TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!’

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In “The Return,” TNT’s third-season “Dallas” opener, John Ross (Josh Henderson) rides his horse to the Southfork barn, where Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) awaits him.

PAMELA: So what is it?

JOHN ROSS: What’s what? [Ties his horse to a post]

PAMELA: At 7 o’clock sharp, you say to meet you in the middle of Southfork at the old hay barn. I’m expecting a big surprise. So what is it?

JOHN ROSS: It’s just the first time of the year you can see the lover’s cross. [Points to the sky] I wanted you to see it. And I want to give you this under those stars.

PAMELA: This? [He pulls out a ring box and hands it to her.]

JOHN ROSS: That’s the reason I had to go to Houston last night. Had to get you the biggest diamond in Texas.

PAMELA: [Opens the box, revealing a massive diamond ring] John Ross.

JOHN ROSS: We didn’t do it right when we eloped, and since Mama wants to give us a proper wedding, you deserve a proper ring. And a proper proposal. [Takes the ring, removes his hat, gets down on bended knee] Will you marry me, Pamela? I can’t promise it’ll be smooth sailing, but I can promise you I’ll give you the ride of your life. [Puts the ring on her finger]

PAMELA: [Smiles] Yes. [He rises, kisses and hugs her.] Yes, yes, yes, yes!