#DallasChat Daily: Which ‘Dallas’ Do You Like Best?

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Some Trekkies prefer “Star Trek: The Next Generation” to the original series and some Whitney Houston fans insist her version of “I Will Always Love You” is superior to Dolly Parton’s. Do any “Dallas” fans like the new show better than the original?

Your #DallasChat Daily question: Which “Dallas” series do you like best — and why?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Remember the “Miss Ellie Rule”: Keep it civil. Have a great discussion!


  1. Can’t answer that. They’re the same series. Just separated by time.

  2. joesiegler says:

    Can’t answer that. They’re the same series, just separated by time.

  3. It’s tough h both are great.. Just different times

  4. The original. There was a sense of family that’s lacking in TNT. They seemed to love each other even as they hated each other. I like TNT but I think it needs more focus, less subplots, and consistent characterizations.

    • bruce james- yes!
      $teffy G- yes!
      The TNT show is trying to recruit a younger audience with the stuff the are writing. What they have forgotten is that the original had a young audience too. Why? Because our parents watched it. TNT will get their younger audience by going back to the formula that has proven to work. Its more than likely too late though… Sad.

  5. June Hanniman says:

    I love both series, I hope there are many more seasons of the new Dallas to come. The number one thing that has impressed me the most about both Dallas1 and Dallas 2 is the outstanding casts in both series. Every actor has fitted their roles to a tee, it was the perfect combinations. I hope Dallas always lives on, if not on television then in our memories.

  6. I like the old series better. I agree they need to show the love and unity that was shared in the frist series, They fought but at the end of the day they was there for each other. But I like
    the new show also.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Its the same show just different time.

  8. Libby Hawkins says:

    I like the continuation of the next generation, but I miss the family unit from the original series. We need less outsiders and more family. They loved each other and stood together no matter how many challenges they faced. This seems to be missing in the new series. Please don’t cancel the new series just adopt some of the special qualities that made the original strike a cord with the audience.

  9. garnet mcgee says:

    early episodes of the original are objectively superior but I enjoy the reboot more because if Josh and Julie.

  10. I like both series. I have loved the show for just over 30 years. The original was the show that captivated me more than any other. It was a lot (the family and their businesses and the chemistry of the whole cast) that attracted me, but it was the characters of JR and SE (the characters separately and their bizarre, yet intoxicating;), relationship) that completely hooked me.

    I love great stories. I have been an avid reader since I was a small child. I get absorbed in a book and get attached to characters created by great authors. One of the saddest parts of a book is that characters fade into oblivion after the author ends the book. I always enjoy books that are turned into series because I get to revisit the characters. Needless to say, When Dallas ended I was sad because all of my characters faded into oblivion.

    I have been so happy that Cynthia Cidre and team developed Dallas TNT. She brought some of my most favorite characters back to life. Yes. The show is different. But the characters of Bobby (who I love as well), JR, Sue Ellen, and limitedly, Cliff were brought back to life. Not only did the characters come back……we got the original actors. More importantly, these characters are the same ones. Say what you will about the story lines and the set and the whatever…..but the new version of the original characters are true to the old versions. I have been struck at times at how much love for the original characters of the 3 you can feel. I have Barbara Curran’s bible of the original series. Many different writers, producers, and directors contributed their words and creative touches to the characters. Plus you had the actors who contributed their personal touches and characteristics to the characters. In Dallas TNT, you have another group of writers, producers, and directors who bring their talents to Bobby, JR, Cliff, and SE. AND WE got the original cast playing those characters…..they are just 20+ years older.

    I am enjoying the grown up versions of Chris and, especially, JR3. I like the other new characters. They give the new show it’s own flavor. They engage me as much as many of the characters of the old series did.

    I am truly enjoying the ride. It is a fun show to watch. It is a different show with the same DNA running thru it.

    Plus I always will be grateful that Dallas TNT was brought back while Larry Hagman was still alive. I am immensely glad that I got to watch him bring JR back to life for a short while. He seemed to have a blast and I LOVED watching him. Additionally, Cidre made to choice to allow JR to die after we lost Larry Hagman. The character did not just fade into oblivion. He got a righteous send off. The JR’s Masterpiece episode is one of the best episodes of both series.

    I can’t wait for August to be here!

  11. I love both but would pick the original if I had to choose

  12. sunnycd says:

    The original, for its cliffhangers, its characters, its credits, its place in my childhood, and for spawning my favourite show thirty years later.

  13. Like original Dallas, the new Dallas is perfectly cast, especially Jesse Metcalfe (Christopher) as Bobby’s son and Josh Henderson (John Ross) as the son of J.R. and Sue Ellen. The ingénues Julie Gonzalo (Pamela), Jordana Brewster (Elena), and Emma Bell (Emma) are also excellent. Looking forward to its return in August.

  14. I like them botrh in different ways. J.R. & Jock on the 1st show, & the women being much stronger on the new show!

  15. The original of course. It had sense of family, better characters, actors and storylines and a sense of direction and focus!!!!!


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