TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!’

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Good answer

In “The Return,” TNT’s third-season “Dallas” opener, John Ross (Josh Henderson) rides his horse to the Southfork barn, where Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) awaits him.

PAMELA: So what is it?

JOHN ROSS: What’s what? [Ties his horse to a post]

PAMELA: At 7 o’clock sharp, you say to meet you in the middle of Southfork at the old hay barn. I’m expecting a big surprise. So what is it?

JOHN ROSS: It’s just the first time of the year you can see the lover’s cross. [Points to the sky] I wanted you to see it. And I want to give you this under those stars.

PAMELA: This? [He pulls out a ring box and hands it to her.]

JOHN ROSS: That’s the reason I had to go to Houston last night. Had to get you the biggest diamond in Texas.

PAMELA: [Opens the box, revealing a massive diamond ring] John Ross.

JOHN ROSS: We didn’t do it right when we eloped, and since Mama wants to give us a proper wedding, you deserve a proper ring. And a proper proposal. [Takes the ring, removes his hat, gets down on bended knee] Will you marry me, Pamela? I can’t promise it’ll be smooth sailing, but I can promise you I’ll give you the ride of your life. [Puts the ring on her finger]

PAMELA: [Smiles] Yes. [He rises, kisses and hugs her.] Yes, yes, yes, yes!


  1. Even I would have fallen for his “love” for Pam, when I know that he’s sleeping with Emma.

  2. garnet mcgee says:

    bittersweet. scene shows that he loves her the best that he can. audience knows his best is simply not good enough, it falls short. so like his daddy but more romantic and not as cruel.

  3. I luv j.r. Ewing 3. He bones emma ryland & 2 hrs later he’s giving pam a ring. U can’t hav a conscience if u want 2 ever b as good as yor old man john ross.


  1. […] eyebrow and smirks when he’s sparring with Patrick Duffy, but when John Ross is on bended knee proposing to Pamela, watch how the actor’s whole face lights up. This is a smile to melt your heart, reminding us […]

  2. […] Was it the time he blackmailed her into doing his dirty work? How about the time he comforted her after she lost her unborn babies? Maybe you prefer his marriage proposal? […]

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