Critique: TNT’s ‘Dallas’ Episode 20 – ‘Guilt and Innocence’

Christopher Ewing, Dallas, Guilt and Innocence, Jesse Metcalfe, TNT

Man of the hour

“Dallas’s” second-season plotlines don’t advance much in “Guilt and Innocence,” which is disappointing to those of who are desperate for more clues in the “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery. On the other hand, this episode offers a nice showcase for the “Dallas” cast, which has become one of television’s most reliable ensembles. The most impressive performances come from Jesse Metcalfe, who is especially moving in the scene where the guilt-ridden Christopher weeps inside the hospital chapel, and Julie Gonzalo, who breaks my heart as Pamela suffers through the final hours of her doomed pregnancy.

The last scene in “Guilt and Innocence” is the most memorable. John Ross and Christopher rush into Pamela’s hospital room as her doctor and nurses scramble to save the lives of her unborn twins. Afton is there too, clutching her daughter’s hand. How many people are present altogether? I couldn’t tell you. Director Jesse Bochco unfurls the action in a series of quick cuts, making it feel chaotic and real. We catch glimpses of Pamela writhing in agony, John Ross and Christopher watching with worried expressions, the doctor barking orders. Someone yells, “Heart rate’s dropping on Baby A!” And then: “Heart rate’s dropping on Baby B!” The motion slows. The machinery buzzes. Soon there are no other sounds, except for a faint piano score. The final shot is the monitor as the two heart rates flatline, one by one.

Another dramatic highlight comes at the beginning, when a frantic Bobby races through the emergency room, calling the missing Ann’s name. Their reunion a few moments later, when Bobby forgives his wife for keeping so many secrets from him during their marriage, makes me realize how invested I’ve become in them as a couple. Robert Rovner’s script also gives us a handful of typically intense scenes with the schizoid Rylands, all three of whom grow a little weirder with each episode, as well as several lighter moments. The best of these: Linda Gray’s breezy exchange with Lee Majors, who proves as charismatic as ever; the moment John Ross calls Pamela “darlin’;” and Sue Ellen’s pot-calling-the-kettle-black description of Afton: “She’s drama.”

With Pamela and wild-haired Judith Ryland both laid up, almost all of the action in “Guilt and Innocence” takes place in the hospital. This makes the episode reminiscent of “Trial and Error,” an earlier second-season episode that unfolded almost entirely in the courthouse during Ann’s trial. In that installment, the legal proceedings ended up being less about Ann shooting Harris than her failings as a wife and mother. Similarly, Pamela’s pregnancy crisis becomes a vehicle for introspection. Christopher wonders if he took too many risks in his quest to build Ewing Energies, while Pamela questions her past schemes. In a poignant moment, she stares at the fetal heart monitor and asks John Ross, “Do you think this is karma … for all the bad that I’ve done?”

I wish “Guilt and Innocence” had taken this idea a little further. When Afton arrives at Pamela’s bedside, she refers to “all the bad choices” her daughter made in an attempt to “forge a relationship” with Cliff, but nothing more is said about Pamela’s deceptions, which aren’t trivial. This is a young woman who spent two years lying about her identity – then married Christopher – in order to infiltrate the Ewings. It makes Afton’s anger toward Christopher feel a little unfair. I understand that she blames him for Pamela’s accident, but shouldn’t she have a little sympathy for the man her daughter conned? (For that matter: Christopher and Pamela are still married? I thought their annulment occurred several episodes ago.)

Along these lines, while Sue Ellen’s lingering bitterness toward Afton is understandable, I’m a bit baffled by Bobby’s hostility toward her (“Pull in your claws, Afton”). Afton once saved his life; you’d think he’d be a little nicer. On the other hand: I like how “Guilt and Innocence” restores a little bit of the edge Afton displayed when she arrived on “Dallas” in the early ’80s. Bochco’s shot of Audrey Landers lurking around the hospital corner is inspired, recalling the way Afton used to slink around Southfork. I also applaud the scene where Afton serenades Pamela with her favorite childhood lullaby, a charming tribute to Afton’s roots as “Dallas’s” resident songstress. (I wonder if Josh Henderson, no slouch in the singing department himself, wanted to join in?)

The only thing that would’ve made Afton’s homecoming complete is having Cliff around. More than anything, I want to know how he feels about himself after endangering Pamela’s life. (I hope we get more than Harris’s one-sided conversation with Cliff in “Guilt and Innocence,” when he apparently expresses no regret for his actions.) I also believe the show could use Afton to shed a little light on what turned Cliff so dark, so hopefully “Dallas” will bring Landers and Ken Kercheval together in a later episode. Just please don’t make it a Gary-and-Valene-style drive-by reunion.

The other item on my “Dallas” wish list: More “Who Killed J.R.?” As much as I appreciate the tantalizing clue dropped at the end of “Guilt and Innocence” (Pam was alive in 1989!), I hope the show’s next episode will put the mystery surrounding J.R.’s death front and center. I realize the people who make “Dallas” are crafting this storyline on the fly, weaving it into scripts that were originally written to include Larry Hagman. But I can also feel the storyline losing momentum. The audience needs to see the Ewings get serious about finding the person responsible for the death of our hero. If it doesn’t happen soon, the question won’t be who killed J.R., but why doesn’t “Dallas” seem to care?

Grade: B


Afton Cooper, Audrey Landers, Dallas, Guilt and Innocence, TNT

Drama mama


Season 2, Episode 10

Telecast: March 25, 2013

Writer: Robert Rovner

Director: Jesse Bochco

Audience: 2.6 million viewers on March 25

Synopsis: After the rig explosion, Pamela is rushed to the hospital. Afton arrives to comfort her daughter, who loses her unborn twins after emergency surgery. Bobby forgives Ann. Sue Ellen turns to old flame Ken Richards, chairman of the regulatory board investigating the explosion, who divulges the rig might have been sabotaged. John Ross and Christopher figure out Cliff is trying to devalue Ewing Energies, while guilt-ridden Drew threatens Vickers if he tries to expose Drew’s role in the bombing. While recovering from her fall, Judith tries to turn Emma against Harris, who responds by having Judith drugged and shipped to a rehabilitation center.

Cast: Kuno Becker (Drew Ramos), Emma Bell (Emma Brown), Jordana Brewster (Elena Ramos), Laura Kai Chen (Dr. Chang), Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing), Alex Fernandez (Roy Vickers), Marlene Forte (Carmen Ramos), Julie Gonzalo (Pamela Barnes), Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing), Josh Henderson (John Ross Ewing), Shane Jacobsen (Zach McGuire), Audrey Landers (Afton), Judith Light (Judith Ryland), Lee Majors (Ken Richards), Jesse Metcalfe (Christopher Ewing), Mitch Pileggi (Harris Ryland), Brenda Strong (Ann Ewing), Annie Wersching (Alison Jones)

“Guilt & Innocence” is available at, and iTunes. Watch the episode and share your comments below.


  1. Sam in IA says:

    This episode was very manipulative, in my opinion, doing everything it could to tug on my heartstrings (with Christopher especially) and then shredding my heart by killing off the twins. But… this is Dallas so I have absolutely no problem with that.

    I am really falling in love with the Rylands. Goofy and fun. And after Monday, I can’t make heads or tails of who is actually evil and who is using who.

    Besides the “Who KIlled JR?” storyline loosing steam, the biggest thing I am distressed with is the very troubling series of discontinuities in the show. As the critique mentioned, I thought Chris and Pam were annulled. And while I can understand the Ewings uniting once again against Cliff, I felt for bad for Chris that everyone was ganging up on him but in the end, he didn’t shove it back in their faces when they were proven wrong. It seemed like everyone conveniently forgot about it. I think Dallas is going great so far. But not paying attention to details like that can kill a show, in my opinion.

    • I hear you, Sam. Thanks.

      • Sam in IA says:

        One thing I will add, I agree that Larry passing on has thrown a wrench in the works and Dallas has had to adapt on the fly (sometimes good, sometimes bad). So long term, I am not too concerned about Dallas falling into the these traps that can sink a good show. Like I said last week, I am hopeful for the future of the show. And I actually think losing the twins may free up Pammy a little, now that she’s lost ties to Chris.

      • Yeah, I agree Sam. It was a little early to saddle Pamela with babies. I’ll be curious to see how this might change her character.

  2. Brandon Gene Childers says:

    There annulment didn’t occur many episodes ago. Remember when they signed the papers Lou said the annulment wouldn’t be granted until the babies were born. The agreement should be null and void with the lost of the most vital clause.

    Cliff is long past carrying about his daughter, Like JR said in season 1 Barnes would throw his own mother into a piranha pool if it meant he would make a buck.

    In the promo for This week, Del Sol says something new has come up. JR new, either telling Bobby or John Ross that JR wasn’t just murdered by anyone.

    Question does Bobby actually know who killed JR, or does he just know that it wasn’t just a random?

    • midnightrose434 says:


      Do you think that Ann could become jealous over Bobby’s search for Pam? The conversation between the two of them near the end of the episode showed a type of tension between them reguarding it.

      • Brandon Childers says:

        Of course Ann is going to over react. If you ask me she has no right she kept running of to Harris to ask for favors and look were her Harris are now. If Bobby wants to find Pam Ann better stay out of it. Or Bobby might have a wife number four

      • Midnightrose, I do think ol’ Annie might be jealous. And with good reason! It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s what Brandon said. Six minutes into Blame Game, the lawyer states that the final annulment wouldn’t be granted until the children are born.

    • Brandon, my impression is that Bobby knows J.R. wasn’t randomly murdered. Others seem to feel Bobby knows who the killer is.

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        Well if Bobby knows, that eliminated a lot of suspects. If by brother was murdered, and the murder was going to get away, I would hunt the person down. So I believe that Bobby just knows that it wasn’t random, but I do not think he knows who it is.

      • That’s what I think too, Brandon.

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        Unless it was JR

    • Miss Ewing says:

      I think that bobby does kow who killed jr and if it was a person they all hate then he woulden’ve come back and gone an got them but the way he wants to cover it up then it meens its someone Bobby wants to protect. Also Bobby says that when the time comes they’ll sort o=it out as a family meening in my opinion it will be someone in the family maybe a far away realatibe or close who knows

  3. Bobby’s report: what name was on Pam’s passport? Pamela Ewing, Pamela Barnes, or Pamela Monahan? Monahan was the name she was using when Cliff visited her, and wasn’t it in Canada? Looking forward to the appearance of David Gordon and (hopefully) a recast Pam!

  4. Just to clear up some confusion. The settlement will be fine. I think someone insinuated it would be voided. That’s not so. It’s not a condition of the settlement that the babies be born alive. The court cannot enter the decree so long as the wife is pregnant is all. That’s why it couldn’t be granted.

    • Brandon Gene Childers says:

      I was meaning that Christopher has reason to redraw papers. He gave Pamela 10% in exchange for joint custody and an annulment. My aunt and her husband had papers drawn and she had a miscarriage and the judge allowed my Ex-uncle to have the settlement changed. See he could ask and he might get it. Like revert back to the 7% in exchange for an annulment. I didn’t mean that the babies death would automatically void the settlement, I just mean that Christopher could ask to create a new deal.

  5. John Ross and Harris Rylans are near each other for brief moment in the hospital. They gave each other an awkward look before Emma walked away with her father. I believe that this is the only time Harris and John Ross are together in a scene. I was impressed with Harris Ryland being able to get his mother sent away to an institution. I am sure Harris wants to get the scheme he has worked out with Cliff Barnes completed, before Judith gets herself out of the sanitarium or where she had been committed.

    Drew Ramos has a very powerful ally with Emma. She might just save him from getting killed. It looks like Drew Ramos will be very valuable in bringing down Barnes. I just do not know how his character can truly be redeemed considering he killed the twins Pamela Rebecca had been carrying.

    Lee Majors was good. I think he works well with Sue Ellen. It looks like J.R.’s strong warning is coming true. How are the Ewings going to be able to stand up to Cliff Barnes and Harris Ryland? It is going to truly be a fight for survival. I am more interested in what Christopher brings to the table for Ewing Energy. Pumping for oil on South Fork or borrowing money from Sue Ellen to drill somewhere does not interest me as much. I also find it interesting that the show seems to make a point that people are willing to kill over “green energy” as much as they are over crude oil.

    • Brandon Gene Childers says:

      He did it too protect his sister, We will see you forgives him, Elena will for sure, Trouble is ahead for Christopher and Elena, I could see John Ross never getting over it and of course Pamela. Drew could always say that he just made the bomb.

    • Brandon Gene Childers says:

      Who is Harris’s father

  6. joesiegler says:

    I think one of the reasons that the “Who killed JR” stuff isn’t advancing as fast as we’d like, is primarily because this stuff was mostly written before Hagman died. His death had been shoehorned in, so it’s gonna be like that.

    Remember that scene a few episodes back where they jumped forward in time right before the court thing? Well, what happened during that time? I think that might factor into all of this. That jumping forward in time felt inserted in, because Sue Ellen gave Elaina an ultimatium on time, then we get this jump in time, and there’s dialogue like it’s two days from the ultimatium afterwards. Not all of it fits because of the rearranging necessary to accomdate Hagman’s death.

    • Brandon Gene Childers says:

      The jump in time episode was written and shot before Hagman’s death. They jumped in time for three reasons, the make the trial seem more realistic, Get the Sue Ellen’s ultimatum like you said, and to accelerate Pamela’s pregnancy, but yeah what happened in that time

      • I find it hard to believe Pam had only been pregnant for such a short time. When the doctor said that it is still too early to take the twins out I thought, “they had been in there a pretty long time.” It is hard to imagine that everything that occurred in the stroyline since Pamela Rebecca had been pregnant had only been a few months.

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        jumpsteady, The doctor said 20 weeks, and I know that babies do have a chance of survival after 5 months,

        Your right, She killed Tommy, John Ross and Elena broke up, Vicente was arrested, annulment was rejected, Becky was caught, Becky was killed of screen(could still be alive in my opinion Thoughts?), Frank went down for it, committed suicide, Sue Ellen lost the election, Ann shot Harris, Bobby was arrested, then Ann, Ann was guilty, then got probation, Sue Ellen became a Bi@#h, Christopher and Pamela came to agreement, everyone held hostage, a race, JR dies, rig explodes, Babies die, seems to be a lot for 20 weeks, and we do not even know what happen for twelve of those twenty weeks

    • Miss Ewing says:

      I agree that alot happend for 20 weeks but the babies coulden’t have been just taken out and saved because of the accidenty it had damaged her in other ways such as somethung to do with the placenta and toehrs which caused it a mich harder descision and procedure for the hospital

  7. Good review, Chris!

    Chris and Pamela were certainly showcased in this episode. Both were really amazing and had some very touching scenes. How intense that final scene was. Both Chris and Pamela were heartbreaking.

    In truth, all of the cast gave an excellent performance.

    The Rylands were amazing as well. I think for the first time in her life that Judith was truly scared. Harris is fully in control of her now and no one is going to believe her. BTW…don’t you think it was interesting to find out that all of the family is aware of the ‘dirty’ business and that apparently they have been involved in it for a very long time. I also think that Emma is a very screwed up person. Who wouldn’t be after being raised by Judith and Harris? But I dont think we have begun to see how screwed up and corrupt she possibly is. And did you not just freakin’ love Judith’s wild hair?

    So, Sue Ellen is still drinking and is doing it very covertly….easier now that Gary isn’t around to call her out on it. I liked the scene where she was looking at the photo and then told Ken that she was just thinking about how JR would handle the situation. Gives us a little insight into what and how she is doing.

    I am glad that Bobby and Ann made up. I loved that scene at the hospital. (I also thought the Bobby and Chris scene was excellent as well when he was trying to calm him down.) I have read a ton of opinions since the beginning of this season about how awful she was to not fully disclose to Bobby about her past. But I think people forget that shame is one of the most powerful emotions that we, as humans, possess. It can drive people to completely alter their lives…for the better or for the worse. It can drive people to take drastic, horrible action against themselves or against other people. I agree with you that the scene with Bobby and Ann was very good. Ann surely is going to feel insecure about him looking for Pam. Last season would have been different…but with the recent chaos and turmoil in their life and relationship….I am positive that Ann is going to be worried about the situation.

    The Emma and Drew storyline is growing more interesting, is it not? Secrets abound and I am interested in what Emma is after. Her remark about dangerous men was intriguing.

    I really liked that scene with Emma, JohnRoss, and Harris. Alot of undertones going on there! Harris and Emma have a warped relationship. Any guy who ends up with Emma had better look out. Poor Drew has no idea what a mess he is in already. John Ross might have missed a bullet. But who knows he might go there again as well.

    Afton….afton, afton. It was good to see her. Lurking around. Pouncing on poor Chris. Kind of flirting with John Ross. Loved when Bobby told her to pull in the claws. I was glad that he stuck up for Chris here. I also loved the Sue Ellen and John Ross scene over Afton…both of these made me laugh!

    Very good episode.

    and…btw…I htink someone has already said it…..but Lou Rosen very clearly said that the annullment would not happen until after the babies were born. The share of EE transferred to Pamela as soon as she signed the paper as did her agreement to the annullment.

    Really looking forward to next week. Last night in Southland they had a Dallas Promo…and it had a big statement about WHO KILLED JR? so i think next week that the focus will be back on that. I think we have been getting hints and we have been getting the battle lines and each side lined up.

    I also think that next week is the last single showing. After that we supposedly will be getting double episodes because of basketball.

    • The scene with John Ross, Emma, and Harris was interesting although very brief. The uncomfortable body language and the men shifting their eyes. It was clear that John Ross and Harris did not know how to react to seeing each other.

  8. joesiegler says:

    You asked this….

    “If it doesn’t happen soon, the question won’t be who killed J.R., but why doesn’t “Dallas” seem to care?”

    You answered your own question.

    “I realize the people who make “Dallas” are crafting this storyline on the fly, weaving it into scripts that were originally written to include Larry Hagman.”

    Dude, there’s only so much you can do with that. Don’t turn into Ultimate Dallas in your reviews. 😉

    • I guess I’m just eager to get this party started. The good news is that the final hours of the season sound like they’re going to offer all kinds of “Who Killed J.R.?” goodness. I can hardly wait for Monday’s episode!

  9. Dan in WI says:

    The biggest disappointment of the episode was no Cliff reaction to Pamela’s injuries or his grandchildren’s peril. We get Harris’ take of Cliff’s reaction via the one-sided phone conversation (paging Bob Newhart) where we are led to believe Cliff is completely indifferent about the situation but without seeing his reaction or hearing his voice we have no real context here.

    The big Afton appearance: It was a mixed bag. We heard her sing. That was cool. We saw that winning motherly instinct. I thought the cordial relationship with John Ross was a bit odd. She has no previous known relationship with him and it would appear on the surface she doesn’t know much about him and Pamela’s undefined relationship. It wouldn’t be a bad guess to say that when John Ross called to tell her the news that was the first time she spoke to him in recent times. It might be the first time they ever spoke. I can’t remember any contact in the classic show. The big disappointment of course is no scene with Cliff. But I don’t think (hope) we’ve seen the last of her.
    Oh, Chris B.: In your review you talk about Afton mentioning all the bad choices Pamela made trying to forge a relationship with Cliff but then you say “nothing more is said about Pamela’s deceptions.” I didn’t get that vibe. The way the cut away from that scene I get impression the lecture takes place off camera right after that cut. Not seeing the lecture doesn’t bother me as much as it would have in the past. I guess I’m getting used to the faster pace of the new show and the things they leave out in the interest in time.

    Harris and Judith truly deserve each other. It also strikes me just how much one explains the other in both directions. I’ll leave it at that for this week.

    Is it just me or does Roy seem a bit afraid of Drew? In my mind Roy is the one who holds all the cards.

    I’m really a bit surprised Christopher is blaming himself for the explosion. I mean shouldn’t he knew he hasn’t done anything wrong? Also what is with the initial rush by the investigators to blame him? Perhaps they are in Harris’s back pocket. But if that is the case why does Ken tell Sue Ellen the truth so freely?

    There’s more strange Sue Ellen behavior in this episode. With Gary gone she is now flirting a bit with Ken Richards. I think she is just using him. She really is turning into JR in my eyes. But even JR himself when through a period where he wasn’t JR after Jock’s death. Sue Ellen is either extremely cold or really repressing. Then there is that scene in the bar. She tries to pretend she isn’t drinking by confessing her recent lapse and ordering the cola with a twist in Ken’s presence even though her real drink is still sitting there plainly in front of her.

    John Ross has some puzzling behavior too in this episode. There he is pacing in front of Pamela’s hospital room. Along comes Emma who starts flirting with him. Then comes Harris and for a moment it looks to me like he’s going to get all macho and protective on Emma’s behalf. Finally he turns right around, marches into Pamela’s room acting all sweet and supportive. It makes you wonder where his feelings lay.

    Talk about your bad days. Christopher’s rig has the explosion. Then he’s put in the position of having to make a decision about/between the lives of his unborn children and his soon to be annulled wife. Throw in any decision is sure to be under the microscope of grandpa/uncle Don Cliff as well as Afton and John Ross. Welcome aboard the Kobayashi Maru.

    • Dan…I think that Sue Ellen and John Ross are both kind of in a emotional tailspin. Them seem to be fine on the surface…..but they aren’t. Clearly, Sue Ellen is still drinking and is now in total covert mode…which doesn’t bode well for her. At least she is seemingly keeping it under control. You know, she actually told Ken that she was thinking about how JR would handle the situation when Ken came to her office and caught her staring at JR’s photo. She is emotionally centered on JR right now. In a way, she is using that to cope. I think she is certainly going to be using some of his tricks going forward.

      Yes, poor Chris. Thankfully, Sue Ellen was able to find out the sabotage. I can only imagine what he would be going thru if he thought his rushing to appease the visitors caused the explosion and caused the death of his own babies. It is going to be bad enough for him and Pamela both to deal with the loss.

      I think everyone, including Chris and the investigators, assumed it was his fault because it is such new technology…..and he must have done something wrong.

    • Ha ha! Bob Newhart’s old phone routines and the Kobaayshi Maru. I love it.

      I’m willing to accept that Afton gave Pammy a lecture after the scene was cut. Or maybe she doesn’t. Afton seems a little edgier than she did toward the end of her run on the old show. Maybe she’s OK with Pamela’s actions. Regardless, as you suggest, I hope we haven’t seen the last of her.

      Thanks for commenting, Dan.

  10. Miss Ewing says:

    Just watched this episode and the loss of Pamela and Chris’ babies really got to me as I’m sure it got to most people who watched it. It seems all shows use the heart rate monitor when a charactor or person dies. Pamela reaction to her babies makes the whole scene harder to cope with and alos we have the first bit where the babies survived but then she gets emergency moved and then they go. it was so sad. At the same time we have Judith in the hospital her and Harris are scum, Both are trying to manipulate Emma to believe there side of the story but shes getting opposites.I don’t like Emma very much especially how she ‘dating’ drew and then sleeps with John Ross on the side. I feel sorry for her now as her 2 parent figures in her life are telling ber that the other is blackmailing and pushing them around. Emmas in a very difficult position at the same time right at the end of the episode she looks very troubled and ireckon shes gonna get pregnant nd she won’t know wether it will be Drews or John Ross’.Bobby and Anns relationship has been stitched up but maybe not all the way with now how Bobby is lookng for Pam and this blatently troubles ann as any wife would feel when a ex is invoved but even more so with bobby and pam as I bet he still loves her. Now last epidode oviously Drew built a bomb to blow up the rig and they’ve had investigaters seeing to tfind the cause of explosion while sue ellen has got the inside track fron hr lawyer or something , and has found out there was a small explosion beofre the big one menaing it was triggered this means that hopefully(fingers crossed) his rig and compnay wo’t be in trouble and the cotract will still be accesible. I feel very sorry for chris at the mo not only obviously the loss of his babies but the the fact he feels like its his fauly. Cause we know that itwasn’t but he can think of no other explanation and also John ros feels like its his fault because he invited her to the rig that day. Everyone is in denial including Drew who is angry at the guy who blackmailed him becase you told no one would have been on the rig iincluding his sister but the man trys to oersuade him it accidently set off and its all his fault.Everythings going well …. NOT and each week the cliffhangers get harder and harder to leave Please buy season 3 channel 5 or were gonna be left with the biggest cliff hanger ever.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this episode, Miss Ewing. If you think this one is good, wait until you see the next one, “Let Me In.”

      If there is a third season, I hope Channel 5 (or another channel) will telecast it. U.K. fans deserve to see “Dallas”!

      Thanks for commenting.


      • joesiegler says:

        UK is getting it. Season 1 was broadcast months after the fact. Season 2 is much better, about a week behind, or so the friend of mine who is over there is telling me.


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