#DallasChat Daily: When Was J.R. a Hero?

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, TNTJ.R. Ewing usually made Darth Vader look like a boy scout, but sometimes ol’ J.R. did the right thing. Remember when he refused to drag Sue Ellen’s name through the mud during their custody fight over John Ross? Or how about the time he returned ownership of Southfork to Bobby?

Your #DallasChat Daily question: What was J.R.’s most heroic act?

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  1. When he decided to leave Cally and her new baby in peace

  2. sunnycd says:

    JR was heroic, to the group of pajamed eccentrics, in the mental hospital when he battled Harris Ryland’s twin, Morrissey. Hagman was heroic, as well, for his comedy and making this storyline somewhat watchable.

  3. Dan in WI says:

    Boy the huge majority of JR’s “heroic” acts were simply an occasional attach of concious and making right some wrong he committed in the first place. I’m racking my brain trying to come up with an example of a time when he did something heroic unsolicited, out of the blue and unrelated to his own schemes. The closest example mentioned so far was that mental ward. But even there he was in there in the first place because of a scheme. (Getting Dusty’s Westar stock by tricking Jessica in signing a document.) Though in that case the scheme was unrelated to the good he did.
    So far I’ve got nothing but there has to something I’m forgetting…

  4. Lady G. says:

    When he helped in the Search for Jock and rescued his son from a burning Southfork.

  5. In season 4 when J.R. Ewing launched a “counter-coup” to restore the legitimate government of some oil-rich east Asian country and return the oil wells back to their rightful owners “The Cartel.”
    J.R. made a challenging decision that could of landed him in prison for the rest of his life. Instead it worked out great for everyone involved, that was on J.R. Ewing’s side and it made it clear to The Cartel that Ewing Oil is an important partner. Cliff Barnes attempted to have J.R. Ewing prosecuted for this bold and brave decision. Instead of getting convicted, when the truth comes out, J.R. Ewing is acknowledged as the true hero he is!

  6. So many moments even though he was most definitely an anti-hero. Rescuing John Ross from BD Calhoun. Helping Sue Ellen avoid criminal charges S2 of TNT. Helping Bobby with Harris. Letting Cally go. Sending checks to Blackie Callahan which was out of his pocket. Trying to rescue Sue Ellen & John Ross during the fire. JR did plenty of rotten deeds but he wasn’t always a dick.

  7. J.R. was always the hero & Bobby the anti-hero. J.R. did what was necessary, but Bobby had the nerve to do what was right. Of course when it benefited them, Bob would take J.R.’s role & attack like setting up gents with hookers while J.R. gave consumers cheap gas to be nice. Both of course to try & win the 51% of Ewing Oil Co. Ltd. voting shares contest set up by Jock.

  8. Helping Sue Ellen in TNT Dallas avoid criminal charges and his actions during the rescue trip to South America when Jock passed away

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