Dallas Burning Questions: Season 3, Week 5

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Mystery girl

Here are the questions we’re pondering as we await tonight’s telecast of “D.T.R.,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode:

What will Sue Ellen do about John Ross? “Lifting the Veil,” last week’s episode, ended with John Ross riding high: He secured a permit to drill on Southfork and then exchanged vows with Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) during a lavish wedding ceremony. Not even his meddling mama could get in his way, although she tried: Moments before the nuptials, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) confronted John Ross over his infidelity and threatened to tell Pamela that he’s a cheater, but he brushed aside Sue Ellen’s concerns and cruelly pointed out the smell of alcohol on her breath. Maybe John Ross should have been nicer: During the reception, when Bobby (Patrick Duffy) told Sue Ellen he doesn’t “have a move left” to stop her son from drilling the ranch, Sue Ellen responded, “But I do.” What’s she planning?

What will Harris do about John Ross? To obtain his drilling permit, John Ross was forced to strike a deal with Harris (Mitch Pileggi). It began when Harris summoned John Ross to an upscale brothel, where John Ross found railroad commissioner Stanley Babcock (Currie Graham) engaging in some kinky sexual fetishes. Once John Ross had the dirt he needed to blackmail Babcock and secure his permit, he agreed to give Harris a flash drive from the files Emma stole from Harris’s safe. But Harris wants all his files back, so he revealed to Judith (Judith Light) — who turned out to be the madam in charge of the brothel, by the way — his latest scheme: Harris plans to frame John Ross for a sex crime with help from Candace (Jude Demorest), John Ross’s flirtatious secretary, who is secretly working for the Rylands. Will the plot work?

What will Emma do about John Ross? Before the wedding, John Ross attacked Emma (Emma Bell) for spoiling Pamela’s plan to surprise him with sexy lingerie, calling his mistress “an attention-starved little brat.” He was forced to apologize when he needed Emma to retrieve the flash drive for his blackmail scheme, but she still seemed upset, especially during the wedding ceremony. Later, Emma cried in bed alone while John Ross and Pamela were in a hotel room, beginning their honeymoon. Emma is unlikely to get any sympathy from Sue Ellen, who urged Ann (Brenda Strong) to kick her daughter off Southfork, a suggestion Ann rejected because of the lingering threats against Emma from Harris’s drug-dealing business partners. Will Emma continue to pursue John Ross, or will she find a new way to cause trouble?

What will happen to Elena and Nicolas? In Mexico, Drew (Kuno Becker) overheard Christopher’s conversation with Lucia (Angélica Celaya), who confirmed that Nicolas isn’t her husband’s real name but said he has nothing else to hide. Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) returned to Southfork and told Elena (Jordana Brewster) that Nicolas was married, but Elena insisted he was divorced. Later, Nicolas admitted to Elena his divorce isn’t exactly final yet, but he assured her it will eventually be settled. Of course, it turned out Nicolas spoke too soon: Lucia arrived in Dallas and blackmailed her husband into reconciling with her. “The Ewings are determined to know who you really are. If you don’t do as I say, I’ll tell them what you owe and who you owe it to,” Lucia said. What does that mean?

What will happen to Christopher and Heather? After John Ross and Pamela’s wedding reception, Christopher ran into Heather (AnnaLynne McCord) in the barn, where they made love. The audience still doesn’t know a lot about Heather, except that she works as a Southfork ranch hand and has four brothers; we also know from recent press reports that she’s a divorcee and single mom. Meanwhile, the “D.T.R.” publicity photo above shows Christopher and Heather speaking to ranch-hand-turned-roughneck Bo (Donny Boaz), with whom she briefly tangled in the third-season premiere, “The Return.” What’s her connection to Bo, and what else might we find out about her?

What “Dallas Burning Questions” are on your mind? Share your comments below and watch TNT’s “Dallas” tonight.


  1. C.B. U r an absolute genius boy! Excellent thoughts. My thought process is how will Harris react when he finds out John Ross has an encrypted copy of his CIA Spy dealings with the duplicate flash drive Bum made. More importantly, how will John Ross use the info to his tactical advantage in trying 2 get 5O.1% operating ctrl. Of Ewing Global & a permanent power play over Uncle Bobby?

  2. Dan in WI says:

    My burning question: What does D.T.R. stand for? Am I missing something obvious?

    Hey computer experts out there: I know nothing about encrypted files. When Bum copied the flash drive before John Ross returned it to Harris Ryland, does he get all the encrypted files? Or does that stuff only copy if you have the key in the first place. Maybe he only got the vacation photos. I admit complete ignorance on this count.

  3. Can’t wait for the answers to these questions, and particularly who Bobby and Sue Ellen are surveilling in that wire tap van promo photo. I think that’s tonight’s episode and it must have something to do with Sue Ellen’s play against John Ross.

    Dan, your assumption about encryption is correct. It’s lock and key. That’s the point of encryption, to protect the material when or if it’s away from the key. But who knows, maybe they’ll take creative license with it. Or perhaps they’ve got a hacker the likes of Lisbeth Salander up their sleeves.

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