible etc.
    On the other hand, the Dallas TNT website doesn’t say she’s deceased and the character description talks about her in the present tense as though she’s alive.
    The news, if it’s correct, that David Gordon (the doctor who gave Pam plastic surgery following her 1987 car crash, is coming back into the show makes me think that she has died and that he will lead Christopher to her grave.
    I hope it’s not true as I would like to see Pam return to Dallas, even as a recurring character and even if she was played by someone other than Victoria Principal, but I think Cynthia Cidre (I read an interview where the interviewer said to her that the fans are seeking ‘closure’ regarding Pam) wants to give the fans a final resolution and remove Pam’s shadow from Ann (who is Cynthia’s creation) at the same time and I think she will do this by having Pam either dead or possibly returning for a very brief time and killed off soon after.

    • But the shadow of Pam would give Ann so much to deal with so I think Cynthia would do well to explore it.

      Patrick and Victoria have so much chemistry. Even when they did that special from Southfork a few years ago that spark was there.

      Brenda Strong is a good actress but poor old Ann just doesn’t give her much to do. This would turn her world upsidedown. Bobby and Ann’s relationship just seems like they are companions more than anything. She could find the love of her life, a new career, and still be heavily involved with the Ewings.

      • Brandon Childers says:

        Ann has to have more of a feud then the Ryland’s. Bobby, John Ross, Elena, Sue Ellen, Ann, Christopher, probably Pamela, and JR were all on the same side when it came to Harris and his mother. Ann having a problem with Pam could be a good story line for her. I would like to see Ann and Christopher have a fight, Step Mom doesn’t like real mom = drama. Could help end that relationship Pamela R. and ANN have. Ann could become what Pam was in the beginning of Dallas 1.0 (someone only Bobby loved, and everyone else wasn’t happy about it, Miss Ellie, Jock, JR, Sue Ellen, Ray, and Lucy were not happy with Bobby and Pam in the beginning). So Ann has no conflict with any of the Ewings and Bobby forgave her, Bring in Pam and send Ann to the bottom. Thoughts?

      • Ann as the outcast! I like it. Thanks Brandon.

      • I want Pam to Come Back,!! Katherine Took Pam Away In 1987, Katherine Kiddnaped Pam from the Hospital & Had This Dr. Gordon do all that Plactic surgery on Pam & Then tell Her she was dying Which was a lie!! Katherine wanted Bobby all to her self & When She seen That Bobby Would Have anything to do with Her She Took Her From The Hospital!!!
        Please bring Her Back We really Miss Her!!, She Needs To Finish Her Life With Her Son Christopher, If She Can’t have Bobby She will Have Her Son!!
        Please,Please Bring Her Back To Dallas!!!

      • I’m with you, Lennie! Bring her back. Let her stir the pot. It’ll be fun!

      • Am I the only one who kind of wants to see Ann get back together with Harris? It might be “Dallas’s” stormiest marriage since the heyday of J.R. and Sue Ellen!

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        I like that idea, but I do not see it happening. I think they need us to feel sorry for Elena and Pamela.

        JR tried to get Pam out of Dallas because of her family; John Ross could try to chase Elena away because of her brother.

        JR was horrible to Sue Ellen; John Ross could be horrible to Pamela

        Sue Ellen started drinking because she didn’t have a baby and JR wouldn’t help; Pamela could start drinking because she cannot have a baby anymore

        Bobby and Sue Ellen act like Jock and Miss Ellie

        Ann is just there

        Any Thoughts?

    • Interesting idea: Bringing her back, only to kill her off. Wonder how that might play out?

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        Victoria Principal should return to die, if they want Pam back for a while, recast

  3. Brandon Gene Childers says:

    Now Ann you have got here secrets let Bobby have his.

  4. midnightrose434 says:

    too true Brandon!

    • Brandon Gene Childers says:

      Well heck, look at the mess she got herself and the Ewings into by running back to Ryland for all kinds of favors

  5. I do not think J.R. would go from UAE to Mexico to look for someone who is dead. It is clear that what has become of Pam and who killed J.R. are two closely related items. There must be something going on, we can only speculate as to what, that J.R. was uncovering that also ended up getting himself murdered.
    When Bobby said he is not completely done with her, I think he could also be speaking for the fans of Dallas as well. What has been happening since we last saw Pam in a full body cast.

  6. joesiegler says:

    From twitter: ICYMI

    What’s that?

  7. now, we know another reason why they brought Cano back this season. Now only did it help reveal tidbits about JohnRoss/Rebecca to all, set up the Bobby and Sue Ellen conflict, set up a reconciliation of sorts between Drew/Emma after he saved her. It also gives Bobby and all a strong lever to get the US Attorney to help in the investigation.

    This scene also gives us a clue about Barnes Global. And you are right….Pam was still alive in 1989…. Dan fromWI or Chris B….when did Pam and Cliff have the conversation about her only having a short time to live? Her being alive in 1989 means she lived longer than she thought she would, correct? My knowledge of this is kind of sketchy.

    What on EARTH WAS JR up to? I want ANSWERS! LOL!!!

    • When Pam (Margaret Michaels) was seen in “Carousel,” she told Dr. Gordon she only had “a few months to live.” That episode aired on October 28, 1988. Did she go to Abu Dhabi to die? Or maybe to get a second lease on life? WE NEED ANSWERS, TNT!

  8. JR Wouldn’t Have Papers On Pam If She Wasn’t Alive so Please Put Her on Dallas!!!

  9. AngelaDALLAS-FAN says:

    No matter what Bobby will ALWAYS belong to Pam and Pam to Bobby…despite how hard this new series tries to sell us the Bobby/Ann pairing they just do NOT have it nor compare to Patrick with Victoria! Since I’m die-hard DALLAS fan it is extremely difficult (lol) to see PD in any relationship other than that “Romeo & Juliet” pairing….but willing to admit I have tried to accept Brenda Strong in this new ‘Mrs Ewing’ role…unfortunately it’s been painful to watch her scenes w/ PD since day ONE season ONE!! There is ZERO chemistry! ZERO!! Sorry I don’t mean to be rude about it =)

  10. Somebody working for Ryland & Cliff Killed JR!!! I Know it Wouldn’t Be Pam, Her & JR Were on talking Terms When She Had That Rack in Bobby’s Car!!!
    Unless it was Katherine working for Ryland & Cliff & That Could Be!!!!
    I have Never Heard That Katherine Been Dead!!!

  11. I Hope Cynthia Cidre Would Bring Back Pam to Stay Just Like Bobby, She Needs A Life On Dallas Too!! After Her Been Gone For 26 years It’s Time Her Life Was Happy Too!!!
    Christopher needs His Mom Just As He Needs His Dad!!!
    I Know Dallas Ratings Would Go Through The Roof!!!

    • Lennie, how would you feel if another actress played Pam? Like Margaret Michaels, who played her in the 1988 episode “Carousel”?

      • Anonymous says:

        I Like Margaret Michaels She Is A Good Actress & I Like Her Too!!!

      • I never thought Margaret Michaels looked that much like Victoria Principal, but I wouldn’t mind if she returned in the role of Pam. I also think it would be cool if Josef Rainer played Dr. Gordon again too.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, If Victoria Principal Doesn’t Want To Come Back !!! But We Need A Pam n Dallas To Make It More Interresting!!!

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        Someone told me, with no proof, that they were bringing the character of Pam back with no actress. Via one sided phone calls, letters, emails, and chats online. There isn’t any truth to that is there, I hope not. I’d rather have a recast or killer her off and never bring PAM back

      • Yeah, I agree Brandon: One-sided phone calls aren’t going to cut it.

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        Fan of the old Dallas do not want to recast Pam, but on the old Dallas they recasted Miss Ellie, Gary, Jenna, and Pam. Southfork, was still bigger then most ranches in the country, and there was billions of barrels of oil under section 40. and as for Pamela and Christopher being first cousins, Ray and Lucy had a fling. Why aren’t people giving the new Dallas the same chance they gave the original Dallas, It is not like the recasted JR, Bobby, or Sue Ellen, and they bring Ray and Lucy back from time to time, and Gary was in 11 episodes of Dallas’s 13 year run and 8 for Valene. It wasn’t anyone on this site, but why do people picked at every little thing,

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes Us People Of Old Dallas Would Like Pam Put Back In To The New Dallas Where She Belongs!!!! Katherine Had No Right To Take Her Away From Southfork Where She Belongs!!!
        So Yes We The People The Fans Want Pam Ewing Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dan in WI says:

    While Chris’ scene of the day is powerful and foreshadows things to come it isn’t my choice. The scene between Bobby, Christopher and Elena in the hospital chapel struck a nerve with me.

    Christopher: It’s my fault
    Elena: No Christopher this was an accident.
    Christopher: I, I wanted the presentation to happen. I wanted to get that contract. I, I wanted to win so badly but I screwed up.
    Bobby: You don’t know that.
    Christopher: There was a CO2 buildup that put the methane under too much pressure and it ignited. I’ve gone over it in my head a thousand times there’s no other explanation.
    Elena: It’s an old rig. There could be a thousand explanations for this.
    Christopher: It’s the only one that makes sense.
    Bobby: It’s the only one that makes sense to you right now. I know my son and I know that if you felt there was anything wrong with that rig you wouldn’t have gone ahead with that presentation. As much as you wanted that contract you wouldn’t put lives at risk to make that happen. That’s not who you are son.
    Elena: TESHA has investigators on the rig finding out what happened. You’ll see this was not your fault.

    There was some powerful stuff there.

  13. Brandon Gene Childers says:

    I think they should bring Pam and Jenna back, through Ann into a world of distress. Now I am not sure if this is correct, but Jenna and Bobby have a child together don’t they, well if they do the Producers should make it where Ann didn’t know that and she how she reacts to secrets. Thoughts?

    • Oh ya! What happened to Jenna and Lucas? Wasn’t ray with them at the end? Was that ever mentioned in the new Dallas? Did they break up?
      I like bobby and Ann. To bring back Pam would be interesting, but I don’t want her and Bobby back together. It’s 25 years later. The new Dallas is not just a remake of the old Dallas. Characters move on and change. Look at Cliff! Maybe Pam has gone a little bad too. Or shes dead and katherine is pretending to be her. . Pam or Katherine, one is coming back, otherwise why would we the viewer be getting the Barnes Global back story??

      • Dan in WI says:

        Morganmg> You are correct Jenna and Ray were married at the close of the classic series. It was never mentioned one way or another what has become of that marriage.

    • Yes, Jenna has a son named Lucas. Bobby is the biological father, but Ray married Jenna and — presumably — raised the child as his own. Charlie, Jenna’s daughter, was fathered by her ex-husband Naldo Marchetta, although for awhile, the audience was led to believe Bobby might be Charlie’s father.

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        Wouldn’t it be something to see how hypocritical Ann is by having her find out about Lucas, even if Ray raised him. Ann needs a bit for drama, Brenda Strong is a great crier

      • If Lucas returns, maybe Emma can seduce him next.

  14. Jennifer Irons says:

    I liked this scene btw patrick and brenda; she seemed so insecure about pam!


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